(This is a ‘tout,’ btw.)

OK, according to the dictionary, to tout something basically means to promote or talk it up…

So consider yourself touted re: week 3 of the LG TextEd Program!

This week’s topic is “Setting Ground Rules for Your Teen’s Mobile Phone Use”– go check it out, there’s good information there that provides another good jumping-off point for some meaningful conversation with the teen texter in your life.

Around our house, the single most important rule is aimed at Madi Rose, and it is NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING– EVER!

So far, she is still a new enough driver that it isn’t even really an issue because she’s so dang hyper-alert and nervous anyway… But I know that the day will come when she is more confident and it might be harder for her to resist the temptation. Hopefully by then I will have indoctrinated her enough that she’ll think twice!

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  1. LindaB

    When our girls began driving, there was a horrendous accident that killed three teenagers in our area. The mangled vehicle was towed to a junk yard near where we lived and my husband took the girls there to see it! The sight of that wreck was VERY sobering! They were surprised to see the small space the bodies were in after the collision drove the motor back into the passenger compartment! And the blood stains were still there. And the windshield broken by someone’s head. And the doors pryed open with the jaws of life. And the teen’s once important belongings scattered around that weren’t important anymore. Very effective!

    One of the hardest things a parent has to do is letting that precious offspring take off in a vehicle down the road to adulthood. It’s so scary! And now, we’ve got texting and cell phone conversations while driving to worry about too! This is a very important subject and you’re jumping right into it, Tori, and we’re proud of you! No one can say you are an uninvolved parent!

  2. tori

    I love you with a deep and abiding love.
    That is all.

  3. LindaB

    LOL I love you too! But then, who doesn’t?

    Gotta go—–it’s Tablescape Thursday!!! I’m so excited!

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