So I’ve Got This Idea…

Unlike Johnny Cash, I haven’t quite been everywhere, man, but over the years I have definitely been a WHOLE LOT of places. (And if that country song reference makes no sense to you, indulge me—I live in Nashville.) Researching an upcoming vacation, exploring a city I’ve never visited before, trying new foods in foreign countries… I love that stuff! And while there’s nothing I enjoy more than a really good (read: luxurious) hotel and a fancy restaurant, I’m also a big fan of folksy bed and breakfasts and local dives. I have a tendency to get downright evangelical about places I ‘discover’ and will happily talk your leg off as I wax rhapsodic about this wonderful museum and that unexpected antique store… Ad nauseum. Seriously. I can get kind of  jump-up-and-down-waving-my-arms-around about it all. You might need to just plaster a smile on your face and back slowly away while promising that yeah, you’ll be sure and visit that place real soon, thanks for sharing, gotta go bye. I personally like to refer this characteristic as refreshingly enthusiastic, but you know, whatever.

I’ve written travel articles for Nashville Magazine, Homecoming Magazine and Country Inns magazine, and Lord knows you guys have indulged me endlessly blogging about my wanderlust on the ‘Bloomr for lo, these many years, SO– *trumpet fanfare*–I’ve decided to make it official! This is to announce the launch of a separate Babybloomr travel section that will feature my wildly entertaining (shut up, it could happen) reviews of any and all kinds of fascinating places I get the pleasure of visiting. I’ll try to cover the kind of information that would be of interest to you, like your basic Things to Do and Places to Eat, as well as ways to save money while traveling (because you know I am nothing if not cheap, er, thrifty) and tips on fun, off-the-beaten-path attractions (hello World’s Largest Paintball!)

Hopefully you will all find this endlessly fascinating and tell all your friends and this will be the beginning of a TORI TAFF TRAVEL DYNASTY—at any rate, it gives me yet another outlet for writing about something I love to do, and will possibly attract even more opportunities to see more of the world.

But here’s what I need from you guys—what am I going to call this little venture? It needs to be something memorable, and fun and original. I don’t think I’m going to try to incorporate the Babybloomr brand into the name, I’d rather go with something using my name, maybe…? I dunno, you guys help me figure this out, will you? Everything you submit will be considered, and there is nothing too weird or embarrassing to throw out here, so don’t be shy. I’m expecting multiple entries, as the muse strikes you!

Here are a couple of titles that have already been bandied about already, just to get the ball rolling. Please feel free to weigh in with your opinion on them:

“Veni Vidi Vittles: I Came, I Saw, I Ate”

“Tori the Tourist”

So, come on ‘Bloomr Nation—LET’S NAME THAT TRAVEL SECTION!

*Photo courtesy of Ron Stern  (More on him later!)

48 Responses

  1. chall

    Tori the Travel Queen?

  2. tori

    chall: Oooh– THERE’S a possibility! And you just KNOW there would be a tiara involved…

  3. Phyllis S

    Timeless Travel

  4. Phyllis S

    Heck I sent it to quick….


  5. Lendo

    Tori’s Tour-ings

  6. Judynana

    TORIfic Tours!!!

  7. jankinney

    Tori’s Dazzling Dream Trips

  8. Michelle

    Tori’s Travels

  9. tori

    LOVING these–*feverishly making a list*– keep ‘em coming!

  10. jankinney

    Tori’s Travel Tales

  11. Michelle

    Tori’s Tantalizing Travels

  12. Michelle

    Tori’s Tantalizing Travels

    Tori’s Trendy Travels

  13. rachelbaker

    Tori’s tasting tours ?!

  14. rachelbaker

    I really like ‘Veni Vidi Vittles: I Came, I Saw, I Ate’ though – now how could you get Victoria in there?

  15. SUSIE Q

    In honor of Linda Bettinger

    Travels with the Mouth from the South

    Sorry Tori, Linda B made me do it!!! haha

  16. SUSIE Q

    In all innocence who loves to talk and eat more than you and listen gal, you are definitely from the South!

  17. Bill Strebler

    I like Johnny Cash, but on that song I prefer Hank Snow or my grandpa. I used to be half-way decent with the vocals myself on that one (half-way meaning half the listeners would have changed the station if it were on the radio), and I still remember maybe just shy of half. If I remember right, Hank Snow took a song about Australia and changed the city names to the U.S.

  18. Dngalng

    T’n’T (for Tori/Taff and Travel(s) and your personality, of course)

  19. auburn60

    Victoria’s Secrets. And that reminds me: feel free to
    research that B&B trip to W. Va. for 4 deserving
    women that Linda and I demanded …uh…thought up
    several years ago.
    I’ll keep thinking of pithy travel titles. Too bad your
    Mom didn’t name you Gulliver..,

  20. auburn60

    Tips,Advice,Facts and Freebies. (TAFF)

  21. auburn60

    Toss the Old,Routine, Itinerary. (TORI)

  22. bettyrwoodward

    Tori’s Travel Trivia

  23. bettyrwoodward

    Stuart said ‘Up the creek with Tori’ or is that an English idiom?

  24. LindaB

    Love “Victoria’s Secrets”, but might change it to “Victoria’s Travel Secrets” to keep perverts away. And Alyson, I love your idea about the W.Va. B&B! You did put that idea forth a long time ago…..can’t imagine why Tori didn’t jump on that one immediately! ;)

    My suggestions are:

    Hit the Road with Tori Taff

    Tori Taff’s Travel Tips

    Tori Taff Takes a Trip

    (I know, I probably overdid the “T” thing.)

  25. LindaB

    What about, “Let Me Tell You Where To Go”!

    Maybe not.

  26. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Years ago I read a book called “Travels with Charlie,: John Steinbeck was the author and Charlie was his standard poodle. Loved the book. So, I’m thinking: “Travels With Tori”

    Or, “Tori’s Magic Carpet”

    I am so happy for you….and there’s not a better gal for the job!

  27. Shella

    LindaB’s suggestion of “Hit the Road with Tori Taff” brings to mind a song…you know…

    Hit the Road (with) Taff

    Song: Hit the Road Taff
    And Won’t You Come Back
    For More, For More, For More, For More,
    Hit the Road (with) Taff
    Why Don’t You Come Back For More….

  28. Lowell

    Tori’s “Been Everywhere)

  29. LindaB

    I’m a Travelin’ Girl

    B & B & Me

    And We’re Off!!!

    Tori Taff, the Blonde Garmin

  30. tori

    Ok, seriously– why don’t I ask you guys for advice on EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE?! You are good at this!! (I really am making a list…)

  31. maga51

    Traveliously Tori

  32. maga51

    Traveliciously Tori

  33. SUSIE Q

    Linda I don’t think she cared for mine…I shouldda left that one to you!! Sorry Tori!!

  34. LindaB

    You were talking about Tori, the Southerner, traveling with me, The Mouth, weren’t you? I liked it, Susie. Maybe the thought of traveling with me rendered her speechless! I’ve had that effect on people before. :)

    Okay, here’s another one or two:

    “I’m Gonna Take You Places” or

    “Going Places With Tori”

    “Come Drive With Me”

    “Leaving Town with Tori”

  35. swerchon

    Here are a view ideas I had for your new venture (how exciting – good on ya girl)

    “It’s better to travel than arrive” – Proverb

    – Tori – Your travel companion
    – All Roads Lead To/by Tori
    – GPS Tori – follow me
    – GPS Tori – Let me show you the way
    – GPS Tori – You have arrived
    – GPS Tori – Re-calculating
    – TnT – Dynamite Travel Tips
    – TOuRIng with Tori
    – Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Heels with Tori

  36. okdebby

    Tourin’ Tales from Tori
    Hitchin’ A Ride with Tori
    Tori’s Trippin’

  37. tori

    Susie Q: That would certainly be a case of truth in advertising!

  38. LindaB

    “Recalculating”! Love that, Swerchon! What about “The Joys of Recalculating With Tori”? Or just “Recalculating With Tori Taff”?

    Is it just me, or when your GPS lady says “Recalculating”, do you detect a hint of irritation in her voice? And we PAID for that??

    So…….how’s it gonna work, Ms. TAff? Will you still meet us here on Babybloomr like always, but add a little side trip to someplace on this same blog? Are you gonna start with Cinninnati?

  39. tori

    Yep, LindaB– I’m starting with Cincy!

  40. SUSIE Q

    Aw shucks I thought she was gonna start with Bell Buckle!!!

  41. tori

    Susie Q: Oh, baby– Bell Buckle’s coming soon! (Hopefully in the fullest sense of the word!)

  42. Barbara M. Lloyd

    “Through Tori’s Eyes”

    “Buckle Up With Tori”

  43. MostlySunny

    Been There, Done That – Travels with Tori

    Around The Bend with…ME

    Tori’s Expeditions

    Tori’s Get-a-ways

    Around Town with Tori

    Schlepping the World with Tori

    Go Here, Not There (kind of along the line of “eat this, not that!”)

    Guess Where I’ve Just Been?

    …sorry – I got a little carried away. I’ll stop now! Sunny

  44. LindaB

    Tori, I hope you do a travel tips segment on Nashville! You’ve lived there for a while and if I ever get to Nashville, which I’ve always wanted to, it’d be nice to know what’s worth seeing and what isn’t.

    BTW, is your house sold yet? Is Bell Buckle getting closer?

  45. Lowell

    Tori’s Blogue and Travelogue !

  46. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, I am so impressed with all of the suggested names of your travel blog. And I just love my traveling companions….’cause we’re going with you!

    I wanna know if you’ve sold your home, too?

  47. SUSIE Q

    Are we finished with handing Tori names?

  48. tori

    NO! Keep ‘em coming!

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