For your listening pleasure…

Just got home from Gatlinburg.

Am tired.

BUT! Didn’t want to go another day without posting something for you guys, so I thought I’d share this:

(Ever hear a Bach fugue performed with feet?)

Of course, you guys know me well enough to figure that if I was at FAO Schwartz, my show off-y, trying-to- be-funny self would probably look much less like those two talented women above and much more like this silly yutz below:

Well dang, you don’t have to agree with me!

7 Responses

  1. auburn60

    Maybe we could get Gordon to work up something like this for next year’s FF. Maybe with Aunt Tilly on his shoulder?

  2. tori

    HA! Perfect!
    And then Bill could come out and knock the toddler down!

  3. justThelma

    Oh my! That video was awesome! Gave me goosebumps. Well, the first one, I mean…

  4. LindaB

    Looked like Zumba to me, only with sound.

  5. sammifredenburg

    ah, my fav toy store on the planet, nothing holds a candle to the one in NYC, but seattle has one too. i can’t afford a single thing in there, but can stay and be entertained for hours. i tried Smoke on the Water on one of those keyboards, a pathetic version of it anyway. that’s a pretty cool video you posted there.

    hey, your husband just friended me on myspace. i think it’s your husband, or an imposter who loves your husband. i visit myspace once about every six months or so, but if he’s my friend (sic) i may have to stop in more often! at least i can crank out Trumpet of Jesus anytime i want to – sweet!~

    stay close =)

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, old woman that I am, I became worried about how those keys might become damaged so that those dancers might not be able to play them correctly. I know…I don’t sound like much fun. Tell you what I’m going to do….I’m gonna go find out where that lady above me is spending her time these days ’cause “Trumpet of Jesus” sounds a whole lot better than what those fellas were playing on those huge piano keys. But, I do like that store!

  7. rockin robyn

    Thank you for helping me decide what clothes to put on today… after cutting the grass this afternoon and then jumping in the shower(I was all sweaty – it was hot today!) I put on my FAO Schwartz t-shirt from the days when I was “running” with the country band. They played this one club in NYC and while the guys were doing sound check, us women hit the streets {shopping}….. me being the photographer at the time – the girls all posed with the “live” toy soldiers out front of the toy store. The one girl even went up to a very “buffed” NY cop. And yes he did let me take a pic of them posing…. Aaaah memories!!!!

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