Weekend recap– now with COSTUMES!

Why, hello there! How’ve you been? Let’s catch up, shall we?

OK, let’s see…

Yesterday was the 34th Halloversary of my blessed union to gospel singer extraordinaire and all around nice guy Russ Taff– thanks so much to all of you who Tweeted and FaceBooked to send us Happy Anniversary messages! (And if you’re wondering why in the wide world of sports my Anniversaween is on Oct. 31, I explained it all last year, right here.) Anyway, once again Russ was out on the road, but he did make it in late last night. I picked him up at the airport around 11 still wearing my costume, but I think he was too exhausted to fully appreciate it. In fact I’m not sure he even noticed … Probably because I had to take my wings off and put them in the back seat. It’s hard to drive with those suckers on.

We won’t celebrate until tomorrow night– we always give Russ a 24 hour grace period after he comes home to fully recover and rejoin the family, because the girls and I are all compassionate like that. The poor guy gets a little discombobulated when he’s gone for more than a few days, what with all of the meeting new people and the getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to catch planes and the sleeping in hotel beds and the airport food and did I mention the meeting new people part?! So by the time he gets home, he’s just a wee bit of a zombie for a while– I believe the technical term is “doesn’t transition easily.”  If he can just veg out that first 24 hours and watch something mindless on TV and not be expected to do much of anything  he can basically regroup– and then when he wakes up on the second day, he’s suddenly all, “Hi! I’m home!” So tomorrow night we’ll go out for a nice dinner somewhere.

The girls and I stuck to our Halloween tradition and went over to my brother Matt’s house. Carol made a big pot of chili and we got to hang out a little with my nephew Josh, his wife Sarah and their darling Anna Rose, which is always so much fun. We also enjoyed visiting with Sarah’s parents Peg and ‘Pa’ again– I swear, that woman is so creative and energetic, I feel like an absolute garden slug next to her! Luckily for Peg, she is also so sweet you just wanna dunk her in your coffee, which totally helps keep me from resenting the fact that she does EVERYTHING really really well. *sigh*

We did break from tradition a little bit– this year, Madi carved the pumpkin all by herself, with the help of some very interested dogs…

Her finished product:

Sadly, this year we had to retire a hallmark Taff family tradition: Charlotte finally outgrew the famous shark-eating-a-kid costume. It dang near killed us. Fare thee well, shark-eating-a-kid costume… Please join me in a brief moment of silence while we remember its unparalleled awesomeness and bad taste… (Meeeeeeeeeemries, light the corners of my mind….. misty, water-colored meeeeeeemries…)

Fast-forward to this year:

Madi, fresh from her triumphant rendition of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s buxom wife Beth last year…

…decided to follow that up with an homage to Antoine Dodson.

For those of you who don’t spend your lives on YouTube and have no idea who I am referring to, here’s a clip that tells the whole story…

And heeeeeere’s Madi!

And as for me? Well, I kinda ran out of time this year but ever the good sport, I managed to throw this together:

I know. I have no idea either.

I was bringing flowers for my hostess, so maybe I was portraying some kind of demented Welcome Wagon Butterfly from Hell. Or a surprisingly cheerful Dark Angel of… Gospel Music? I give up.

Anybody out there care to hazard a guess as to what the heck this costume is?!

9 Responses

  1. LindaB

    Well, at the risk of being snarky, (and over confident) the first thing that came to my mind is…….you are wearing what may become the standard uniform for party Democrats after tomorrow…….minus the wings and the flowers???

    Hey, Tori, this is the first time you will be voting in a national election with Betty looking over your shoulder!!! Listen to her. ;)

  2. LindaB

    I’m just kidding you, T.! And I’m going to resist the urge to e-mail you to tell you that I’m just kidding.

  3. LindaB

    I just watched that video…….ROFLMBO OVER AND OVER!!!! That is HILARIOUS!! Madi, you always think of the funniest costumes! Maybe you can help your mother next year?

    (Still just kidding, T., with no apologetic e-mail to come.)

  4. KellyBurton

    Had to turn the video off…

    Because…the 5 of us are in a cozy little hotel room in Branson & I was laughing so hard I was about to wake all the children.

    Please pass my thanks to Madi for bringing Antoine into our lives.

    Cowboy Angel of Death? Smiling and all…

  5. tori

    Linda B– Yay you for knowing you don’t ever need to send me an “I was totally just kidding” email! (And yeah, even from heaven Betty still can’t convert me to ALL of her political views…!)

    KellyBurton– I knew you would be able to truly appreciate the wonder that is Antoine. Also? He took the money he made from the auto-tune version and absolutely DID move his whole family out of the projects! Love him.

  6. rachelbaker

    That pumpkin is kinda cute.

    I love how quirkily creative Madi is. Antoine is cool.

    I’m not quite sure what to say about your costume – but with the flowers it definitely gives a ‘spooky butterfly’ impression.

    Jon should be back from over a month overseas at the end of the week -the kids at 6, 4 and 21 months, are not going to give him the luxury of ‘transition time’ although I’m sure he’ll need it.

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Tip off the ole-Tori block (notice I spelled it with an “e”), our Madi Rose is CLEVER…..and funny. I must say that your news is a lot more entertaining than mine.

    As for your costume, sweet Tori……Mary Poppins kinda went astray one night coming down the ancester line.

  8. DonnaMariePatterson

    Your young-uns are growning up! I know you are proud of their creative costumes. It seems they are as wild & crazy as their mama!! Fun times!

    I was looking at your picture trying to figure out the pot of flowers then I read below it. Bahahahhahhahahha! ‘demented Welcome Wagon Butterfly from Hell’ – nobody can beat that!!!

  9. jonny

    OK, Tori’s costume reminds me of a fallen Angel trying to get in good with God again. The follers are sort of a peace offering on the Angel’s part.

    Really like what Madi did for Halloween, and Char hasn’t strayed to far from her theme of things. First she was the shark that ate kids who had to walk the plank, now she’s simply the pirate that helps feed the shark !

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