Wordless Wednesday: December…

Merry Christmas, ya’ll!



















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  1. bettyrwoodward

    Lovely pictures,great decorations. Happy Christmas to all the Taff family and to all our blog friends from all the Woodwards.

  2. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I don’t know why but it alwaysz still surprises me the way the Lord takes care of me…right up to and including reading a Tori blog.

    My computer (little man who reads to me) is still on the blink so I wouldn’t have been able to read one word if you had written a note to us, sweet Tori. And what did He have you do (just for me, of course) show us pictures of your beautiful home all festive with Christmas glory! I love it…just love it. And I believe you added a few precious Christmass memories.

    Then the icing on the cake: two of my favorite people illustrating true love. It “ain’t” gettin any better than that!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  3. Barbara M. Lloyd

    P.S. Forgive me for “ignoring the first post, but my little man is very ill and unable to read it to me.

  4. tori

    bettyrwoodward: Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear friend!

    Momma Lloyd: We here at ‘Bloomr Nation need to start a prayer chain for your little man!

  5. delightedabroad

    A blessed, happy and peaceful new year to all of you!

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Two-thousand-fourteen is upon us
    The start of a brand new year
    We’ve been cooking and cellebrating
    Now it’s time to come back here

    We’ve been missing tales of travel
    And life at Bell Buckle farm
    The happenings in our Taff family
    And those with mere Tori Taff charm

    But something else is missing
    And that’s family like Grand Ma Jack
    ‘Cause it won’t be really fun
    Until all of the family are back

    Time to take down those decorations…
    Tori and all of the rest
    Let’s get this new year rockin
    ‘Cause BabyBloomers are the best

  7. bettyrwoodward

    Great Momma Lloyd. Definitely agree!

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Friends, I need your prayers right now. My little Lucy had an attack this morning where she fell out in the floor and started screaming, then passed out. My son in law, a vet for horses, and Lucy’s vet are examining her now but it seems the cause is a greatly enlarged heart. She’s been on heart meds for sometime. The prognosis most likely, I am told, is that she will need to be put to sleep. Lucy is 12-1/2 years old and thinks she is 16 most of the time. My heart is hurting…Lucy and I need your prayers. Most of all, I don’t want her to suffer.

  9. Barbara M. Lloyd

    14 years ago today, my Jimmie went Home to live with Jesus. Today, 14 years later, my little Lucy went Home to live with Jesus, too. Thank you for your prayers. Last thing Lucy did was give me a kiss. My heart is hurting…but she’s probably helping the Taffs’ Mema to get up and down those steps a little faster.

  10. tori

    Oh Momma Lloyd– I am so, so sorry. This is a pain I know.

    Lucy loved you with the purest love possible, and she had a wonderful life with you. Bless her sweet little doggy heart for bringing you so much joy for all these years.

    Godspeed, little Lucy. See you at the house.

  11. LindaB

    I also am so sorry, Barb! I know how much you loved your little Lucy. And I know she adored you! (Who doesn’t?)

    I hope your Jimmie is taking care of Lucy until you get there, and Betty doesn’t get hold of her—–she’ll be spoiled rotten when you see her again!

    We love you! God comfort you tonight.

  12. rachelbaker

    Praying for you, Momma Lloyd. Our hearts hurt for you.

    (Look everyone I managed to change my password … I’m back)

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