Some indelible images…

We’re home and very grateful to be here. It feels so good, even though by the end of the evening yesterday I bore an uncanny resemblance to The Night Of The Living Dead. However, I slept for 10 hours last night and today, thanks be to God and caffeine, I have done pretty well. I managed to go get a crapload of groceries and even made dinner, so I’m thinking… Mother of the Year.

I have to tell you though, if I close my eyes I still have beautifully vivid images dancing through my head. What a trip we had! I thought I’d share a few random shots with you.

**Rachel’s gift, sitting on the bedside table of our hotel by the Stansted Airport.

**We passed this window box every day on our way to Sloane Square station. I love the optical illusion the the iron and brickwork makes.

**Another shot from ‘our’ neighborhood.

**My dinner at Amaya.

**Swan in the pond at Kensington Gardens.

**A collection of Princess Diana’s gowns.

**Madi’s favorite room at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

**Henry VIII had weird taste in home decorating.

**Street performer at Covent Garden.

** Room at Hampton Court Palace. I totally should have been born into royalty.

**Corridor at Westminster Abbey.

**Fresh red currants and blueberries at the Portobello Road fruit market.

**This is why I always look up when walking down the street.

**And in case you ever wondered if it’s possible to get a proper hamburger in London…

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  1. themema

    I’d say it was definitely worth the trip! So glad you went, and enjoyed yourself so much. We enjoyed it with you. Save notes for me for my son and his family who hope to go next summer, after Sarah graduates.

  2. gracelynn

    WOW Tori! What beautiful pictures! I wish I could take pictures that good. Mine are usually blurry LOL. Glad you are home and that you are recovering from the jet lag LOL. I’m with Madi on that room – I love it too and I’ve never seen it. If you think Henry VIII had problems, you’d better not come anywhere near where I live because you’ll see plenty of those suckers on every mantle in every house LOL. Deer hunters prevail around here. I would feel right at home in that room…..

    And those berries – ummmm! Makes me wish I had a cheesecake to put them on top of and devour.

    And hey, I’ll vote for you as Mom of the Year. ;)

  3. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh Tori, I have been totally enjoying all of your pictures…and your comments. London looks so very grande.

    But Betty made it possible for me to see a couple of Madi’s photos she put on FaceBook and they are precious! I think you should share them hre.

    There’s no place like home. Whomever wrote that certainly knew what he was talking about. Welcome Home…Tori, Russ, Madi and Char.

  4. carsmith


    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip of a life time. You all have a gift for photography and the comments made it even better. Jim and I were in London only a couple of days but made it to a few of the same places. I can’t imagine living in a flat for a couple of weeks and mixing with the locals.

    Happy that Junebug was able to get on the comments. She, Kim and I went to see Julie and Julia in Benton this afternoon.
    You and Russ gave Madi and Char a trip they will always remember. Your have my vote for Mom & Dad of the year. You are a special family.


    Thanks so much for sharing your sights w/ us, Tori! You left out a pic of the bathrooms & kitchen sink! Darn!
    Are you going on the upcoming cruise? How’s Pops? & tell the girls I’m praying for them at the new school! And, what in the world kinda camera do you use? Did you take classes, or something? I mean, WOW!
    Check your emails..
    Love, Johnnie

  6. LindaB

    Love the pictures!

    What do they do with red currants? Do they use them like we do bluberries? Aren’t they pretty tart?

    Did they happen to tell you what size those gowns were that Princess Di wore? (I don’t know why I want to know that—it will only make me feel worse.) I remember seeing pictures of her in some of those gowns! She was so gorgeous! Is the Island where she was buried near London? Can tourists go there?

    Is “Amaya” an Indian restaurant? I think I recogniae the purple stuff drizzled over the rice??? With pine nuts????

    Oh, and you WERE born into royalty, BTW. You are a child of the King. And all the finest trappings of Kensington and Hampton Court Palaces will pale next to the palaces you will be living in someday. Just a thought.

  7. LindaB

    OMG! One more thing………WE’RE SISTERS!!!! (Hope that doesn’t scare ya! lol)

  8. GRITSinNC

    It’s not fair. Some people get all the talent. Not only do you write entertainly, but you’re also a great photographer. Those are amazing photos. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. We had a great time vicariously through you. :)

    LindaB, I love your paragraph about being born into royalty. What a lovely thought.

  9. Leisa Hammett

    Welcome back!


    Wow, LindaB! How true! Sometimes its hard to keep things in perspective, but you brought me right back around! What awesome insight! I was wondering the same about the currants – but then you floored me w/ the royalty comment! I read it yesterday, thought about it all night & today, & had to come back & give you kudos and thank the Holy Spirit for speaking though you!
    Love, Johnnie


    One more thang – can anyone help me change or shorten this honking log-in name that, yes, I assigned myself? By the time I log-in – I am exhausted! This computer is just not my thing! HELP?!?

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Deliverage Parker….if you find out how to change your name, please let me know…but I think we are stuck with what we have. When I sign in here, I feel as if I am giving my name to register for the Old Age Pension instead of for Tori’s blog.

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