Prayers for one of our own *LATEST UPDATE*

Hey guys!

Our dearest Betty, ‘themema’, is having some pretty major surgery tomorrow (Thursday) morning and with her permission, I wanted to let you all know so that we can be holding her up in prayer.

You can sign in to this free website for updates:

Thank you– I know it will mean a lot to her!
** UPDATE: Betty’s son Dwight has updated the Carepages site twice so far. He said that things are going as planned and she is stable. SInce this is going to be a loooong surgery, the drs. are checking in with him every couple of hours to let him know how she is doing. I’ll try to pass the info on to you guys.**

“Good news. My Mom’s oxygen level is up from its pre-surgery level. This is a sign that her hearts efficiency is improving! She looks good given what she has just been through. They also have put in a temporary pacemaker. They plan on keeping her sedated for probably another 2 days. Then they will bring her out of her sleep and see how she responds.

Dr. Philpott told us that this was probably the most complex case they have performed at the Norfolk Heart Hospital. His point was that given the complexity of this case, she is doing well. Leave it to my Mom to always be on the leading edge of something…

She still has some hurdles to overcome. So please keep the prayers coming…”


**The good news continues… My Mom is showing steady signs of improvement. What I didn’t share yesterday (by orders of my Dad) was that they left her chest open after the surgery. He didn’t want to alarm anyone unnecessarily. They successfully closed this afternoon. The doctor felt it was best for several reasons. He tried to close after the surgery but her heart showed signs of irritation. Basically, the rhythm wasn’t what he wanted when they tried to close the first time. He decided to give the heart room to heal and work without restrictions. Also, if problems developed they would have quick access without having to cause new trauma. Again, they closed today without any issues.

Dr. Philpott was very pleased this afternoon with all the progress she has made so far. I must say, he has been amazing. If I have my facts straight, he has only been in our area for less than a year. Clearly God sent him here for a special reason.

I visited her in the ICU this evening with my Dad. She looked pretty good for someone who has been through a lot. Her blood gasses showed her oxygen was at 100%. Blood pressure, heart rate and breathing were all strong. Her nurses seem to be very dedicated and responsive to our questions. I feel confident she is receiving excellent care.

The next step will be to start waking her up Saturday or Sunday. The doctor says this will be a slow process. He has told us all along that her surgery carried a risk of stroke. We won’t know if she has had any form of a stroke until she wakes up and can respond appropriately. Please continue to pray for a healthy recovery.

Obviously she still needs all the prayers that will see her past this next step.


13 Responses

  1. bettyrwoodward

    Hope it goes better this time. I’ll be praying.

  2. swerchon

    Betty dear one….

    Praying for you….. I pray that your surgery is a HUGE SUCCESS, remember who truly is the hands of the surgeon they are His Hands.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you…


  3. auburn60

    Thanks,Tori. I had let the date of the surgery slip my mind.

    Praying for Betty.

  4. LindaB

    Thank God for good reports so far!

    Those of us who know Betty may find the fact that her surgery was the most complicated ever done by that hospital and they will be learning so much from it for years to come………..well, it’s just like Betty to be teaching something that will help others, even in her illness! We love you, Ms. Betty! Get well soon!!

  5. delightedabroad

    LindaB, that hits it really nicely !
    Am still praying…

  6. MostlySunny

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I was wondering…


    prayer is an awesome thing to watch being answered. God is an awesome God, no matter what. Watching Him respond is spectatcular.

  8. LindaB

    AMEN TO THAT, DELIVERED!!! We serve an awesome God!

  9. delightedabroad

    I’m so grateful that we have reason to be so optimistic – thank God !

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    This morning Betty’s husband called me with the good news that he was standing there with Betty and she opened her eyes when he called her name. He said she looked really good to him. They are waking her slowly. Next will be finding out how well she responds to directions. Dennis is so grateful for every prayer…and asks that everyone keep prahying for his Betty. He is a precious man.

  11. tori

    THANK you for the update, Momma Lloyd! Please tell Dennis that we love Betty here at the ‘bloomr, and prayers will continue!

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Just talked with Dennis. He said there is nothing to add to this morning’s report. He had hoped that she recognized him or his voice this morning but he is not sure now. Betty is sensative to that which they use to put her to sleep, as evidenced by the earlier start recently…it was on Wednesday and she didn’t function fully until Saturday. Besides that, Betty is a deep sleeper.(besides a deep thinker that we know) I could tell he was a little down. Prayerfully, he will be encouraged tomorrow as Betty recognizes him and responds well to all instructions. We shall pray.

  13. jonny

    Just wanted to add that I’ve been praying as well! My phone’s had network connection problems, so I have not been able to ‘Say’ anything until now. Looking forward to more updates, and continue to trust Christ in all of this.

    Much love,


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