Quickie Update on Daddy

Well, I’m still in Arkansas! After dropping Charlotte off at Brookhill Camp yesterday afternoon, I realized that if I drove home to Nashville I would only be there two days before I’d have to turn right around and head back here on Friday in order to pick her up on Saturday, so staying seemed to make the most sense. Plus Madi and I are getting to have some great hang-time with Mom and Dad, so it’s all good. Except for the lack of internet. That’s SO NOT GOOD. That is sucky.

Here’s the latest news on the health front: Daddy is going to have surgery on Monday, which is the other reason I am staying in town. They will be removing the portion of his scalp that has the angiosarcoma lesions on it, then grafting skin from his thigh onto his little pink head. (So he will lose his beautiful white hair… but I’m going to call Sheri Easter and find out who made her wigs for her! I won’t go the Jake Hess route, but I think a little white hairpiece might be in order, don’t you guys?) After the surgery they are going to do a series of radiation treatments– 5 days a week for 6 weeks, which sounds crazy excessive to me, but my guess is they are not going to be zapping him with big doses, which is why it will be so drawn out. The good news is that though the surgery will not cure the cancer, it will keep the lesions from spreading down and across his face, and that when it does reoccur, they can deal with it promptly now that we have the diagnosis and know what to look for (this is a very, very rare cancer and very commonly misdiagnosed, which it was in Daddy’s case.) Also, the surgery is not going to be terribly hard on him, just about 24-48 hours in the hospital. And the radiologist said that there would not be any pain from the round of radiation they will be giving him. So I am very grateful.

I appreciate your prayers and thoughts. I’ll be checking back in and posting some pix of our Dropping Charlotte Off At Camp day– Madi was bored, so I think she took about 300 of them… But I’ll leave you with a couple of shots of this UNBELIEVABLY TINY BABY FAWN that I got to bottle-feed the other day at Mama June’s house! I fell deeply and madly in love, and now I want to kidnap one.

Later, taters!

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  1. auburn60

    Well,I’m glad you know the plan and it’s not anything too taxing on your Dad. I know I always feel better with a PLAN and some action being taken…I guess it’s my need to control things. Would LOVE to do something to help you and your family but if nothing concrete presents itself I will continue to pray very hard.

    I know how much Charlotte enjoys her camp! Hard to imagine in this heat, but camp used to be the highlight of my summer, too. I promise I will not tell Char some of the devilish activities I used to initiate at camp.

    We see fawns around here ever so often but never got to feed one. That one is particularly cute. Think your homeowners association would be down with a small petting zoo on your property?

  2. belinda

    I would say you made a very good decision. I’m sure you and Madi will have a lot of fun hanging out with your Mom & Dad. No use in making that long trip to and fro when you can hang there. I’m glad you are able to do that and I would say your Mom, Dad and family are too. We have been and will continue to pray for your Dad and entire family. We will pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery and that the cancer will not return. You know we are always here if you need ANYTHING!

    I don’t know how Charlotte does camp in this heat. I know she will have a blast and have lots of stories to tell. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Love the picture of you feeding that littl dawn. I think you need one to hang out in your garden, you do have a garden this year don’t you?

    Have a great visit with your family and now you have lots of prayers going up for you guys.

  3. Bloomfield Farm

    I am so happy to hear they can do surgery on your dad. My dad had surgery back in the 80s with similar skin grafting and the worst part of the recovery was the place where they removed the skin from his thigh. With all your dad’s beautiful white hair, he can just do a comb-over so he won’t need that wig which I doubt very seriously that he’d wear. Maybe we all should start him a collection of ball caps to keep the sun off his noggin. Know that we are thinking of your family and praying for a speedy recovery!

  4. morgitta

    It is good to read that your father has such good perspectives. Wow !
    And I am surprised how relieved I am, not knowing him and so.
    Camp days is one of my family’s favorite topic at reunions. Looking forward to see the pictures. I even took a peep on the web for brookhill camp and it looks great. My own childhood camps involved uniforms, lining up, raising flags and lots of chores in the camp house. Things sure have changed.

  5. rachelbaker

    Tori, thanks for the update, we’re not going to stop praying for you all.

    I want that fawn!!! And so does my little girl who is deer obsessed and pretends to be a ‘baby deer’ on a daily basis. Its her birthday this weekend, she’s going to be 3.

  6. themema

    Tori, I think a good looking hat/cap would be better, with a very soft lining. I don’t know about wigs now, but in the past, they were not so soft. His surgery and chemo will be on the head, and with skin grafts, and all, I fear a hairpiece might not be comfortable. And don’t they have to use that sticky stuff that women wear to stay in their bras to keep a hairpiece in place?

  7. jonny

    Hmm, didn’t know women used sticky stuff to stay in their bras.

    I’d also have to give a thumbs down on the hair piece idea. Besides, look at Yul Brener (sp?). Apparently women became more interested in him, and his career took off once he got rid of the hair!!

    And yes, that is an absolutely adorable, ever so tiny, fawn! Thanks for the pics = )

    Peace! jonny

  8. LindaB

    I’m so glad there is a treatment plan in place for your dad, and it won’t be too terribly hard on him. With a plan and some hope—-well, it makes it easier on everyone. I pray for your folks often, and I know there are many more praying for them! God cannot fail to hear so many voices raised in prayer for two sweet people and their devoted family. And He has proved faithful over and over again.

    As for the cute little fawn……..HELLO! Deer ticks and Lyme disease!!!! Be careful!

  9. sammifredenburg

    love and prayers to you and your dad tori, that’s a great idea about the wig. and an awesome idea about the ribs and steaks too, as with the upcoming treatments, food just may not be a pleasure and comfort for a while. i’ll be in intercession for sure.

    you take care, it sounds like an amazing family you have there, and when times get tough, we carry each other.

    stay close, love you.

    sammi =)

  10. Leisa Hammett

    Well, since you’re not getting to feed ur crackberry addicition in the boonies, I’m not sure what the point in posting a comment is….But, I have been thinkin’ about u and wondering how things were going. I actually opened my Google reader tonight. I intended to go to bed two hours ago. So, u see, I’m up here in the “Big City” being all addicted and everything and u’ve reverted to the simple life Baptizing in creeks and feeding deer and all. And probably getting more sleep than I am at this moment. Cheers and hugs. Two more weeks of writing on the book! Glad 2 know how ur doing. Hey, bald is sexy, u know….

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    The more I think about it, the better and better I like the surgeon’s plan for your daddy. “Ain’t God good?” might be old hat as a saying but it sure seems appropriate right now. I’m continuing to keep your daddy and your mom in prayer….and on Monday, even more so, sweetheart.


    OMG! Well, I have missed much! But, firstly, prayers are going up today for Pops! And, have missed several bdys! HAPPY BDY, TORI! Also, I give a shout, along w/ the angels in heaven, for those baptisms! I know that was a super moment! The cake ordeal was hiliarious. Thanks for the heads-up on ordering one! Oh, & how romantic was that camp story? How have you both kept this whole thang so sane? The Power of the Holy Spirit is awesome, and humbling, huh? Much love to you. Later, chick!
    Has anyone heard from the GRITSin NC? Hey, Johnny – I did know about the sticky stuff, either! eeeewwwwwwwwww……….. Peace, yall!

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