Wordless Wednesday–Monarch Butterfly Winter Haven in Mexico (and Russ’ head)

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  1. rachelbaker

    Awesome, incredible, beautiful … and somewhat freaky and disturbing. I’m feeling a little itchy suddenly.

  2. delightedabroad

    rachelbaker hit it so nicely… :-) and it reminds me of the butterly farm on Guernsey where they also used you as landing place. However these pictures are even more impressive.

  3. bettyrwoodward

    Fantastic. Reminds me of the ones we saw by the river in Townsend, Tennessee.

  4. itsvikki2u

    ewwww, kinda creepy.

  5. LindaB

    I am snowed in…totally. Hubby’s truck is stuck halfway down the driveway, where the snow has drifted to over three feet. My knee hurts from falling on the ice last week. My 8 year old granddaughter is stuck here with us….and she’s bored already. BUT…..you have made my day and lifted my spirits above the clouds——–you sent a close up picture of Russ Taff’s HAIR!!!! Gospel quartet hair!!!! Gorgeous hair!! Be still my aging heart!! And pass the Lisinopril.

    Oh,…and the butterflies are nice too.

  6. delightedabroad

    LindaB you’re beyond comparison! Lol

  7. LindaB

    I wonder if one of those thousands of butterflies said to herself, “My goodness! I look just like every butterfly here! I’m just one of thousands! I wish there was something I could do to stand out from the crowd……something to set me apart from the crowd. Something to spice up my humdrum short little life. HEY! WHAT DO YOU KNOW——GRAMMY WINNING RUSS TAFF IS HERE! I could go sit on his hair!!! How cool is that…..and how much better than an old tree!” Of course, a few other “ladies” had to copy her! You know how girls are. (And I know she’s a “girl” because…….well, you know.)

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Linda, I do believe you have the ability to read the minds of butterflies.

    Love the photos….especially the one of Russ’ hair,of course.

  9. LindaB

    You can call me, “The Butterfly Whisperer”.

  10. delightedabroad

    “…there’s no end to this girl’s wit…”

  11. LindaB

    (((((Delighted)))) You are too kind.

  12. LindaB

    Oh, to be a butterfly
    To flutter here and there,
    When fate beguiles,
    And fortune smiles,
    And I light in Russ Taff’s hair!

    (Did I mention I’m snowed in and bored?)

  13. bettyrwoodward

    LindaB – That is so great butterfly whisperer indeed!

  14. LindaB

    Maybe this would be a good day to take down the Christmas tree?


  15. MostlySunny

    LindaB – you’re killing me here!!!!

  16. delightedabroad

    LindaB, with the last picture you get an impression how Russ would look like with barrettes… :-)

  17. LindaB

    I don’t wanna even think about that, Delighted! ;)

  18. LindaB

    Where is everybody?

    Tori, what was Russ doing in Mexico??? It’s DANGEROUS down there now……haven’t you all heard the news? The drug lords are BEHEADING people in Mexico now!!! BEHEADING PEOPLE!! (Russ’ body WAS connected to that head in the picture, right?) He’s back home now, isn’t he? Please say he’s back home.

  19. delightedabroad

    At home, LindaB! :-)
    Just kidding… but I didn’t know what to say next. Was running out of ideas.

  20. jonny

    When I was a kid those butterflies where all over our town a certain time every year. There was a large grassy area at one of the schools that quite a few of them would hang out at. Then one year they stopped showing up. There used to also be a lot of toads and turtles; same thing.

  21. rachelbaker

    I’m here too!

    jonny – what did you do to all those poor creatures?!

    LindaB – I believe Russ is back but is going again (think thats right). Probably not helpful talking about beheadings, I know I don’t appreciate it when people remind me about the shelling in Korea :-). Can’t imagine any blade getting through all that hair product anyway.

  22. LindaB

    You’re right, Rachel! I shouldn’t be talking about the “you-know-whats” happening south of the border. I’ve been watching too much cable news! I make sure I’m “prayed up” when I leave the house to go to WalMart anymore.

    Jonny, isn’t it just amazing how those Monarchs migrate on such a predictable schedule and to such precise destinations? INCREDIBLE! I was just thinking, looking at those trees above covered with thousands of butterflies……..is there an “alpha” butterfly who decides when the whole swarm leaves Mexico and leads the way to California? Does he (or she) annouce, “Okay, listen up everyone. Stop the fluttering! We are leaving in ten minutes. Pick up all the litter before we leave. Look at the guy on your right….then the guy on your left! Remember them and try to stay in formation. And we are NOT making stops every ten minutes along the way, so make sure you “go” before we leave. And the first one to ask, ‘Are we there yet’ will go to the end of the line!” Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?

  23. LindaB

    Maybe they should have called those GPS systems, “Monarchs”?

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