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In honor of Father’s Day, the fabulous media team at my crazy Oasis church put together a video featuring the entire pastoral staff which they played this morning– and it was so ridiculously funny I just had to show you guys.

The guy enjoying the white hoodie waaaay too much is Pastor Danny Chambers, and his hot wife Jillian produced this masterpiece– enjoy!

Pip’s New Best Friend

Ok, so we have this doe that has decided Pip is hilarious and seems to thoroughly enjoy getting that tiny geriatric little yapper to LOSE HIS MIND by coming startlingly close yet tantalizingly just out of reach. We’ve spotted her standing and staring while Pip barks his fool head off a couple of times, but yesterday Russ took this video when he heard the deer knocking on the fence! Pip almost broke a hip from all of the wagging– and then the deer calmly strolled away…

Apparently I am very easily entertained, because honestly? I laughed until I got the hiccups when I saw this.

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