So today was the first day the house officially went on the market and we had FIVE showings, thank you Jesus! This house is so clean it’s scary, but I guess it’s paying off because everything went great and people said all kinds of nice things. Now we just need one of ‘em to show up with a dang contract.

Ok you guys, I have to tell you something funny.

I’ve mentioned my next door neighbors, the Master Gardeners, right? The ones with the tiered rose bushes, koi pond, fountain, manicured lawn and cutting garden? They are such sweet people and great neighbors; I’m really going to miss living next to them. Well anyway, about two years ago I looked outside one afternoon and saw Mr. Master Gardener and a white-haired gentleman I didn’t recognize both walking across my back yard very deliberately as though they was measuring it, or marking it off or something. Later that day, he approached me with a big smile and said excitedly, “Russ is a golfer, isn’t he?” I replied that yes he used to play a lot, but he had gotten so busy he rarely took the time anymore. Mr. Master Gardener’s face lit up even more and he said, “Well, pretty soon he won’t have to go any farther than his back yard!” Apparently he and the white-haired gentleman (another neighbor, but one I’ve never met– retired Naval officer) had plans to install a 9 hole, par 3 private GOLF COURSE, incorporating several neighbor’s back yards and the common area that ties them together. And darned if he didn’t!  Within a matter of days, (and for no apparent reason) I had an actual putting green complete with a cup and a flag at the edge of our back yard below my garden boxes.

Here’s the deal: I always thought if you wanted to live by a golf course, you bought a house by a golf course–so to suddenly have one out behind my house with a hole actually in my yard was kind of weird. But sweet Mr. MG was so excited and proud to provide this for his neighbors that I didn’t have the heart to put a damper on it. I mean, what was the harm? He totally takes care of the whole thing, including the green in my yard– waters it daily and trims it himself with a push mover and clippers. It’s just a lovely-looking lush manicured green circle at the bottom of my yard… that people rarely use. I’m talking only a handful of golfer/neighbors  have actually played on it in the two years it’s been here, so it has certainly not been any kind of imposition or nuisance. Frankly, I don’t give it much of a thought one way or the other– until we listed the house! When we were cataloging all of the assets our home has to offer, I suddenly remembered and almost apologetically I told Lynne, “Oh yeah, there’s also kind of a little golf thingy in my back yard, but we could probably get rid of it if we needed to…”

So you can guess how this story ends, right? Yep, that little afterthought is now known as Selling Point #1: a private golf course! Everyone seems to be so intrigued by the idea, it’s one of the first things people ask about. They can’t believe that they don’t have to pay any kind of fees or dues, and that someone else takes care of it completely. Lynne said when she showed the house today it was a big hit, especially with the men. Yes, thanks to my sweet neighbor I now have a wonderful asset in my back yard, instead of the faintly embarrassing white elephant I thought I had!

I’m kind of a marketing genius that way.

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  1. delightedabroad

    Wow, I knew you are clever… :-)

  2. Busymom

    That is hilarious!

  3. Busymom

    Wait, LOOK! I’m somebody here, now!!

  4. tori

    Holy crap on a cracker, folks– Busymom is FINALLY in tha house!!!
    (This poor woman has been trying to get in here for months, and for some reason WordPress has been very moody with her…)

  5. rachelbaker

    Welcome Busymom (at last). You even managed to get an avatar – that beats most of us.

    Mum and Dad’s church is looking for a new manse for them to live in. This could be perfect. The commute might be an issue though (!)

  6. bettyrwoodward

    I’m sure it would be more than perfect! However we have said it needs to be in walking distance of the church. Hope the move goes well for you though as it will probably be before ours.

  7. Gramma Jac

    Ya Rachel, but would the commute be worth it for the golf course?!? :-)

  8. LindaB

    Did Russ ever use the course?

    We used to golf and were on leagues, so we jumped at a chance buy a lot and build a house on a golf course. And when the house was done, we never played golf again! But in the winter, they let the kids go sledding on the rolling hills, so it wasn’t a total waste.

    I hope you find a buyer real soon. The strain of keeping a house that clean could damage your health and take up your blog writing time, and we don’t want THAT to happen!

  9. LindaB

    And I hope your new house doesn’t have too many coyotes around.

  10. tori

    delightedabroad– Yeah, this was all part of my master plan.

    rachelbaker– Ha! Yes, a transatlantic commute would probably be an issue…

    bettyrwoodward– Are you excited about looking for a new place?!

    Gramma Jac– Um, I’m not sure that my (homemade backyard) golf course would quite warrant it. Darn it.

    LindaB– Nope. Not even once. Sounds like the same thing happened to you– what is it with that?! And yes, PLEASE PRAY that we get a buyer soon before I start making us all sleep in the car to keep from messing up the house.

  11. bettyrwoodward

    Yes I am really looking forward to moving. At the moment we live right next door to the church with our front door in the car park. This is not ideal as you can imagine. Beside people calling for the key when they are meant to go next door to the keyholder we also get a variety of people asking for money and food at all times of the day and night. Not that I mind giving them food (they don’t get money!) I don’t always feel safe when Stuart is out.
    We have found a lovely single story house about a mile away which would be ideal. At present the church is trying to raise the deposit for this and is about half way. We have been promised a mortgage on the rest. It will be interesting to see how the Lord supplies. This is the first stage of a large building project to enlarge the whole building as it is becoming more difficult to get everyone in on a Sunday morning. In fact the main reason for the new manse is so that the children can use more of it. They already have 2 classes in here on a Sunday.
    We would appreciate your prayers for this too.

  12. jd2008

    Congratulations on the offers!

    …but I MUST see your family before you guys bust your tails outta Brentvegas.

    Going away party? I think yes.


  13. tori

    bettyrwoodward– That sounds so great! I hope it comes through for you soon.

    jd2008– Don’tcha think your parents would enjoy a lovely golf course, hmmm……? (And don’t think you’re going to get rid of us just because we’re moving 45 minutes away, kid. You and Char will be driving soon, ya know.)

  14. dferrell

    Anxiously waiting to hear Russ tomorrow night in Anderson. Hooking up with some old “Imperials” days friends and taking some new ones that have not heard him in concert!

  15. LindaB

    dFerrell, you will NOT be disappointed! Seeing Russ in concert is THE BOMB! He sings his little heart out! You’ll have a great time!

    Tori, is Russ singing any of the new songs from his Faroe Island CD at his solo concerts yet? Which ones are the most requested? I know every fan of Russ Taff still LOVES LOVES LOVES to hear him sing “Trumpet of Jesus”! We can’t help it.

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