Photo Friday

I’m packing up to leave the mountains after a very restful few days. Wanted to share some shots with you…

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  1. LindaB

    Will you be my travel agent?

    Those pictures are GORGEOUS! Gorgeous Georgia! Glad you’re rested up and ready for the next chapter of your housing adventures!

    Next time you need to get away, think about coming to Clio and hangin’ out with me! We can visit Walmart, take a walk on the Clio bike path, and eat at Linda’s All Nite Diner!

  2. Gramma Jac

    Walmart and an all-night diner?!?! What more is there to life?! Count me in!!!

  3. LindaB

    Anytime, Gramma Jac!

  4. bettyrwoodward

    Love the photos. I’m off on holiday next week but not to anywhere as beautiful as that.

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Those pictures whisper “p-e-a-c-e. I’ praying you will come home with renewed spirit and a joyful determination to find that perfect little nest in the country. Have I told you lately that I love you?!! (okay just read the words, you don’t have to sing the song, for pete’s sake)

  6. Gramma Jac

    Well, I don’t know what Tori did,…but I was singing the song! :-)

  7. bettyrwoodward

    Me too!

  8. jonny

    That’s there’s no one else above you ?? = )

    Love the pictures, and I can’t say enough about hanging out at LB’s !! Still one of the two highlights of my last trip abroad, or in the States !! = )

    By the way, since she was mentioned here earlier and I believe there was good reason for that, I would like to throw out a prayer request for my friend Maria. Even though we never got to the ‘Happy Snoopy Dance’ part of things, we are still good friends. Anyway, she shared with me today that one of the reasons she got so distant was because she has leukemia. That and our worlds being quite different in some ways was a big part of why she did not risk a relationship with me outside of being really good friends. Anyway, I would ask that those who have been keeping her in prayer in the past to please keep doing so if/when it comes to mind to do so !! Thanks = )

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