I was recently invited to a fun promotional event for Windex by the incomparable blogger extraordinaire Alli Worthington, the  blonde curly-haired mogul responsible for creating that BlissDom conference I loved so much last year, and a whole lot of other things. The ‘Brighten Your Day’ party was at one of those paint-your-own-pottery places here in Nashville called Brushfire, and I got to have a fabulous lunch, hang out with some of my favorite Nashville bloggers AND (painstakingly) paint a lovely platter… Which I then proceeded to screw up by deciding to stamp a design in the middle of it which unfortunately ended up slightly off-center– not unlike myself. Here are some pictures that sweet Malia took and gave me permission to use:

It was such a great event, and those generous Windex reps Jamie and Claudia not only sent each of us home with that little gift basket Alli is holding in the last picture, they also told us we could give one away on our blog! It contains a bottle of Windex Multi Surface cleaner (the vinegar-y kind– LOVE that!) and a cool black picture frame tucked into a great fabric-covered box (that I am keeping on my kitchen desk to hide the mail in.)  Here’s a better look at them:

Leave a comment on this post to register, and I’ll use one of those automated random picker thingys to choose the winner!

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  1. Busymom

    I wish I had been here for the Windex thing. Very sad, so enter me for the giveaway!

  2. tori

    Love to! You were sorely missed– not just your lovely presence, but also for the fact that you probably would have talked me out of gilding the lily by using that dang stamp on my platter…

  3. pj

    Would love to be entered into the give-away!

    ps… Yay, your site has finally decided I’m not a devil spammer and lets me post!

  4. melindatoad

    Would love to enter in this contest :) Looks like a fun time!

  5. Maxine

    Please enter me in the drawing. Finally got a password to get in. Love you and your blogs.

  6. meb

    Loved the video. I’ve been to services like that too. :-)

  7. Robin

    Oh My Word…THAT was funny!

    I’ve totally missed your ambassadorship…and Alli even invited me to that FUN event but I had a conflict; but, I’m so glad you’ve posted about sexting. Parents are clueless :(. As engaged (and nosy) I am with my kids, there’s bound to be something I’ve missed. Glad you share this info.


  8. melindatoad

    Wow, I searched more of this comedians videos. YIKES. This one video is clean fun but the rest…

  9. tori

    melindatoad– Yeah, I did the same thing! Don’t know how this one managed to come out obscenity-free compared to the rest of his act, but I’m SO glad it did– it made my week!

  10. jennybradmon

    Ok, I have to be entered in the contest because, well, I like free stuff and Windex. So it’s a perfect combo. :) The video clip had me laughing. Thanks!

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  12. onewhoknits

    Love the black frame. Thanks for giving gifts.

  13. itsvikki2u

    Hey Tori, love love love your posts. I look forward to reading each one. They always make me smile/laugh! Loved the “pay it forward” one… Great stuff! Keep on keeping on and be safe! Love being Tori Taff’s ‘friend”, Vicki

  14. pattie

    Great blog Tori!! I always read your posts,,I don’t always comment but I do love them & look forward to them! I’d love to be entered in your random give away!! Keep on keepin’ on!!

  15. BrownEyedGirl

    Your posts make my day , Tori! I would love to be a part of your contest :o)

  16. dferrell

    As a grandparent of a 12 year old I worry about this alot. We have talked about it but the whole “peer pressure” thing–you know!
    I enjoy your posts and would love to be entered into the contest. It looks like you had fun making your platter.

  17. drobin99

    I’m loving your “Reign as Amassador” and the video! Girl, you are a riot and I love you and all your precious family.

  18. jonny

    “Zip it!”

    Well, I am a Devil Spammer From H*E* Double Hockey Sticks, and to date I’ve never had a problem crashing these perlly white Bloomr gates whenever I chose to do so = /

    Actually, the only part I laughed out loud at was when he was takin’ about the white church. One thing he did not mention was the amount of eats after “black church,’ I’ve yet to experience even half that amount, or variety, after a white service, or mass !

  19. tori

    jonny– Totally true. Even in the South, black churches win the potluck race over white churches. (The girls and I have been walking around the house yelling, “I hoo dee hooed for Jesus, IT’S THREE O’CLOCK, COME ON!!!!!” to each other all day!)

  20. asmed415

    I LOVE those paint-your-own pottery places… But seeing as how I am not the least bit artistic, mine never really turn out like I had them envisioned. So, I get where you are coming from, Aunt Tori. :)

  21. tori

    Ah, Amy– when will I ever learn to leave well enough alone?!

  22. jonny

    FWIW Tori, if I’d have figured that one out I’d probably be married by now, with at least a couple kids = /

    Of course there may be some who may be thinking the opposite as well !

  23. j.mast

    I’d love to enter the drawing!

  24. rockin robyn

    Tori! Thank you for being a spokesperson for this cell phone texting stuff… every time you had an entry I would sit my niece down and talk to her about it…. I also talked to her dad — she’s a good girl who just likes to talk to her friends and family by this thing you hold in your hand but we all must impress upon these youngsters that it’s an evil world out there and there is always someone trying to “be bad”!!

    I would like to be entered. I like free “stuff”

  25. Gramma Jac

    Oh, love the comedy,…lets ALL give a hoo dee hoo to Jesus!!! (Off to a Women of Faith conference tomorrow a.m.,…can I hoo dee hoo there?)

    Thanks,…and sure enter me for free stuff, tho’ I’ll love you even if I don’t win! (Did that give me a Brownie point or anything?LOL!)

  26. Nova Scotia Mama

    The pottery place looks so fun…what a great idea.
    You have a lot of interesting post topics that is for sure!

  27. auntie

    I went to a funeral at an African American church recently. The funeral home staff sang a song at the end of the service as they walked down the aisle to dismiss everyone for the luncheon. That was a new one to me, but I thought a nice gift to the family.

    I love contests (well, if I win them!) Please enter me :-)

  28. Barbara M. Lloyd

    That video was so funny…..loved it, and love you!

  29. blondemomblog

    I was super bummed to miss out on this fun outing with such fab Nashville mamas. :( I had a farewell work thingy for a long-time coworker that I could not miss.

    Enter me in the giveaway! I need that frame! :)

  30. LindaB

    Very Funny video!

  31. Queenie

    Such a cool outing! I’m 4 hours from Nashville….but love visiting when I can.

    The gifts look awesome!

  32. kimmie

    Please enter me for the contest. I’m moving next weekend and could really use the box, frame & cleaning stuff! :D

  33. delightedabroad

    Tori, you look very experienced with this art-thing :-)

    Sorry I’m so quiet – guess I’m still in higher spheres: We attended the Signature Sound concert near Stuttgart…

  34. sherronh

    What a fun day! And cool prizes, too!

  35. DPphanGP

    Ok….you twisted my arm :) Pick me automated picker thingy! lol :)

  36. Suzthomas1

    ME! Me! ME! I have never won anything and those baskets look way cool!! Thanks Tori for always cracking me up every time I visit your blog.

  37. KellyBurton

    “Watch and you’ll see, someday I’ll be, part of your cool-Nashville-bloggers world!”

    Love, Your Little Mermaid

  38. HernandezHelen20

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