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Faroes Photo Friday! (Part 1 of Lord-knows-how-many)

Hello dear readers!

Still fighting my way out of jet lag and re-entry pandemonium (dryer not working, cooktop has to be replaced, Madi is leaving for college tomorrow– you know, the usual) but I wanted to share some scenes from our Nordic adventure with you all. I’ll start with  the Faroe Islands portion, and who knows– I may drag this out for D*A*Y*S. Prepare for it to be be kinda photo-heavy around the ‘Bloomr for a while.

Annnnd we commence:

**This was the gorgeous view from out of the big picture window in the guest flat that was so generously offered to us by a friend of Jakup’s– we loved staying there, even if the washing machine did call me names.

**OK, what genius thought it was a good idea to put me behind the wheel of a Peugot for a week? I get lost in Nashville and I’ve lived there for 35 years AND can actually read the road signs. Yeah, it wasn’t always pretty but I didn’t wreck the car or kill anybody, so you know– win/win. And even though my eyes are kind of at half-mast in this photo, I swear I wasn’t drunk.

**This guy hung around outside our back door a lot. I have no idea what kind of bird this is– do you? I called him Pinocchio Seagull.

**A gorgeous Faroe Islands sunset. Honestly, I kept expecting to hear the theme from Lord of the Rings playing somewhere in the background the whole time I was standing there.

**You know what almost never happens while I’m driving down the street in Brentwood?   This:

**My pensive Madi– actually, if memory serves, she wasn’t contemplating the mysteries of the universe so much as she was watching Sponge Bob in Danish.

**Basically the Faroes are just one big photo op everywhere you look.


**Charlotte with Russ, wet and cold at a video shoot location.

**This is Russ’ performance at Summarfestival in Klaksvik– that’s Oli Poulsen rockin’ it hard behind him.

**Jakup Zachariassen plays tasty steel guitar licks so twangy you’d think he grew up in Nashville…

**One last scenic shot– more to come!


I Promise, I’m Not In The Witness Protection Program…

… just out of the country!


We’re back in the lovely Faroe Islands (with no wifi)– but we’ll be in Norway soon, so maybe the hotel will hook me up and I can actually post here, you know, just like a real blogger!

Until I do, here’s a photo just to demonstrate how difficult it can be to try to do laundry in a foreign country when you can’t understand what the dial says– and you have the vaguely uneasy sense it is judging you rather harshly… (Check out the initial setting.)

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