Wordless Wednesday– Jamaica Edition

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  1. LindaB

    OH MY WORD! Jamaica may be beautiful, but those girls of yours are over the top gorgeous! And the best part is—-they are lovely inside too! You and Dad have to be so proud!

    The one of Char is similar to the one taken of Madi looking at the ocean from the cruise ship balcony a year or so ago. You should frame those two together!

  2. tori

    Aren’t they the sweetest things?! Yeah, that is my standard cruise photo for the girls– I trot them out on the balcony for a shot, always going for a “happy girls on a cruise” look but usually getting “please hurry up and take the dang photo” look… But to the untrained eye it just looks all pensive and soulful and whatnot.

  3. bettyrwoodward

    Fantastic sea and sky. The girls look great as ever.

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Tori, somehow you are beating the system…..with two beautiful models and no modeling charges to you. Coming in second on this treat would be us-ens. Because we are delighted to see how they are growing into lovely young women. And it’s one of those times when we are free to say, “Yep, the fruit didn’t fall far from the trees.”

  5. Gramma Jac

    Off-topic, back to “vintage” photos of the Taffs. I was just browsing YouTube and found this (go to 2:30 into it)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD22_soa3sg&feature=related

  6. bettyrwoodward

    Loved the video Gramma Jac. Thanks for putting it on here.

  7. MostlySunny

    Beautiful sunset…beautiful girls (young ladies)!

  8. jonny

    Well Auburn 60, I’ll be in Nashville in a few hours. Saturday evening I leave for Chattanooga, but back again Monday evening. Start flying back to Finland Wednesday morning…

  9. auburn60

    Sorry, jonny, been sort of ‘off the grid’. What will you be doing in Chattanooga?

  10. jonny

    Been staying with Sim Wilson and family, the vocalist for the Christian rock band Undercover. I taught myself how to sing initially by trying to sing like him. I haven’t done my ‘Sim’ voice in the longest time, but did so yesterday during church. He filled in last minute for someone who couldn’t make it to help ‘lead worship.’ So, I sang along with him loud and proud doing my sim voice again. His lovely wife was standing next to me when I did this and afterwords she said it was like listening to her husband sing in stereo. Me on one side, her man up on the alter on the other. She got a real kick out of it. We also did CB after the evening service, My first time. Really cool place !

  11. Franz Rivers

    Undercover? Is my memory deceiving me or is that the group behind “Talk to God”? Sweet!

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