Wordless Wednesday: Looking Out Mom’s Kitchen Window

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  1. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Are those red birds? Someone told me several red birds took over a bush in her yard last year….everytime she ran in the house to get her camera, they were gone when she came back out. I can’t be sure but I think I might be able to tell her where they went this year.

  2. tori

    Momma Lloyd– Those ARE all cardinals, isn’t that crazy?! There is a constant stream of them on her feeder at all times. She said that during the snow last week, they were absolutely gorgeous… Wish I would have been there to get a picture of THAT!

  3. jonny

    Wow !

  4. auntie

    Wow – I’ll get a pair at a time in my yard – but nothing like that! Totally amazing! Your parents must spend hours watching them. Maybe some will nest in the spring. Two springs ago I had three cute little baby cardinals and their mom in a nest in the lilac bushes outside my picture window. Both the mommy and the daddy cardinal would feed them. It was very sweet.

  5. bettyrwoodward

    Wow indeed. We saw a few while we were in TN but nothing like this!

  6. meb

    Beautiful!! We don’t get cardinals out here in the pacific northwest. I miss seeing their bright red color outside my windows.

  7. delightedabroad

    This is amazing! I’m barely awake and had to look twice – first time I thought the bush is already blooming :-/ As far as I know those beautiful birds don’t exist in Europe so I didn’t recognize them.

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    My friend, who had several on her tree last year, lives in Texas. Here in South Carolina I see an occasional red bird (Cardinal) but never have I seen several at one time. I appreciated so much seeing this photo. The Lord blesses us every day in so many little ways. I just have to try not to miss any of them.

  9. karen48

    That is amazing. I love cardinals. I used to live in a trailer up in IL and had some hedge around the skirting. A pair of cardinals made their nest right outside the window where I sat and had 2 or 3 eggs. I watched those everyday and they hatched. I was so excited. I loved watching the babies grow and then one day the mom and dad spent all day teaching them how to fly. I never saw them again, but was so glad I had that experience.
    I have never seen so many in one place though. Truly amazing.

  10. rachelbaker

    We’d have to go to a zoo to see anything that colourful over here. They are spectacular.

    While on the subject of birds, has anyone else been following Phoebe the hummingbird’s latest brood?

  11. jonny

    Amen, Barbara ! And I’m glad you had that experience too, karen. Thanks for sharing it = )

  12. rockin robyn

    Okay! You are all making me feel guilty. I used to love to try to take pictures of cardinals. I always thought they were so beautiful, but as I have told here on Tori’s blog before I have this dumb dumb of a cardinal that has been bugging me for 3 years now. It seems to be only him – he entertains himself in my vehicle side view mirrors and poo poos all over my mirror and doors. He just keeps dive bombing and pecking at himself in the mirrors. I finally got smart. I have an suv and the mirrors are “break away” mirrors so I fold them in when I am home. Now he bothers the neighbors car! He just won’t go away!

    Could someone come get this ‘lil fellow and take him to Arkansas to be with his friends in the bush.

  13. LindaB

    Birds of a feather…….

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