Nashville and I? Let’s just say we’ve had better weeks…

Here’s the good news: I haven’t had any pain medication since 5:30 this morning.

That may not sound like a cause for rejoicing to you, but considering I have had enough narcotics in me to keep the population of a small country under-the-influence, it’s kind of a big hairy deal to me!

For the first time in waaaaaaay too many days I have been able to just take some Aleve and stay propped up with pillows and a heating pad and not be in a lot of pain– woo hoo!  There is actually other good news as well. I only had to be in the hospital a couple of days, the MRI did not show any disc damage, and I have had family and friends generously helping me out, so I don’t really have room to complain– especially in the face of what so many of my fellow Nashvillians have been going through.

Last week’s flood has forever changed this city, and there are many people who literally lost everything– their house, their cars, all of their possessions. Over 20 people lost their lives. There are many, many stories on the news of heroic rescues and valiant efforts by neighbors to help each other out. A crisis can truly bring out the best and the worst in people, and I am proud to be a longtime resident of this city that is showing such compassion and hands-on care for each other. It has been frustrating to be flat on my back in bed when there is so much to be done, but I can’t do anything about that– and when I AM up and around, I’m sure there will still be plenty of ways to help out.

I have been in contact with Betty’s family all week as they are preparing for her memorial service on Saturday. One of the hardest things to accept is that I am not going to be able to be there to honor her and to represent all of her friends here at the ‘Bloomr. I am going to be writing something that will be read at the service, and several of Russ’ songs will be played, but it is not the same as being there and that makes me feel very, very sad. I believe Momma Lloyd will be going, and I will be sure and report back to you guys after the service. The family has asked that donations be made to the American Cancer Society in lieu of flowers, which would please our practical Betty, I am sure! I am making a donation on behalf of all of Betty’s Babybloomr family, so in some small way we will all participate in her memorial.

Last night Russ and the girls were part of a Gaither Homecoming taping– yes, I missed THAT, too!– and they said it was great fun and will make a good video. Apparently Bill had about a zillion different artists there, so there ought to be plenty of material there for a couple of videos.

Well, that’s about all of the news from Tori’s Bed. I’ll leave you with a few lovely memories from the hospital, and hopefully today is Day 1 of my trip back to normal– or what passes for normal around here. I actually haven’t been out of my room for so long that I’m a little afraid to see if Russ and the girls were able to stay on top of things, or if I’ll be facing Hell In A Handbasket-ville…  I’ll let you know!



HOWEVER, it takes more than a stinkin’ pinched nerve to stop the blogging–

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  1. delightedabroad

    I’m soo glad you’re beginning to feel better!!! And I completely agree with you: it’s good to HAVE hospitals but it’s so much better not to be IN one :-/ ! In fact I thought about sending you flowers (Do you know a service called “Fleurop”? Do you like to google it???) but I didn’t know how to organize it overseas. And I would have liked you to get REAL flowers – no mail or whatever cyberspace means are possible.
    My experience is that in or shortly after tragic incidents numerous people are very willing to be of help. Unfortunately often a certain time after that this helpfulness rapidly declines. So in my opinion you’re absolutely right, there will still be plenty of chances to help and as far as I know you have a talent to do so.

  2. swerchon

    Hey Girl….
    Glad to hear you are on the “mend”. Sorry you had to miss all of items you mentioned. Especially Betty’s funeral – I’m sure you will be there in spirit.

    BTW that one snap (the one on top of your list) is scary looking!!! Tell me you didn’t…

    Blogging must be in your blood. Keep getting better, non-stop prayers continue for you and your family.

    “HEAL” !!!!!!

  3. jonny

    Thanks for representing us!!

  4. LindaB

    Oh Girl! You’ve been through an ordeal!! I hope you get back to normal, whatever that is, real soon! But on the other hand, lying in bed all day and computing doesn’t sound half bad. Are you sure you can’t stretch this thing out ’til Tablescape Thursday??? Just think—–all day in bed to browse the gorgeous tables settings! No stopping to do laundry or make dinner! Think about it.

    Tori, I feel SO BAD that I can’t go to Betty’s memorial service Saturday! I hate it! But I guess that’s the deal when you make friends half way across the country! I’m so glad you are writing something for her to be read that day! She’d love that! And playing a song by Russ will be the icing on the cake. Betty would be so pleased. I can see that big grin now! You guys are so sweet! I would love to see what you’ve written for her sometime when it’s convenient, please.

    Let’s all pray for Barb as she travels to Virginia to attend the service. She’s had some health problems lately and this trip will be a challenge, but her love for Betty would not let her stay at home. Barb, you are a treasure! And I know your friendship, and Tori’s, has brought so much joy into Betty’s life!

  5. MostlySunny

    Tough week! So glad you are on the mend. It’s amazing when you get to a “certain age” that things just start aching, breaking, smarting and farting for absolutely no reason at all! You just get up one day and BOOM – something doesn’t work like it used to! The mind is still young but the body is moving right along with gravity. Hopefully, your family appreciates you more and more as they realize how dang much you do everyday to keep their lives going!

    Nashville has been on my mind all week…such devastation. Keep us posted on how things progress in the cleanup, what we can do, etc. Nashville has sort of gotten shoved to the back burner news-wise.

    BTW – you could be a hand model…Lovely!


    I LOVE YOU! AM SOOO GLAD YOU ARE IN MY LIFE!!! I have cried with you, laughed with you, gotten mad with you, been disgusted with you – no matter what happens – you put it all in perspective! BE WELL!

  7. rachelbaker

    I really hope and pray that you make a complete recovery very soon. Although enforced bed-rest does sound appealing it certainly isn’t when it lasts for more than a couple of days and is accompanied by excruciating pain.

    I’m also praying for those in Nashville who have had their lives devastated. I haven’t seen a single news report on it over here, I guess with the whole election thing dragging on and on everything else has been neglected.

    Like jonny, I also want to thank you for representing us at Betty’s funeral. It must be very sad for you not to be able to go though. I hope Momma Lloyd’s trip is not too hard for her, and that all are able to celebrate the life of such a remarkable woman.

    Delivered – I saw you posting about the hummingbirds on facebook! Tori must have us all hooked! I’ve sent you a friend request on there.

  8. Phyllis R

    Hope you are doing better by now. Been out of pocket with a family situation and haven’t been able to “lurk”. Back pain bites the BIG one. Happy there isn’t any disc damage. Hopefully before long you will be good as new. :)

  9. Chick Voice

    Still new in your neighborhood, but none the less, glad to hear you are on the mend……my Dad has suffered with back pain for years and so I vicariously feel your pain.

    Wow, so much all at the same time, all happening in your corner of the world.

    Blessings on you from me here in Colorado. While we don’t know each other, a mutual friend pointed me down the path to you……… you are in my prayers.

    God Bless, Tori.

  10. delightedabroad

    I’d like to let you participate in something totally different though very positive: Last night I was out to see “ballet magnificat” with “hiding place” – it was absolutely stunning!!! The true story about Corry ten Boom put into dance; I sat there mesmerized and crying…if you want to know about this Christian dance company:
    Btw, they showed a dance with a song I really know well – “No more night” with David Phelps! Unfortunately he was not there in person, it was a recording :-/


    Rachel – I saw it – already confirmed! So, come on and chat @ me! You can check out my pics, too!
    Betty Woodward – just as soon as I can get to a computer that has access to FB, you will definitely b confirmed!! I’m at school right now, subbing pre-k, and it is banned from computers here. I couldnt even show my first grades the hummingbird!
    Tori – love you! i know you r glad to be on your own potty now! :)
    peace. (jonny – did ya EVER ask the gal out?)

  12. jonny

    Found out she wasn’t in the faith, so did not bother asking her out. If we’re talking about the same one…

  13. ibclcisme

    *So* glad you are out of the hospital and feeling a wee bit better! And really glad to know you don’t need that funky bedside commode any longer!

  14. LindaB

    Okay, I’ve gotta ask———did you continue your eyelash treatments while hospitalized? Morning and night?

  15. GRITSinNC

    I’m sorry I’m so slow getting here but I’ve spent a few days in hospital too, and limited in what I can do at home…not to mention trying to come up with the right password to get in for days.

    Tori, I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through recently. It seems that when it rains, it pours…in reality and in multiple life problems at the same time. Started praying for you as soon as Russ tweeted. He “sounded” panicked.

    Wish I could endure my problems and pain with a similar sense of humor that you shared with us, but it just ain’t in me. I do second most of your comments on the pain pill issue. And your hospital lets you wear your own gown and lay there looking sexy? Mine makes me put on…and keep on…those hideous hospital gowns, as if I didn’t look ugly enough in my old age.

    So sad about the flooding in Nashville. George Jones & the Rich guy (the other half of Big…don’t recall their first names) were being interviewed and he impressed me by making the comment that due to their professions, they could replace their stuff, but other people lost everything and were unable to replace it so need our help.

    Delivered, and everyone else, I want to be your fiend on Facebook but don’t know your real names so don’t know how to find you. I don’t do much there anyhow. I’m limited to this netbook right now because I have to keep my leg propped up, and I hate typing on this thing. Can’t get the hang of the touch pad at all.

    Hoping for a pain free weekend for you, Tori. God bless you one & all.

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