I know, I KNOW!

I haven’t posted in a few days! Sheesh. Get off my back.

(This is not aimed at you, dear readers-who-probably-haven’t-even-noticed, but at Miss Naggy McPursedLips, the woman who sometimes lives in my head. She may or may not be Church of Christ.)

I have been gone because I was dropping Charlotte the Wonder ‘Tween –formerly known as Charlotte the Wonder Toddler and Charlotte the Wonder Kid– off at camp in Arkansas.


I kinda screamed that, didn’t I? Sorry, I’m still adjusting to the idea of having her gone that long.


Ennywho, I was at my parent’s house for a couple of days and for some stupid reason my new-ish fancy schmancy MacBook Pro can’t seem to wrap its little brain around the concept of dial-up, so unless I wanted to go running over to my sister Carolyn’s house all the dang time, I was intraweb-less. Which caused me to die just a little bit on the inside every day. Finally, after purchasing a $50 Mac something-or-other and enlisting the help of my nephew The Computer Genius, I was able to get on– of course that was at like 10:00 p.m. the night before I left, so yeah, didn’t much matter at that point. But the good news is that next time I’m at mom and dad’s no one will have to listen to me whining about no internet access, which I am sure will be appreciated by all.

Charlotte was her usual amiable self– she knew absolutely no one at the camp, but by the time I finished registering her she had already made a friend. I just love that kid. I was my usual self as well– I found out an hour after I dropped her off that her spending money (which has to be in quarters for some weird reason– ever carried around fifty bucks worth of rolled quarters in your purse? Ouch.) was still IN my purse. And then the next morning I found out that her towels were still in the trunk. I totally rock as a mom!!! Anyway, I fixed it. She can now drink too much Dr. Pepper AND take a shower, which after all, is why we send her to camp in the first place, right?

I took a couple of photos which I will post later, if they are any good– those gulags bunkhouses don’t have such great lighting…

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  1. gracelynn

    Welcome back Tori. I know what it is like – being off and having no Internet access. I’ll be that way the last week of July (unless I can manage to con one of the professors into letting me use a lab on the campus of UNC-G) because I have my annual teacher’s convention. It’s a bad feeling when you cannot check your e-mail and stay in touch with friends and family in that manner.

    Charlotte sounds alot like myself. Dad always said I’ve never met a stranger. LOL And don’t feel bad – you sound exactly like me. Whenever we go off, I’ll forget and leave half of what I need in the car. Then I have to go in and out of the hotel room a hundred times, dragging all the necessary items back up to the room with me. I’ve never carried that many quarters in my purse but I have rolled all my change before and taken it to the bank and I know how heavy that can be! You’ll get a hernia if you have too many rolls! ROTFLMBO

  2. auburn60

    TWO WEEKS !!!
    Let me scream along with you. Seems like a long time to me,too.
    I bet she has a blast. I bet it’s hot as Hades there,too.
    I used to hear about camps for mothers–you know, where someone else did the cooking and moms just did,well, whatever they wanted to. What ever happened to that concept? Another thing I missed.

  3. auburn60

    The C of C voice–doesn’t sound anything like my voice,does it? :)

  4. tori

    Not even a LITTLE bit!

  5. auburn60

    Good,good. Just checking.

  6. BrownEyedGirl

    Two weeks is a long time. My 12 y/o is gone this week also , but only for one week. Hang in there. I’m sure Charlotte will have a great time. She sounds like an amazing girl.

    And finally some internet access! Way to go ! your blogs make my day, Tori :o) I had no internet on vacation last week,but thought of this blog as I stayed in Brentwood, TN last Friday. Couldn’t wait to get caught up with your stories. Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Charlotte will be in hog’s heaven. Now is your chance to pack for your blogging sessions or at least think about it; cut a cd singing with your handsome and talented husband; take a refresher course in belly dancing; go to a drive-in theater with a movie of your choice and sit up on top of the car and eat popcorn (oops, Madi will still be at home….well scrub that one); go climbing the silks with Madi; don’t forget getting a massage; maybe take up flying; and just hang out with that….oh well, you-lmpw-what-kind-of-husband. The sky is the limit, kiddo. But then, if you can’t fit that husband into any of your plans, would you please send him over here to me. I’ll make a pot of chicken n dumplins and strawberry shortcake and he can sing to me. Oh my goodness, you can come, too, and bring madi. Those adoption papers cover all of you.

  8. tori

    SO glad those papers finally came through, and now we’re all legal-like and all.
    I just hope those pesky birth-children of yours won’t try to muscle us out of the will…

  9. LindaB

    WHAT??? Char’s gonna be gone for two whole weeks??? I sure hope no one gets bit by an unknown animal of some kind!!! Who’ll let everyone know what it was??? Jack Hanna is busy!

    Well, Tori, I know all about airheadedness. (That’s a word, isn’t it?) I’ve been driving around town for five days with an overdue movie from Family Video lying on the floor of my minivan——-passed by the movie store at least three times today——and when I got home tonight, it’s still there. I think I owe about $137.00 in overdue fees by now. It’d be cheaper to just tell them the dog ate it and pay twenty some bucks to replace it. I need to join Netflix. Or get a lobotomy (sp? If I knew how to spell it, I wouldn’t need it!)

    Can you call Char during her stay at camp? Does she have a cell phone? Do you think she’ll get homesick? And don’t worry about MommaLloyd’s will——I’ve seen her refrigerator and freezer and didn’t notice any pictures of her “birth children” on it! You’re home free! LOL

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, for goodness sake, there are pictures of my birth children, grandchild and great grands all over the house, and especially on a hall wall. There is even a picture of our Linda posed with our president. I tried not to get it too close to one of my Russ.
    As for my will: any inheritance has been spent on printer’s ink for all of the photos on my refrigerator and freezer….and on going to Russ Taff concerts. Some people have investments in gold; I’m just not that frivalent.

  11. belinda

    Of course we missed you Tori and realized you had not posted a new blog but knew you were with your family and deserved a couple of days off. Glad you are back, got Char all dropped off and settled in for her TWO WEEK stay YIKES! I know she will have a blast. It is good to have you back and writing. I am intersted if you take Momma Lloyd up on any of her suggestions of stuff to do.

    have a good one!

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