3rd and Lindsley Show

Russ played at a club here in town called 3rd and Lindsley last Tuesday night, a rare occasion on at least a couple of counts– he hardly ever plays in Nashville and he hardly ever plays clubs, unless he’s in Europe! He was backed by an incredible band called The Alternators, which is comprised of some of the best studio players and sidemen Nashville has to offer. James Hollihan, Russ’ long time guitarist, band leader, arranger, producer and co-writer came in to play as well, so the night was a reunion of sorts. Seeing ‘Dr. J’ as Russ calls him standing up there in his familiar spot, anticipating Russ’ every vocal move and following him effortlessly, all the while turning out the impeccably tasty guitar licks he is famous for… Well, the ONLY thing that would have made the evening any better would be if my girls were there to see it– and they were! Yes, Madi Rose and Charlotte finally got to see their dad in his natural habitat, rockin’ the house down with a band so loud your ears rang for the next 24 hours.

The audience was packed to the gills with old friends, members of Russ’ original road band, music biz people, former Word Records execs and producers, family members (Hi Matt and Carol!) and lots of fellow artists– Michael English, Jason Crabb, the Martins, Danny Tate, Bonnie Keen, Reba Rambo McGuire, Brett James, Chip Davis, Ian Morgan Crone, and Chonda Pierce.  Russ was in great voice, completely relaxed and happy. The crowd response was unbelievable, they sang EVERY WORD to songs that I haven’t heard played live in 15, 20 years. At the risk of sounding like a proud wife, I have to tell you, the love coming off of that stage and being returned by the audience was so thick you could almost see it. There were tears at times, lots of laughing, and God definitely showed up. What a night.

(Wanted to share just a little bit of it with you guys– here’s  a few moments:)

**Backstage right before showtime.

**That’s a happy boy, right there:

**Russ, bringing it–

**That arm just keeps going up…

**The one and only, Dr. J Hollihan:

**Together again:

**SO much fun:

** Guess who found two original medals from the promotion of Russ’ ‘Medals’ album?!

**The girls and I rockin’ to the encore:


** And finally, here’s a snippet of “I Still Believe,” courtesy of Wayne Hurst:–


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  1. dferrell

    Looks like it was a wonderful night! I have to say I almost got a little teary-eyed myself thinking back to the days of watching those two! We always had to sit right up front too, so that our ears were pounding and you could “feel”the bass. What about a big reunion with all those guys from the past?!?!

  2. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, I loved it! loved it! loved it! Every word and sound! Here I was kinda feeling sorry for being so dumb about finding your travel blog…then surprised myself and went right to it. On top of that I was rewarded with your newest blog. It’s turned into a pretty dang good day.

    I’m so glad the girls were there with you. Thank you for sharing this oh-so-sweet timne in the Taff Family album with us.

  3. LindaB

    THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!!!!! THAT’S what I wanna hear again! Why didn’t they make a recording of that! I could have sold a million of ‘em!

    If he does that again, I’m driving there no matter what!!!! Even if I have to get there in an ambulance! On oxygen!!! Really!

  4. bettyrwoodward

    Glad it went well. I would have loved to be there too.

  5. DanAndrews

    Dang!!…That’s what I miss about living in Nashville….great listening rooms and great talent, and Russ is one of the best…
    Don’t dare do that again without recording it!!!!

  6. blondie

    Okay, I’m vacillating between being so incredibly happy that this took place and so incredibly sad that I wasn’t there to experience it in person! THIS is the way God intended for us common folks to hear Russ, with a smokin’ band, supported by an awesome audience. I have a goofy grin on my face, just thinking about it.

    LindaB, I’m definitely with you on this one – if it happens again and I’m on the same continent, I’m there! We can sit together and whoop and holler and SANG our little hearts out. :)

    Love and MISS you guys!

  7. LindaB

    It’s a deal! And we’ll raise our hands too! And wear rockin’ shoes like Tori!!

  8. typhoebe

    Wow!!! Sounds a fabulous “one of a kind night”….so glad that it turned out so well. wish we could have been a part of that but we are so happy for the ones that were there. I “can feel it” …esp. since we saw Russ and Buddy G. recently in Franklin NC…God isn’t finished with Russ in any way, shape or form. I can still feel the spirit of Jesus through him just as we did in the days of old with The Imperials. God works thru people whether the person is “feeling it” at the time or not. Russ is certainly a vessel of God’s reality. Keep him on track, Tori. Us “gals” have a job to do in life…keeping our men straight and strong and doing what they need to be doing.

  9. blondie

    Ha! Linda, should we bring along some white hankies to wave in the air? I can do the shoes as long as there’s no dancing and only minimal walking required!

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Linda and Blonde, do you think I could tag along? I probably couldn’t carry your luggage, but I’d sure hold your glass between sips. …or something like that.

  11. LindaB

    Oh Blondie, I wouldn’t actually WEAR those high heeled beauties! I’ll carry them in my bag and take them out for pictures, then put my low heeled sensible shoes back on so I can get to my car afterward.

    MommaLloyd, of course you can come and sit with us! (You will bring a cake, won’t ya? I mean, it’s not a prerequisite, but it would help a lot.)

  12. Phyllis S

    OK Ladies, you WILL NOT go without me, understood!

    What an awesome night that must have been. Tori, I know how full your heart was as you sat, watched and listened (just maybe a little shouting, and girl it was so well deserved.

    Russ you MUST do it again so that the Tafftastics can show up.

  13. jonny

    Well, the ONLY thing that would have made the evening any better -(for me)- would be if I were there to see it– and I weren’t = / Former, Blondie, Momma Love and Phyllis S beat me to the punch, I’m so there next time as well, even if coming from a different continent !! Also, I believe we now have our house band for the up-coming Bloomr’ get-together = )


  14. blondie

    Oh, this is sounding better and better. Beautiful shoes AND cake? AND getting to meet LindaB, MommaLloyd, Phyllis S, AND small j? It would be a night like no other!

  15. LindaB

    Oh yes, Blondie! We’ll get to meet you too!!! (Give me about a week’s notice so I can call my doctor and get the extended release heavy duty blood pressure medicine! Safety first!)

  16. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh come on, Linda…. I promise to keep putting cold compresses on your forehead….and maybe one on each foot in thos high heels.

    Blonde, you might not want to be sitting at a table with Linda and Phyllis when Russ Taff takes the stage. I’ve been there and I couldn’t hear for days afterwards. ‘Course, they couldn’t either. I have a feeling that jonny is used to that.

    For an event like this, all I need is a plane ticket and the name of a hotel where we will be staying…and we have a plan.

  17. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Happy Anniversary to that sweet Taff couple!

  18. jonny

    Yep, happy anniversary Tori !! And happy Halloween everyone else = )

    Oh, and if you’re on facebook Blondie –or anyone else here for that matter– and wouldn’t mind an extra facebook friend, please search ‘jonny LoveGrapes’ and send a request my way !! = )

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