“We went to Kentucky…

…and all you got was this lousy tee shirt blog entry!”

Well, Madi (at least that’s how she’s spelling her name this week– she has recently been making noises about M-A-D-D-I. *sigh*) and I just got back from a Sweet 16 Road Trip/Girl Trip to the great state of Kentucky! A strange choice for a sweet 16, you may say, but hey, we’re not like those shallow Hollywood parents who lavish their offspring with giant expensive extravaganza parties and customized Range Rovers.

Much to Madi’s chagrin, I’m sure.

(I kid, I kid, that’s really not her style even if it were remotely in the realm of possibility, which it’s totally not. Hello? If anybody’s getting a fabulous trip to Europe or expensive jewelry around here I’m thinking THAT WOULD BE ME!!! Come on, who was in labor for a million hours and bore it all with the stoic grace of a rugged pioneer woman? Oh wait. Yeah. Never mind. Nobody’s going to Europe.)

At any rate, we did want to mark this auspicious occasion with something a little special, and Madi wasn’t interested in a big ol’ soiree, so I came up with the idea of one of my patented Runaway Mom Trips… BUT (and here’s the clever twist)–with the person that made me a mom in the first place! Brilliant, no? A lovely, memory making gift for my beloved daughter AND I get to go stay at a bed and breakfast for a couple of days– total score!

We examined our options and came up with the following criteria: we wanted to keep the driving time down to maybe three hours or so, we wanted it to be relatively agenda and schedule free, but have enough interesting possibilities around that we could do stuff if we wanted. Also we needed to have access to some good places to eat, because without that, who are we kidding, what’s the point? So we narrowed it down to a jaunt up to the Bluegrass State with a lot of antiquing and back-road wandering factored in. In true Taff Women fashion it was very last-minute and loosely-planned, but I did get online and come up with reservations at two B & B inns, one that we have stayed at before and one new one. We decided to leave Thursday morning, antique our way up to Springfield, check into a great inn we’ve visited once before, then on Friday (her birthday) we’d drive over to Harrodsburg, hang out and walk around the historic Shaker Village for a while and maybe have dinner there, then drive to Versailles and check into another little place to spend the night, then hit some more antique places the next day, maybe explore the Bardstown area and eventually make our way back home sometime Saturday. So that’s what we did.

More to follow.

Here’s a teaser:  There was a new baby at the first place we stayed– it was born about 48 hours before we got there and it looked a little something like….


It might be an alien life form, we’re not exactly sure.

6 Responses

  1. Barbara M. Lloyd

    First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADDI! Now, mom…who received the greatest joy in this Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration? Oh my goodness, to have a daughter who happily trades in a party for a romp in the hills of Kentuckey with her mom is nothing short of marvelous. And, talk about making memories. Next time you’re in Aiken, let’s make time to go to Edgefield to the antique shops there. Oh well, you and Maddi go; I’ll stay home with my Russ….and Char, of course. Love that Birthday Girl!

  2. belinda

    Happy Birthday Maddi!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend full of lots of memories and great choices of things to do. I’m glad the two of you had such a great time. Those Mother Daughter trips are the best.

    Happy Sweet 16 Maddi.

  3. BrownEyedGirl

    Happy Birthday, Madi !!
    Sounds like the perfect weekend!! I’m glad you had that time together.

  4. gracelynn

    First of all – Happy Belated B-day Maddi! (If that is how you spell it today of course) ;)

    And sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with her Tori. I know you enjoyed your time with her in Kentucky one on one. Hey, nothing wrong with trading in a party to be with Mom. I’m glad you all were able to spend the time together and enjoy making memories. The only trips that my mom and I ever had together were shopping sprees to local malls. We didn’t take any distance trips alone. That was always the entire family.

    Oh and cute picture of the baby! ;) Might be from outer space – you never know.

  5. drinwi

    I am very happy to have found you here! I missed reading your blog for a long time until I found the new website. I love this picture and can’t wait to hear more about the new baby!


  6. tori

    Yay Renee!
    Welcome back!!!!!

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