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It’s Time for Time-Suck Tuesday!

Hey kids! You say you’d like to see even more awesomely bad gospel album covers?

Well, I’M YOUR GIRL– here they are!

Let’s start with this thought-provoking little number…

1ifiwereawomanI don’t know if this is a theological challenge to male hierarchy in the church or just wishful thinking, but either way I think Ira is a very brave man.

1NOW‘Having everything’ apparently includes whatever invisible thing he appears to be holding in his hand. (An apple? Harvey the rabbit?) And the rest of the Wills Family are wearing the frozen smiles and clenched teeth of people who are trying hard not to upset Pop– (“Just nod and act like you see it, too.”)

1thankyouforthedoveYou’re welcome, Mike. Now go wash your hands.

1happyeasterApparently no relation to Little Richard… And are we to assume that the stuffed bunnies are his “All Stars”? Also, is that the FLATTEST head you have ever seen in your life??? You could land a plane on that thing.



 Ok, this little clip is the best thing I’ve seen all week– I had NO idea birds could/would do this.  Madi Rose watched it and said, “Who knew that ‘weaves’ exist in the animal kingdom, too?”
I had to watch this three times before I actually believed it:
1hestouchingme1violin I’ll leave you with something strangely calming and kind of hypnotic. And it caused me to learn a new word– “murmation.” Ever heard of it? Me either. It is a word that describes a flock of starlings. I have seen birds making this pattern while driving to Arkansas, and I always hang out the window and stare transfixed until they go out of sight…

Time-Suck Tuesday, 3rd Edition

OK, this is now officially “a thing”– so prepare to have some of your valuable time sucked into the whirling vortex we like to call

Let’s see… AH, YES– gospel album covers:


(Um, wouldn’t it have been easier to just call the group by your family’s last name? Or maybe something like, “Elmer and A Bunch Of Girls”?)

Now these people know how to name a dang group!

1lordtouchme(They have to be brother and sister, right? Or possibly father and daughter? I mean what are the odds that some guy named Orvel would randomly fall in love and marry a girl named Orvella?)

Moving on.


Now that’s what I call niche marketing! And in the same vein, how about THIS for a select demographic:


Then there’s:



I love this clip so much– I can just hear that industrious little squirrel’s inner monologue:

“Yeah, this’ll work, come on, focus, just patpatpat it in there… Aw crap it rolled, oh well, try again… Let’s see, how ’bout the rug? No, bad idea, but under the chair is a possibility… Or hey, maybe this end, WHOA THAT’S A DOG BUTT, yeah, maybe not… OK, regroup, keep looking…”

And the dog’s all, “Wait. What?”


1oh hey:from

I have a real soft spot for grown men willing to make total fools of themselves for a cheap laugh… I think it has something to do with growing up with my brother Joel.




Leaving you with this classic clip as your thought for the day…

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