Just wanted you all to know…

… that we’re pretty proud of our boy around here!

The girls and I will be there (they are so excited!) and guess who else: MOMMA LLOYD!!!! Also? Russ’ producer Jakup Zachariassen flew all the way over from the Faroe Islands, and will be there as well. Can’t wait– we’ll take pictures!


We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Dove Awards show is going to feature a segment honoring Russ for “his life’s work and impact on the industry.” The segment will be introduced by good friend Chonda Pierce and will include performances by… well, we can’t announce that part because we don’t know who will be involved yet– and it might be a surprise!

The Dove Awards will be held on Thursday, April 19 at the famed Fox Theatre in Atlanta and will be televised on the GMC channel on Tuesday, April 24 at 8 p.m. ET, with an encore showing at 10 p.m. ET.

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  1. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, I had a whole brilliant post typed and it disappeared. In my excitement it is hard to tell what I did.

    My younger son loves his mom so much that he couldn’t bear for Russ Taff to be receiving such a wonderful and well-earned award, just four hours away, and his mom not be able to be there. Okay, so he is a big Russ Taff fan, too.
    of the night, which “my” Russ has well-earned, he has be
    I won’t be wearing anything with buttons down the front because they would be popping off during the concert and I need Mark upright where he will be able to answer all of my questions and not down on the floor hunting for my buttons. We won’t be sitting near the Taffs but I suspect they will occasionally hear a familiar voice above the cheering crowd….a dignified one, I hope.

    Besides the big award en nominated for three other awards: Most Inspirational Album; Song, “Here Comes Jesus;” and, oh dear, help me here Tori because the other song has temporarily slipped my mind.

    I am so thrilled for Madi and Char. I can remember taping Russ receiving awards through the years but I don’t believe the girls were old enough to really be able to share such special moments with their dad before this one. And this time, Russ will be escorting three of the prettiest gals in the house, for goodness sake. (think about Tori in that black number and silver heels)

    I am going to stop now before I start gushing….and embarrass myself.
    But not before I tell you that I am excited for my little Taff family….beyond words.

  2. DonnaMariePatterson

    Congratulations!! I know it will be a wonderful night!

  3. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh dear, I came back and read my post only to find that there is one sentence out of lace, which means that in two separate paragraphs I sound like very confusing. I’m embarrassed. and I don’t know how that possibly could have happened.

  4. LindaB

    I am excited too! This couldn’t happen to more deserving artist! And it proves we all love what he’s done in the past, but he still has it goin’ on and his new CD is amazing too!

    And how fitting that the Taff’s number one fan will be there! I think your son deserves some kind of award too, Barb! Like Lifetime Achievement Award for a Sweetheart of a Son! Bless his heart!

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    You know, I really wanted to wear a tight fitted black off the shoulder with four-inch heels on silver shoes….but doggone if Tori didn’t say that is what she is wearing and I don’t want to outshine her, for goodness sake. Since I make at least two of her, she would be outnumbered.

    Mark and I don’t expect to get close enough to the Taffs to even wave and that is fine with us…..I just wanted to be there on such a special occasion. Thank goodness I don’t wear mascara ’cause black tears running down happy cheeks really aren’t in this year.

  6. jonny

    Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have any mascara on at the moment, ’cause I’m a serious mess right now = / I’m probably more thrilled, touched that Momma Love can be there and be a wonderful part of all this than I am over Russ and the awards themselves !! Don’t worry, I’ll start looking into getting professional help tomorrow = )

  7. Gramma Jac

    No–jonny–we love you the way you are! And if being THRILLED about “Momma Love” being there means professional help is needed–well then a LOT of us need that help!!! Congrats Momma Lloyd and,of course, to Russ!

  8. Phyllis S

    This is so exciting, just wish we could see it live…It is so deserved, not only for Russ but the entire Taff family and that does include Mommalloyd.
    Barb, I fully expect to hear you, we may not see you but I have sat next to you numerous times when Russ is singing and I know you get excited. Mark let her praise (holler), but PLEASE hold on to her so she does not fall.
    Russ, Tori, Madi and Char this has been a long time coming, so soak it in like a sponge and enjoy every minute.
    We will be looking for a FULL blown report real soon.

  9. LindaB

    Barb, I hope your son brings a camera so we can see pictures of this awesome night! And we especially want a shot of YOU in a little black dress and silver high heels! You just might steal the show!

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh dear, Linda, I’d wear that dress but I don’t have time to shop for what I could wear on the other side, that would kinda match. And I’d have to wear those silver high heels as ear rings ’cause I sure wouldn’t be able to stand up in them. Bless her sweet heart, Tori and I wouldn’t even look like a realistic “before and after” ad.

    I was excited….terribly excited….for Russ, Tori, Madi and Char….then when Mark said I had to be there on such a special occasion, you can just imagine. I’ll have everyone of you there with me in spirit. Oh how I wish you could be there in body.

    Just think about our adorable Madi and Char being there to see this wonderful recognition of their daddy’s talent and accomplishments in serving our Lord. The only word I can think of is “precious.” And how blessed “my” Russ is to have the pretty and oh-so-talented Tori Taff for his wife and co-writer. What a team!

    Okay…okay, I need to stop writing….but I’m excited. Can you tell?

  11. jonny

    Yep. But no need to stop on my account = )

  12. bettyrwoodward

    I just wish we could all be there! Anyway congratulations Russ (and the rest of the family)

  13. LindaB

    OH MY GOSH!!!! IT’S TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! I need to up my blood pressure meds!!!! I haven’t been this excited since………since……..the scales at the Weight Watchers meeting wouldn’t work!!!

  14. Phyllis S


    Just to funny…..but yes excited is correct, excited for Russ, Tori and the girls, also SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for Mommalloyd, you go girl.

    Be sure to take your meds tomorrow, would not like for you to have a “blow out”….Love, Prayers and Many Many Smiles

  15. LindaB

    What should WE wear tomorrow, Phyllis? I can’t schlep around here in my ratty old sweets and T-shirt, for Pete’s sake!!!! I want a new outfit!!! Maybe some NEW sweats with a new T-shirt that actually matches…….or is that going too far?

  16. LindaB

    I meant “sweats”, not “sweets”! See, I’m so excited I can’t type!

  17. LindaB

    OMG! I bet they’re packing their bags for their trip tomorrow!! I wonder if they’re driving there? How far is Atlanta from Nashville? Or are they all flying? Do the Dove folks send a limo for ya? Imagine that!!!! Or a private jet??? HOT DOG! What are the girls wearing? What is Russ wearing??? Did Tori pick it out, or the girls? Or Russ himself? I can’t imagine that he cares that much. lol Are you getting a room for that night so you don’t have to drive back so late? What would happen if say you were delayed and couldn’t make it in time for the Awards???? Oh Lordy! Let’s not even think about that! Does Russ have to be “made up” for the camera??? Can’t even imagine that either! Does he get to say something after they give him the award? Has he written something? Or did he ask Tori to write something??? Do they have rehearsals before the Award show??? Maybe they had to go today to be in the rehearsals! Then, they’ll get to eat out tonight in Atlanta!! I wonder what restaurant they choose? Indian? Chinese? Or do they just get room service! I suppose the family is assigned seats so they’re front and center for that inevitable camera close up so they can look admiringly at Russ and cry! Gosh, I wish I was there! Tori Taff, you better give us all the wonderful details when you get home!!!

  18. jonny

    Woo — hooooo !!!!! Former ison a roll, in her element again = ) = ) = ) God is, obviously, still good <3 <3 <3

  19. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Talked with the Fox Theatre today and they aren’t sure whether the Dove Awards will be televised Sunday night or Tuesday night at 8:00 and only on that Christian station I think Tori mentioned above. I can’t get it here so I’m praying someone in my family or friends or strangers will be able to tape it for me so I can see what went on after I get back home.

    I wish so much y’all were going to be going….you know, we’d go as a group. But, then again that might be dangerous. Oh heck, we could just live dangerously. I mean, wouldn’t it be worth it for us all to be together on such a terrific occasion? I’d bring the popcorn (just kidding, Tori…in case you are getting worried).

    They are all in Atlanta by now and Mark and I are leaving home around 10:00 in the morning. I am so excited for that sweet little Taff family.

  20. jonny

    And I’m so excited you and Mark get to start your little ‘road trip’ at 10:00 in the morning !!!!! I am filled with more joy than I know what to do with right now because of this = )

  21. LindaB

    Me too!!!! I think Barb should get an award too—–The Most Devoted Fan Who Can Also Bake Terrific Cakes Award!!!! You have yourself a ball tonight, Miss Lloyd!!!! And we love you for wanting us to be there too!!! And we will be in spirit!!

  22. Gramma Jac

    Well I’m going to be obstinate and not vote for her for that award–at least, not until I get to TASTE said cakes!!!

    Tonight was the night–we BETTER get some reports from someone! (OK, I’ll let them sleep-in first!)

    Man, I’m demanding tonight–reports AND cake!!

    I hope tonight was memorable and just plain AWESOME!

  23. Gramma Jac

    Just got home–thought we’d have an update–they’re taking “sleep-in” WAY too seriously!!! LOL!

  24. LindaB

    Ba ha ha ha!!! You’re right about that, Gramma Jac! LOL

  25. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, folks, it was wonderful! Before Russ came on stage four or five different artists sang differentRuss Taff songs and people started standing up immediately. They didn’t even wait for Russ to appear before starting his standing ovation…When he finally came up on stage near the end of the last of his songs he started singing along and the audience went crazy. I got so excited I lost my balance and almost ended up riding piggy back on that big old man standing in front of me. Thank goodness Mark caught me and I did apologize to the man but it was a quick one because I didn’t want to miss anything, for goodn ess sake. Then I heard is voice and the tears turned into blubbers..I about choked to death trying to keep them quiet blubbers ’cause I didn’t want to miss anything. Russ’ speech was precious and when he finished the crowd exploded with aplause. I wanted to run (weel, walk as fast as I could) up there and throw my arms around his neck but I knew I would have to stand in line behind the beautiful Taff girls and by the time it was my turn I would finally be embarrassed….maybe. Not because of any fault on the part of the Taffs, but I didn’t get to hug their necks and I won’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed about that, but there was a mob around them and my protective Mark didn’t think we could get through to them after it was over. He had visions of me being a bloody mess on the way to the hospital if e tried. I didn’t complain to him because I was too grateful to him for my being there….but I would have been a smiling bloody mess. (lol) However, I must tell y’all the truth, I was thrilled just to have been there to see (er, hear) “my” Russ get such a huge honorable award. I was delightfully happy. I must tell you that Tori changing outfits almost got me put in jail. You know I can’t see, but I sat on an aisle seat and I kept watching for a pair of silver heels with a black dress attached to walk by me….and there was such a blonde. I almost attacked her except Mark stopped me just in time. Can you imagine how I would have scared that woman to death. In conclusion, it was a night I will always remember when a man I love dearly was awarded the most precious of awards…and I was so proud to be there.

  26. Barbara M. Lloyd

    You know how I always tell things on myself, well I must tell you how excited Mark and I were at the hotel getting ready to go to the awards show.

    Mark took his shower and came out wearing the same bluejeans. I asked where his suit pants were and he said he hoped I wouldn’t notice because he guessed he left the pants at home but he had his shirt, tie and suit jacket. I went over to the closet and there were his pants on the floor. Do we ever stop being mothers?

    Okay, I put on my makeup and when I got to my lipstick it was almost gone so I pressed and pressed to get enough out of that tube because it was the color I wanted to wear. When Mark looked at me, he said, “Mom, wipe that lipstick off and start over, I am not going to the event with the Joker. Seems in my effort to get the last of my favorite color, I had it everywhere. Well, it cracked me up and I started all over again….carefully.

    Then someone took a picture of us so I could send y’all one and doggone if Mark didn’t have the wrong camera. But we made it to the Awards Shop and Russ was wonderful and nobody would have known if there had been the Joker there with a young man in bluejeans ’cause all they would have seen were two huge smiles.

  27. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, I have shamed myself by putting a sentence in on the first report on the Awards ceremony….when I spoke of almost attacking a woman, thinking she was Tori. I used a name to describe who she might think I was and I was trying to be funny….but sincerely at no one’s expense and certainly not intending in any way to be judgmental…..and it came out coarse and unfunny. All I can say is I am sorry because it was in no way intended as mean-spirited name calling.

  28. tori

    Momma Lloyd, you couldn’t shame yourself if you TRIED!!! Every single person who has ever come in contact with you or read this blog knows where your heart is– and there is not a speck of mean-spiritness in it! DO NOT give it another thought– you make me smile every time you write, and I totally understood you were kidding. Love you, love you.

  29. jonny

    Did Russ’ new release win any awards ??

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