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The last week of school is trying to kill me.

Between Madi’s erratic exam schedule and Char’s end of the year party/field trip/used uniform and book sale/talent show/portfolio conference, this could possibly be the end of me. Literally. They could find me lying in the parking lot with some random textbooks and used uniforms (with the hangers all neatly facing left and the 3 x 5 notecard listing description and price carefully placed with a not-less-than 1″ safety pin on the top right) clutched in my cold, dead hands.

Perhaps I exaggerate a smidge.

At any rate, between their schedule and trying to get ready to leave town for two weeks, I’m  A LITTLE STRESSED. This week is proving to me once again that a job as an air traffic controller or international spy would not be a good fit for me. I might do better as, say, a shepherd. All alone on a bucolic mountainside, tending my flock…

Oh yeah, now we’re talking. Wonder how far to the nearest Whole Foods store? 


In other news, Shania Twain, (who Russ toured with briefly in the late 90’s, and he said that from the back? She looked like a 12 year old boy. Seriously. She weighs like, 23 lbs.) is getting a divorce from that reclusive, music genius husband of hers. Rumor is that he’s having an affair with their secretary, which as you know, NEVER happens in the music business. Ya think the fact that his nickname is ‘Mutt’ should possibly have been a tip-off that he was a big ol’ horn dog…?



Well, let’s see if this blog entry is ready to publish:

Bitching and moaning? Check.

Random bits of useless information? Check.

Yeah, I’m good to go.

Photo Friday, Garden Edition

I am a very messy gardener.

Here’s what my deck looks like when I plant my flower pots:


Also, this:


But, the results are worth it.

Even Thea is stopping to smell the roses strawberries!


And look! Right in the middle of all of those weeds, there’s a gorgeous head of lettuce– from LAST YEAR’S GARDEN! It just volunteered to show up! 

So I ate it.

The End.


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