Wordless Wednesday: Delightedabroad Edition!

(photos courtesy of delightedabroad)

(Did you know there were dolphins in Alaska?!)

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  1. rachelbaker

    Thanks, Delighted. Great photos!

  2. JanetB

    Ok…I’m in love with the moose shirt. Awesome!
    Now, if Russ had just been wearing Rocky…

  3. jonny

    Is it a dolphin, or a porpoise ?? If I remember correctly, when I saw them in Alaska people were telling me they were not dolphins, but porpoises. Thanks for sharing though, D !!

  4. jonny

    Ooh, and poor Russ looks seriously wiped out !!

  5. LindaB

    I LOVE YOUR PICTURES, DELIGHTED!!!! You two are so absolutely adorable!!! I wanna hug ya both! And I love that “moose shirt” too!! Did he get that expressly for the cruise? I gotta have one of those, cruise or no cruise!

    It’s so nice to put a put a face with the name! Thanks you so much!

    (P.S. Your husband is one handsome dude!)

    (Did I say “dude”?? I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before!)

    P.P.S. And those Taff folks are a pretty handsome pair too!

  6. delightedabroad

    You’re right, jonny, it could be a porpoise (or better a school of poorpoises) though they form part of the dolphins.

    LindaB, he did not get the shirt for the cruise especially but I think it fits perfectly :-)

  7. delightedabroad

    sorry, “school of porpoises”

  8. MostlySunny

    Love the shirt, too! That’s the first thing I noticed. And the scarf, Tori. Very chic!

    Delighted – what a trip of a lifetime (I would think). The cruise, the Taffs – and everything and everybody else that went with it! I’m not envious at all – just soooo excited that you got to do this! Really!

    What memories…

  9. jonny

    Sorry LB, my bad. You probably never, ever would have ever used ‘dude’ in your entire life if this Finnish rock-star from California had not entered it, and done so quite passionately ! I can only blame myself, only have myself to blame for this utter and complete, disdainful corruption of your vocab = /

    And thanks D, and your husband with the too chool for school t-shirt, for being braver people than I and allowing those wonderful pics of yourselves to be posted here = ) If looks are a judge of these types of things, you two do look like a truly lovely couple ! *roll eyes* And who knows, maybe we could do a once a month Wordless Wednesday “Bloomr’ person” post !! One of the things that more than irked me when the photos of myself accidently went up, is that it seemed people who had no intention of ever having pics of themselves be put up here, were wanting more from me !! It also added to me feeling like an object at the time; for what it’s worth. It could have been an over-reaction on my part while dealing with the shock of what just happened, but maybe there’s something to it. If one would like to see pics of those here on/at Bloomr’, why not take the lead… put your money where you mouth is, so to speak = )

    OK, end of Bloomr’ rant !

    Peace !

  10. JanetB

    Hey, ya’ll. Just want to pass along some info for those who don’t already know…
    Our Momma Lloyd is in the hospital…in a lot of pain…something about new fractures in her hip & a kidney stone.
    She needs all the prayers that we can storm Heaven with! Amen?

  11. jonny

    AMEN !!!!!!!! Well, no sleeping tonight !!

  12. rachelbaker

    Praying along with you. We love you, Momma Lloyd.

  13. bettyrwoodward

    Praying with you all. get well soon Momma Lloyd

  14. jonny

    Would there be some way to reach her by phone ??

  15. Phyllis S

    Love the pics, fun to put a face with a name (ok, I know Tori and Russ’s face and name). Thanks delightedabroad and so glad ya’ll had a great time.

    jonny, you cannot reach Mommalloyd at this time, moving is quite an ordeal for her. When she gets home she will be on her back for total rest, so the computer is not an option. The best medicine for her right now is Prayers and we all know she appreciates each and everyone.

  16. JanetB

    j – I wish. Getting all info third-hand. There are updates, when available, on Russ’ group on the Gaither Community.


    It sounds like it will be awhile before she’ll be able to get back to her computer even…
    I’m trying NOT to worry, but I have too much of my mother in me.

    D – I meant to tell you that you & your hubby make a lovely couple. So glad that you had a good time.

  17. jonny

    Earlier I wrote…

    “put your money where you mouth is, so to speak = )”

    But, “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” would’ve probably been more appropriate ! Or, the other way around in this climate = )

    Still praying for Our Most Precious Barbara, AKA Momma, Lloyd !!

  18. LindaB

    I’m joining all you folks in praying earnestly for Barb! I don’t like the sound of all this. I love that woman! But then, everyone who knows Barb falls in love with her! She is a treasure. And I know not being able to be on her computer will be very hard for her…….and US!

    Please get well soon, Barb!

  19. jonny

    Well said !

  20. delightedabroad

    Does anyone have news about MommaLloyd??? I’ll keep on praying anyway but I thought that there’s perhaps some new information.

    FWIW, on the back of my husband’s shirt you see the back of the moose… we found a similar one in Ketchikan btw! It’s an “elkline” shirt – that is the brand name.

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