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Magdalene House

Most of you know that Russ and I have been involved for years with the ministry that our friend Becca Stevens started called Magdalene. It’s a long-term residential program for women with a history of  drug abuse and prostitution, and it does truly amazing work with some of the most courageous, inspiring women you will ever meet. This is a new clip that they put together that just got uploaded to Youtube and I wanted to share it with you guys. That gorgeous voice you hear at the beginning (and elsewhere in the clip) is Becca’s husband Marcus Hummon, a truly gifted singer, songwriter, artist and playwright with a song that he wrote for the women of Magdalene.

For more information on Magdalene and Thistle Farms, which is their cottage industry for healing bath and body products, check out their website:

Dear Momma Lloyd:

I know you love him and everything, but I’ve got to tell you– your Russ is a big fat LIAR! Also? His pants are on fire.

You sent him a beautiful homemade red velvet cake for his birthday, for which all of us are extremely grateful. (Dear readers: if you ever get a chance to eat one of Momma Lloyd’s cakes– TAKE IT!) The box arrived a couple of days early, and we all walked slowly by it, gazing longingly while waiting for today, Russ’ birthday, to dig into it. Yesterday he suddenly told me that he decided it really wouldn’t hurt anything if he had a little piece a little early, because he was tired of waiting to dive into that red velvet deliciousness, but I said, “WHOA, slow down there Junior, wait for your dang birthday so we can put candles on it and sing Happy Birthday like God intended, and also get lovely photos to show Momma Lloyd.” And he agreed.

I thought.

Tonight I made him an incredible dinner (if I do say so myself) . He opened his presents (a complete boxed set of all of the Second City Television episodes– I rock!) and laughed at his birthday card from the girls  (OK, it was a fart joke) but when I went out to the kitchen and opened the box to unveil your masterpiece, it was empty. Russ oh-so-casually said, “Forgot to tell you, I took it out and put it in the fridge, I’ll go get it.” So I bustled around gathering up the fancy-schmancy tie-dyed candles (a 5 and a 6– he’s old) and a knife and some plates and then when I walked back in to the dining room THIS is what greeted me:


Waiting is not his strong suit. And you know what else? He wasn’t the least bit sorry!


Luckily, I was able to rise above the horror of his ill-bred behavior and recover enough to eat a piece the size of a small moose, so it’s all good. But next year… I’m gonna hide it!

Thank you again, sweet, sweet Momma Lloyd. Your gift was so appreciated, even if it did produce such temptation that it caused Russ to lie and  sin and possibly  go to H*E*Double Hockey Sticks as a result. You might want to double up on your prayers for him.



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