Photo Friday–Faroe Food Edition

Yes, we’re THAT family– the ones that pull out their phones or cameras and take pictures of their food. Doesn’t matter where, how high end or low brow, we’re shameless about photographing delicious looking food; so you just know that our recent travels would have to include the requisite plate pictures. Annnd here they are:

**This is a basic grocery store refrigerated dessert cake that we got in the Faroe Islands– I guess their version of  Sara Lee, or something! But the chocolate was unbelievably good quality, dense and rich. It was as good as it looks. Madi and I ate most of it.


**These little cookies were great with tea, and how could you not love that name?!


**We had a lovely dinner at the gorgeous ultra modern home of Tummus and Eydna Justinussen.

**Eydna made this luscious seafood dish, kind of a cross between a casserole and an etouffee, served over rice.

**Her down-home dessert was what we Southerners call an apple crisp, or apple jumble– don’t know what it’s called in Faroese, except maybe DELICIOUS. And that is our dear friend Jakup’s hot wife Sanna in the blurry background.

**Speaking of Sanna, here’s one of HER wonderful desserts. (We ate the main course too quickly to photograph it.)

More to come!


4 Responses

  1. rachelbaker

    Now, either your Faroese friends were being especially nice to their American guests or you are showing the edited highlights of the food you ate there. My Faroese friends eat ANYTHING, with particular favourites being rotten (on purpose) whale meat, and puffin.

  2. LindaB

    Looks delicious! And what sweet hospitality! That was a spacious and lovely kitchen too! I suppose there’s no place on that island without a scenic view from any window!

  3. Phyllis S

    Wonderful pictures as usual. Again Thanks for sharing.

    Why oh Why when we get in storm mode here in south Louisiana, that all I think about is what to cook! Now I want to know about the seafood dish you have in the pictures, tell me more.

  4. JanetB

    It all looks oh-so-yummy…especially the desserts! What was that whipped cream concoction? Wow.

    And, just wondering…the Homeblest cookies say that they’re “milk chocolate digestive biscuits”…they weren’t made with Ex-Lax by any chance…? ;)

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