The last week of school is trying to kill me.

Between Madi’s erratic exam schedule and Char’s end of the year party/field trip/used uniform and book sale/talent show/portfolio conference, this could possibly be the end of me. Literally. They could find me lying in the parking lot with some random textbooks and used uniforms (with the hangers all neatly facing left and the 3 x 5 notecard listing description and price carefully placed with a not-less-than 1″ safety pin on the top right) clutched in my cold, dead hands.

Perhaps I exaggerate a smidge.

At any rate, between their schedule and trying to get ready to leave town for two weeks, I’m  A LITTLE STRESSED. This week is proving to me once again that a job as an air traffic controller or international spy would not be a good fit for me. I might do better as, say, a shepherd. All alone on a bucolic mountainside, tending my flock…

Oh yeah, now we’re talking. Wonder how far to the nearest Whole Foods store? 


In other news, Shania Twain, (who Russ toured with briefly in the late 90’s, and he said that from the back? She looked like a 12 year old boy. Seriously. She weighs like, 23 lbs.) is getting a divorce from that reclusive, music genius husband of hers. Rumor is that he’s having an affair with their secretary, which as you know, NEVER happens in the music business. Ya think the fact that his nickname is ‘Mutt’ should possibly have been a tip-off that he was a big ol’ horn dog…?



Well, let’s see if this blog entry is ready to publish:

Bitching and moaning? Check.

Random bits of useless information? Check.

Yeah, I’m good to go.

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  1. BrownEyedGirl

    Hang in there , Tori! Or should I say SuperMom??? :o) I can totally relate to the hectic schedule. My three keep my hopping!! Gotta love teenagers :o) Enjoy the craziness while it lasts. They grow so fast!!

    As for Russ and Shania – I’ve been a huge fan of Russ since the Imperials days and somehow missed him working / performing with Shania. ( don’t tell on me LOL) I was very busy raising two babies at that point – Must have been around the Winds of Change Era. (Great CD!)


  2. LOpitz

    Hey hey!! Where are ya’ll going for two weeks?? I haven’t been home in a while and we’d like to get there sometime but not sure when. I’m much more available than Craig though since I’m not working. Let me know when ya’ll are coming and I might can work out getting home. I’m sure mom and dad wouldnt mind either.

  3. LOpitz

    As for Shania, I remember those days!! Because we were at ya’lls house and I answered the door once and I believe it was her publicist or someone “with” her asking for “my dad.” ha

  4. tori

    WELCOME, browneyedgirl!
    Promise you’ll come back often!!
    (Are all THREE of yours teenagers???)

  5. tori

    Leah– We’re headed to Family Fest in G’burg, then on to an undisclosed location for one night (Hi, Momma Lloyd!!!), then to Savannah for three days then to the beach at Cherry Grove for a week. And then I plan on being hospitalized with Post-Vacation Syndrome.
    We will be in AR towards the end of June– Char is going to Brookhill for TWO WEEKS! Maybe we can rendevous then…

  6. belinda

    Hang in there, vacation will be worth it! I took three days off and it was wonderful! You can make it! Be safe and have a great time.

  7. LOpitz

    Wow! Sounds awesome. Yes that would wear me out too!! I want to come home sometime soon, not sure when though. I think mom and dad are gonna try and get down here for the 4th but we want to make it up there soon too. Two weeks at Brookhill? Yikes! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the place and even went back to be a counselor but I dont think I couldve done two weeks there. Too hot and by mid week I always was ready for my own bathroom! haha. Oh and guess what? Can you believe that it has already been a year since the wedding?? Yep, yesterday was the anniversary. And what did I do for the celebration? Got myself a root canal. YAYYY!! A three hour long root canal. Due to being pregnant and not being able to have good medicine ( i.e. I was only able to get local anesthetics and can only take REGULAR tylenol, as opposed to the codeine he said they usually give), its been rough. We did go to San Antonio for the weekend though, and that was fun!

  8. BrownEyedGirl

    Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been lurking forever. The old blog would not let me post for some reason…

    I almost have three teenagers. the youngest daughter will be 13 in a few months. The older two 16y/ girl and 17 y/o boy are best friends. No teen attitude / no bickering – God is good :o)

    The oldest graduates next week – I’m not looking forward to a quieter house come August….

  9. gracelynn

    Tori, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Hey, at least the school will be out at the end of this week! We still have two weeks left! And next week after Family Fest, we have EOGS – end of grade exams. I am so sick of Algebra I could scream! I don’t even like Math and am being forced to try and teach a bunch of 8th grade children with the attention span of a dead gnat how to do geometry and algebra problems! GRRRRRRRRR! LOL These children are a bunch of stubborn goats that do not care whether they pass or fail apparently. All they do is guess at the answers. They cannot tell you how they got the answer – I know because I always ask why they picked “B” or “C”, etc., and they just stare at you with that crazy look and finally shrug. Oh well, 14 days left. Well, 13 for me LOL. I won’t be there Friday because I’m headed to Gatlinburg Thursday night. ;)

    I remember Shania Twain – vaguely. Used to listen to her on the radio. That was back when I was studying for school LOL.

  10. gracelynn

    PS I am a Business teacher too. If you are wondering why I am having to teach Algebra, it’s because of the EOGs. The kids need all the help they can get because THEY DON’T CARE!

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Girlfriend, you’re gonna make it ’cause you’ve had years of practice by now. ‘Course, I hate to mention this but each year the agility slips a little. Thhen you go on vacation and eventually get back home to rest up from those two weeks. Do you think mothers receive special crowns when they get to heaven? I think I’ll put that in the Suggestion Box at church.

    As for that cheatin man….hope she reqalizes she is better off without him….the dog.

  12. LindaB

    Stressed, are ya? Need a recess? Some good homecookin’? Some hugs from the sweetest lady in the Carolinas? And a long walk on the beach? You’re on your way to all that! Have fun! All of ya!!!

    This is funny reading about you wanting to be a shepherd! When I was in high school (B.C. I think it was), we had a career week and we were suppose to pick a career we thought we had the aptitude for and write about it. I chose “shepherding” and wrote about life as a shepherd and what education was required (NONE!!), what the goals were for shepherds (Not much—just don’t let the sheep get lost or eaten), what the typical salary was (not much either—–but all the lamb you could eat!) and what the future of shepherding was (I had to admit it was probably a dying field). I thought it was an easy assignment, but the teacher was not amused. Can’t remember what grade I got, but I enjoyed myself. And that’s all that matters. LOL

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