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Still decking the dang halls around here…

OK, I’m DYING to show you guys something I just made!

Yeah that’s right, ME, the one who finds fabulous crafts online and then *thinks about* making them, but never actually does– (sweater pumpkins, anyone?!) I actually did it this time, and seriously, I am so obnoxiously happy with how this turned out that I simply cannot wait to share a how-to with you… BUT, I made it as a gift and the intended gift-ee reads this blog, so I am going to have to wait until after Christmas for the big unveiling. Though it may kill me. IT’S THAT PRETTY, FOLKS! So, you know, hold that thought.

Moving on.

I’m still decorating– not so much because I’m so very detailed and thorough, or because I have that much left to do, more like because I keep getting interrupted with things like, oh I don’t know, LIFE and stuff. And these pesky family members who actually expect food on the table and whatnot, which is seriously cutting into my newfound love of crafting– and let me tell you, I am now hell on wheels with a hot glue gun, baby! The dogs are starting to nervously slink behind the furniture when they see me firing that sucker up, I think they know that every once in a while I look over at then and think, “Hmmmm…. Maybe instead of an angel on top of the tree this year I could just hot-glue Phoebe to it…” or “You know, if I draped Thea in lights and used just a dab of hot glue so they wouldn’t fall off, I could get a looooong extension cord so she could still run all around and it would kind of be like Christmas performance art…”  You can see why the yappers are a little on edge.

Here’s a couple of photos of Charlotte’s favorite decoration. Setting it up is our personal project every year, because no one else in the house really cares whether the skaters on the little mirrored pond need to be at the front or the back, or if the tiny skiers should actually be going downhill (which is tricky because they keep falling over– oh wait– HOT GLUE!!!) or just preparing to ski and standing at the top of the fake snow hill next to the country inn… Well, you can see why everybody’s eyes glaze over and they suddenly find something urgent they need to go do in another room. Except Charlo, God bless her; she gets as obsessive as I do while creating our little village! We set it up on top of the piano, and if I don’t quit adding little people to it we are going to have to ditch this one and get a concert grand to accommodate the population.

But isn’t it pretty?

Well, better cut this short, there are still empty surfaces that are calling my name. But I’ll leave you with a great holiday video I found today– starts off kind of cutesy, but gets really funny once it gets going. Enjoy!

It’s Christmas! (ish)

Well, it’s been a busy week here in Lake Woebegone.

I’m not sure, but I think Christmas might be trying to kill me. Not on purpose, really, more like accidently trying to kill me. This is the time of year when my creative flights of fancy and my staggering lack of organizational skills collide– which basically means that my fertile little brain is dancing with these FAB-U-LOUS  ideas of a frillion artistic ways I can bedeck every square inch of this house with boughs of holly, BUT– and this is a big but (not unlike my own)– I can’t quite pull it together enough to actually complete a task from beginning to end. And also I sometimes have the personality and attention span of a parakeet (“Oh look! Something shiny! Wait, what was I doing…?”) so every room in the house is now half decorated and it’s really hard to walk because there are these overflowing storage boxes everywhere with tangled wads of lights and random ornaments and stray garlands hanging out of them because I’m not sure where I want to put everything yet. I probably ought to have it all sorted out right about the time we leave for Arkansas.

OH!! Right before I show you the fruits of my (half) labors, I need to announce THE WINNER of the Russ Taff Christmas CD Giveaway (which once again, I chose by using that random number picker thingy, so it’s all kosher and honest and what-not), and HERE IT IS:

It’s meb!!!!

Yay, meb, you won! And I’ll have Russ sign it any way you want– just email me your mailing address and your signing preference and I’ll mail that puppy out to you!

Annnnnnd here’s a photo montage of what it’s *starting* to look like all up in here:

**BTW– just to put the cherry on the cake of my decorating week, it SNOWED today!

**Isn’t that pretty?! By Nashville standards, that is a BIG HONKIN’ SNOW– quit laughing, all you Yankee readers!

OK, here’s what I’ve managed to finish so far:

(What’s with the tall guy in the left corner staring off into space over there? Hold up, gotta go fix him.)

(Don’t you think adding tiny Christmas cookie cutters to this little number in the kitchen was a brilliant idea?! ME TOO!)

(Started to spray paint and put glitter on the Grammys, but then thought better of it. You’re welcome, Russ.)

(Hey Linda, look– a tablescape!!)

**And of course, ’tis the season for these beauties, Tori’s Soon-To-Be-Famous,Way Too Labor Intensive Christmas Cookies:

SO… What’s Christmas looking like around YOUR house?

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