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Here We Go!

Well, I’m still mulling over all of the potential travel page titles… so until I reach a decision and put together a fancy little logo or something, we’ll just call it by it’s generic name– The Travel Page.

(Irresistible, isn’t it?)

ANYWAY. The important thing is, the first of what shall be heretofore referred to as “The Cincinnati Posts” is now up and at ‘em over at The Travel Page!

I’m dying to get some feedback from you guys, so please drop me a comment. Actually,  I think I’ll turn off the comment section on this little post just to make sure the comments end up on the right page (Travel)…

So, click on that Travel Page tab up there on the top right hand side– and welcome to Cincinnati!


So I’ve Got This Idea…

Unlike Johnny Cash, I haven’t quite been everywhere, man, but over the years I have definitely been a WHOLE LOT of places. (And if that country song reference makes no sense to you, indulge me—I live in Nashville.) Researching an upcoming vacation, exploring a city I’ve never visited before, trying new foods in foreign countries… I love that stuff! And while there’s nothing I enjoy more than a really good (read: luxurious) hotel and a fancy restaurant, I’m also a big fan of folksy bed and breakfasts and local dives. I have a tendency to get downright evangelical about places I ‘discover’ and will happily talk your leg off as I wax rhapsodic about this wonderful museum and that unexpected antique store… Ad nauseum. Seriously. I can get kind of  jump-up-and-down-waving-my-arms-around about it all. You might need to just plaster a smile on your face and back slowly away while promising that yeah, you’ll be sure and visit that place real soon, thanks for sharing, gotta go bye. I personally like to refer this characteristic as refreshingly enthusiastic, but you know, whatever.

I’ve written travel articles for Nashville Magazine, Homecoming Magazine and Country Inns magazine, and Lord knows you guys have indulged me endlessly blogging about my wanderlust on the ‘Bloomr for lo, these many years, SO– *trumpet fanfare*–I’ve decided to make it official! This is to announce the launch of a separate Babybloomr travel section that will feature my wildly entertaining (shut up, it could happen) reviews of any and all kinds of fascinating places I get the pleasure of visiting. I’ll try to cover the kind of information that would be of interest to you, like your basic Things to Do and Places to Eat, as well as ways to save money while traveling (because you know I am nothing if not cheap, er, thrifty) and tips on fun, off-the-beaten-path attractions (hello World’s Largest Paintball!)

Hopefully you will all find this endlessly fascinating and tell all your friends and this will be the beginning of a TORI TAFF TRAVEL DYNASTY—at any rate, it gives me yet another outlet for writing about something I love to do, and will possibly attract even more opportunities to see more of the world.

But here’s what I need from you guys—what am I going to call this little venture? It needs to be something memorable, and fun and original. I don’t think I’m going to try to incorporate the Babybloomr brand into the name, I’d rather go with something using my name, maybe…? I dunno, you guys help me figure this out, will you? Everything you submit will be considered, and there is nothing too weird or embarrassing to throw out here, so don’t be shy. I’m expecting multiple entries, as the muse strikes you!

Here are a couple of titles that have already been bandied about already, just to get the ball rolling. Please feel free to weigh in with your opinion on them:

“Veni Vidi Vittles: I Came, I Saw, I Ate”

“Tori the Tourist”

So, come on ‘Bloomr Nation—LET’S NAME THAT TRAVEL SECTION!

*Photo courtesy of Ron Stern  (More on him later!)

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