Open Letter To The Two Mommybloggers I Just Had Dinner With:

Dear Suburban Turmoil and BusyMom,

You are rock stars. I want to belong to your sorority. I am crazy about both of you.

Love, Tori

6 Responses

  1. LindaB

    Well, I hate to say this…….but you ARE a “travel slut”! Here we were in Kentucky having a warm fuzzy with you and Madi and some assorted South American cuties, and then you show up somewhere in Tennessee, I presume, having dinner with some “rock star” types that you are crazy about! I can’t keep up. Does your mother know what’s going on here? ROFLOL

  2. tori

    No, and don’t tell her.
    She thinks I’m home raising those kids and baking cookies.

  3. LindaB

    You just might run into Momma when you’re out traveling! I have a feeling that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    (Who needs cookies anyway? That’s what elves are for!)

  4. LindaB

    Tori, I read some of Suburban Turmoil yesterday and I must say, I think I’m crazy about her too now! And after reading her tribute to her husband on their anniversary, I think I’m crazy about him also. I’ll be reading Busy Mom as soon as I can get a minute.

    I’m excited about your trip to San Fran and the Blogher convention! This is cool!

  5. LindaB

    Oh no! This must mean I’m a “blog slut”. What will Mother think?

  6. belinda

    You two totally crack me up. Travel slut and blog slut? That is too funny.

    Days are ticking down for Tori to go to the blog convention. I’m sure we are going to hear lots of great stories when she returns, it will be here before you know it. Have you gone shopping yet Tori? I think this calls for several new outfits, just because you deserve it!

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