Photo Friday, Garden Edition

I am a very messy gardener.

Here’s what my deck looks like when I plant my flower pots:


Also, this:


But, the results are worth it.

Even Thea is stopping to smell the roses strawberries!


And look! Right in the middle of all of those weeds, there’s a gorgeous head of lettuce– from LAST YEAR’S GARDEN! It just volunteered to show up! 

So I ate it.

The End.


8 Responses

  1. gracelynn

    ROTFL Well, don’t feel bad. Things have to be a little messy when you are first planting them. But they cleaned up so nicely! And that lettuce looked very good. How lucky that it just popped up on its own. Our strawberries are doing nicely too. Just have to keep the chickens away so they don’t peck them off and eat them as if they are having a picnic. LOL

    At least you didn’t see any garden snakes! YIKES! I was preparing to feed our horses this afternoon and lifted the lid off the feed vat only to find a nice big black snake curled up inside! Needless to say, I screamed very loudly. LOL I don’t do snakes!

  2. tori

    OH my gosh, that would do me in! Seriously.

  3. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I don’t do snakes either…..even those little green garden snakes do me in. But the fruit of your labor, Tori, is very rewarding. Hopoefully for the enjoyment of our little Taff family and not the various and sundry of animals that seem drawn to your artistic endeavors. I remember when I used to can vegetables from our garden, I hated to open those jars that looked so beautiful on the shelves of my pantry. Almost felt like I was destroying works of art.

  4. razorfan

    I just discovered this blog tonight (or should I say this morning as it’s not 12 something in the a.m.) Anyway, it’s funny sometimes how God works and opens these little windows and doors. And rather than write an epistle, I’ll share that somehow I stumbled on Russ Taff singing my all time favorite song on Youtube (Praise the Lord – which got me through my teenage years in Arkansas and now getting me through my son’s teenage years in North Alabama). Decided to check out his website to see if there was a way to get a message to him that even after all these years that song still resonates so strong inside me as such an incredible encouragement. From there I was intrigued by the ad for your blogs. I’ve now read through dozens and am delighted to have it. As I have similar aged children born in 92 and 96, am organizationally challented and consider myself a late bloomer … well this is definitely a blog I’ll visit often. And as for the gardening … my husband just shakes his head when I start any kind of project like that as he knows he’ll be going behind me to “fix” my messes. But at least I’m not boring!!

  5. tori

    Wooo pig sooie and welcome!
    And wow, you commented– your first visit and you actually commented… you rock.
    So glad to ‘meet’ you. So… how far north in north Alabama? And your kids- both boys?
    I’ll pass your sweet words on to Russ.

  6. belinda

    Can you please come plant my flowers for me? Those look great! I have empty flower pots that sure could use some help. I’ll even clean up the mess!

    That lettuce looks yummy! At least all Thea does is smell your plants right? Our labs would be eating them and knocking them over. Maybe that is why I have put off all the work of the flower pots?

    Welcome Razorfan – we are long tim RT fans also, that song is still as powerful today as it was many many years ago.

  7. auburn60

    Hey Razorfan!
    I grew up in North AL and lived in AR for several years.
    Welcome to hanging out with the rest of us unorganized late bloomers.
    My mission today is to fill my empty flower pots.

  8. belinda

    I looked at my empty flower pots last night and thought about what I needed to do to them, does that count?

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