I Have Issues

OK, it greatly pains me to say this, but… my computer, my beloved lappy, appears to have bitten the big one.

It’s bleedin’ demised. IT HAS CEASED TO BE.

(Extra points if you name that reference.)

Stay tuned for the Return of Babybloomr.


6 Responses

  1. bettyrwoodward

    Oh no how will you manage! Hope you survive and get a new one soon!

  2. tori

    Working on it!

  3. jonny

    R.I.P :(

    For what it’s worth, just paid half my tiny salary to get mine fixed up. Grateful I did, though :)

  4. auburn60

    Monty Python. Dead Parrot. (”it’s nailed to the cage!”)

  5. kroselynn

    That can be a pain I know. Waiting patiently for your next blog.
    That dead parrot sketch from Monty Python is classic! :o)

  6. tennflamingo

    Love reading your blog!Came across it accidently, glad I did! http://www.tennflamingo@wordpress.com

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