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There’s a lot of discussion in the blogging world these days about people using their blogs to promote products without revealing to their readers that they are being paid or compensated in some way to do that. Like, that last post that mentioned Lynne’s fabulous chicken purse? Well, if I put a link to where you could buy one and I told you that the chicken purse could make you taller, younger and skinnier and that God told me that if you didn’t order one right now you might or might not get struck by lightning… And then after you ordered about 7 of them in a big panic– because who wants to get struck by lightning, right?– then you found out that the Chicken Purse Corporation of America was actually paying me a frillion dollars and giving me free chicken purses for life, except I didn’t TELL you guys that part, just the ‘God might kill you if you don’t order one’ part? Well, of course if that happened then all of my hard-earned blogging integrity and street cred that I have painstakingly built up this last year would go right down the crapper, wouldn’t it?

OK, stop laughing. I do TOO have bloggy integrity, ya big weenies.

Well actually you never have to worry about that happening, dear readers, because so far the lovely folks at Disney have not offered to give me a free vacation if I blog about it, and no one is flying me all over the country to sample their latest products and critique their new line. Dang it. I’d love to be a big fat sell-out, people, come on, give a girl a chance! Nah, seriously, for whatever reason I just really haven’t ever gotten into product reviews, but if I do, I will start a separate blog just for that. I can’t really pull off “sneaky” very effectively, my eyes always get shifty. BUT– having said all that, I do want to mention a product here that I really believe in, that you might not be aware of.

There’s this company called Tom’s Shoes, and they have this commercial that shows this curly-haired hippie-looking guy who tells you for every pair of shoes you buy they will give a child in need around the world a free pair. I thought that was kind of a good idea, but never checked into it until a blogger I read and admire ( mentioned that she bought a pair and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes she owns. She has a cute pair of polka-dotted ones, and I absent-mindedly followed her link to the webpage and started looking around. The shoes were kind of cool, and I was thinking they might be good walking shoes for the summer… then I clicked on this, and I was sold:

So I ordered these:

They came yesterday. They’re made out of burlap, and they are totally comfortable. Nobody has paid me squat to say this, but you know what? Buying a pair of really good shoes that help support a really good cause is a really good thing.

(And if you think these are as butt-ugly as Lynne’s Swiss/African/Rocking Chair shoes, let me assure you that A) they’re NOT! and B) They’re not nearly as expensive and C) Hello! That curly-haired guy is actually giving pairs of shoes away to children in South America, for crying out loud!)

Case closed. And that’s my totally unsolicited product placement of the day!

(P.S. I’ve got my eye on some of those cool linen wrap boots for next winter…)


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  1. morgitta

    Nice shoes, Tori. Sceptical as I am on wellfare initiatives, I googled around and this seems a real thing. It’s not just a cheque that is written, but shoes are delivered personelly. People can even volonteer to go on a shoe dropp off tripp. Glad you posted this, I will pass the message, although I don’t think they are for sale over here.

  2. jonny

    Oh, Tori. Dear wonderful, precious Tori. Why do you still cover for him?? It really doesn’t help him in the long run. You, I, we know full well it was Russ, Russ who turned you on to those shoes… Sorry, and seriously, it sounds, reads, wonderful! Thanks for the completely unsolicited head’s up! = )

  3. LindaB

    What a wonderful generous thing for “Tom” to do!!! That’s what I call putting shoes to good intentions! I’m going to google it to check it out. I could use a new pair of shoes. Do they have old lady shoes……held together by Polygrip??

  4. LindaB

    Hey! Did you just call me a “big weenie”????

  5. carsmith

    Laughed so hard reading about the “girls get-a-way. Thanks to your posting it’s like being a fly on the wall.

    My bookkeeper was talking about Tom’s shoes recently and I thought she was praising “Tom” that bought shoes for needy students in our district for a gazillion years. Must be something about being named Tom that makes them want to help cover those sweet little feet.
    Googled and found retailers in Little Rock at some unlikely places. Clinton Presidential Library, Box Turtle, Whole Food Market……..huh. Glad to hear they are comfortable, might have to check them out. Tori, the wrap boots are perfect for you with your tiny legs. On the other hand the wraps would only go around mine a couple of times and look like ankle boots.

  6. justThelma

    Oh my! Solids, plaids, stripes, burlap, canvas, corduroy, suede, and gold!, and silver! Be still my heart!

    Sadly, my husband insists I have too many shoes (what IS this “too many”?). So as much as I would love to order a pair or five, I fear it would only be adding fuel to the fire. And even the fact that I’d be supporting a good cause wouldn’t be enough to sway him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a wonderful man and an awesome husband, but he just doesn’t get the connection between a woman and her shoes. *sigh*

    On the positive side, he just turned 49 a few days ago, so he’s still young enough that I might yet be able to bring him around to my way of thinking. ;-)

  7. Meredith

    Well, how about that! I thought that was just an AT&T commercial! I had no idea it was an actual company. :) I’ll have to check it out.

  8. LenaB

    You know I have seen this commercial on tv & wondered if it was legit.
    This is wonderful!! An loved the video!! I am going to the website & check it…may even order some shoes!

  9. GRITSinNC

    How come your site didn’t “remember me” and I had to go through the ordeal of getting a new password? LOL

    You got me in trouble anyhow…I’m a “elderly” lifetime shoe-holic, just sadly parted with a ton I don’t wear anymore, I seldom go anywhere except church and the store and have more than enough shoes for that, and here you have tempted me with shoes. Been “needing” some silver ones (have gold), and those polka dots are just too cute. My children are gonna have me committed if I don’t watch it, but they believe in supporting a good cause so maybe I’m safe. :o)

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