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Wordless Wednesday: Madi’s Graduation Edition

“The cure for anything is salt water– sweat, tears or the sea. “

(Isak Dineson)

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you already know this because I’ve been obnoxiously gushing and burbling all over the internet about it, but guess what– I’M AT THE OCEAN!

This is my Mother’s Day present to myself, with the complete blessings of Russ and the girls. After all of the stress and sadness of the last month, I felt the deep need to get my toes in some clear turquoise water and walk a beach. And uncharacteristically for me, I also felt the deep need to do it alone.

Now, I have no problem going on my little Runaway Mom trips. They are few and far between, and frankly since Russ stays in hotels every weekend and the girls aren’t that interested in my not-at-all-exotic destinations, they would much rather stay home. They happily wave me off, which always keeps me from feeling guilty about going. But this trip is very different. I have never gone to the beach alone, this is always been more of a family vacation-type thing. And even after many, many, many years of therapy (Yes, I’m exaggerating. Kinda.), it is still sometimes inexplicably hard for me to speak up and voice a need, or ask for something just for me. Well, I managed to do it with this trip and my whole family, bless ‘em, waved me off just as cheerfully and sweetly. It was a lovely and generous gift.

So here I am, in a condo at Seagrove Beach, Florida. Alone.

And it is exactly what I needed.

Of course, you KNOW I have researched all of the best local restaurants and am eating my way up and down the beach! I am also exploring all of the little towns/developments like Seaside and Watercolor and Alys Beach, walking my legs off every day. And I’ve totally gone native: my hair is barely combed and has a big ol’ sunhat jammed on it, I’m going to the grocery in my bathing suit cover-up and I’m not wearing makeup! Well, except for the lipstick I put on to go down to the beach. And maybe a little eyeliner. I’m not a heathen, people! (See also: “raised in the South.”)

Being near the ocean always brings out my creative side, which naturally can only mean one thing…


Yes, dear readers, nothing says ‘beach getaway’ quite like completely mangling an ancient Japanese poetry form– am I right?! So, for your enjoyment and edification, here is my (belated Mother’s Day) gift to all of you. With illustrations, of course.

It’s Tori’s Beach Haiku-palooza, Ya’ll!

Checking In

I’m on the twelfth floor

Eye-level with pelicans

We both look bemused.

Suiting Up

My cheeks are dimpled.

No, not the ones on my face.

(When did this happen???)

Come to Mama!

An empty beach chair

With a bright striped umbrella

Smiles suggestively.

Who Makes That Kind Of Money???

A nine-bedroom house

Unobstructed ocean view

The sign says “Private.”

First Day Cliche

“It’s early,” I thought.

“The sun can’t be that hot yet…”

I’m a big red FOOL.

Standing Still

Dolphins swim in arcs

Rhythmic ocean carousel

My hand shades my eyes.

The Sweetest Ache

I whisper your name

When I’m walking down the beach

Because I miss you.

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