Springtime makes me want to clean out my closets.

OK, I didn’t say I actually DID it, but this time of year definitely makes me want to.
Something about the sunshine, the green, green lawns, the tulips, the baby bunnies in the backyard… it all just makes me feel like life is full of possibilities! Like, the possibility that I might actually finish unpacking my garage (hey, we only moved three years ago.) Or the possibility that I will wake up one morning and decided today is the day that Charlotte’s room gets painted to match her new comforter set. You know, stuff like that.

I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions, but boy howdy, every spring I start getting real ambitious. That burst of energy usually lasts long enough for me to get my deck spruced up and my garden planted and then the torpor of a Tennessee summer sets in and I sloooooow down. Well, either that or something happens to interrupt my plans like, oh I don’t know, one of my kids gets BITTEN BY A SHARK or something! (I told you guys I was going to milk that for everything it was worth.) Also, according to my friend Betty, my personality type falls into a category that is defined by a creative spirit coupled with a complete lack of organizational skills, so hey, whaddya gonna do? I forget what my particular personality type is called (help me out here, themema) but it’s an acronym with a whole lot of capitalized letters that doesn’t really spell anything, but looks very official– and I’m all about any classification that gives me a big fat excuse well-documented explanation for my scatter-braininess. And yes, I did just make that word up, thanks for asking.

But lately I’ve had a little wrinkle in my usual springtime ritual– and the name of that wrinkle is ZUMBA!!! Yes dear readers, I am still preaching the Tao of Zumba. Listen, this past week? I went 5 times! I am not even kidding. The best part is that I went with my friend and pastor (I just love saying that) Jillian Chambers last Friday and then Madi finally agreed to go with me (I’ve been trying to talk her into it for months) on Saturday. The only thing more fun than shaking your booty in Zumba class is shaking your booty in Zumba class with people you know! The bottom line is, I am going so much because I am feeling so good. My energy level is up and a cloud of fairy dust and endorphins follow me wherever I go. I may actually get some stuff done this spring!

How about you guys? What’s the season doing for you? Any ambitious undertakings you want to share with the class?

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  1. gracelynn

    Well as much as my room needs cleaning up, these next 3 weeks are the roughest time of the year for me as an educator with end-of-grade testing coming up in ….oh say….9 school days for the 8th graders. And only 18 more for the 6th and 7th graders. PHEW! (So I probably won’t get around to cleaning my room until June…well, maybe July. I have a conference in Washington DC for work in June so that won’t work LOL) One day I’ll get enough energy to actually go through that closet in my room and clean out those clothes I haven’t worn in ages. But right now my energy level is already back at 0 and I’ve only been back at teaching – what – two days?! LOL

    I love Spring though and am looking forward to May and the adventures the end of school always brings. Send me some of those endorphins Tori….I need them LOL ;)

  2. LindaB

    Endorphins? I think we saw those at Sea World in February. Cute.

    Okay, Tori, I feel just like you do……….in my dreams. Just reading your post whipped me! And that’s enough exercise for today. You can’t overdo when you’re past 60.

    This “Zumba” thing really has you pumped, don’t it? I think maybe I’ll go look up a Zumba class in our area and get with it! Oh wait. This is Clio. I saw a kid with a hula hoop on the WalMart parking lot today. That’s about as close as I’m gonna get to a Zumba class around here, I guess. Too bad. I’ll just go lie down now instead. I’ll try to whip myself into a spring cleaning, butt shakin’, rabbit watchin’ frenzy tomorrow.

  3. rockin robyn

    This is my time of year… It’s all about the wonderful story of Easter and the resurrection and nature showing off its beautiful rebirth of everything blooming and coming alive again, after a harsh, cold winter. I was born in the springtime! (next Monday is my birthday) I swear the month you were born in determines what time of the year you enjoy the best.

    I have big hopes this spring, of landscaping my backyard into gardens (so there is not as much grass to mow) I also want to have my driveway paved (it’s stone-filled right now) and I would like to put up a garden shed.

    We’ll see how energetic I’m feeling to get all this done… I just got over that aweful body flu (body aches and chills and lots of being laid up in bed for a week)- thanks to the wonderful strange weather we’ve been having (temps almost in the 70’s one day and 30’s & 40’s the next)

    My birthday gift to myself and my aunt was running away on a mini-vacation to Wilkes-Barre, PA to see the Vocal Group. What a way to get refreshed and renewed!!! They sound great! I wanted so, to talk to Russ but all I could do is say hello… I had no voice thanks to getting over being sick. He was awesome even though the acoustics in there were horrible… I felt bad – everytime they raised a mic (ouch – feedback)

    I digress! I really need to plan out what types of flowers to plant in these gardens. Lord give me the strength to get this project started.

    Happy Spring y’all!

  4. jonny

    Well, I start studying Finnish full time today for approximately one year. Actually getting paid a little to do so. In the past class room type studying has not been my forte. Prayers would be appreciated. My mom’s pushing 70 and she’s into some exercise place that’s for women only. Can’t remember the name of it now. It may be owned by, or originally started by a guy who’s a professing Christian. So ladies… Anymore excuses out there?? = )

  5. MostlySunny

    Mulch flower beds at the church – DONE(and really, really feeling it! Had a crew of 7 – thank you for serving)
    Mushroom mulch at home – front and back yards
    Plant a few more perennials
    Paint deck
    Plant flowers in pots on soon-to-be-painted deck
    Replace rose bushes that didn’t make it through the winter (it was darn cold in Pittsburgh this winter!)
    Re-seal driveway
    New American flag out front
    Put away winter clothes; bring out spring/summer ensembles (but Hey, it’s still only 50 today but will get to high 70’s/80 by the weekend. I can relate rockin robyn!)
    Get out those roller blades, change the wheels, get going!
    Try to get gas grill to work right (sitting on my soon-to-be-painted deck)
    Make reservation for the beach!
    Hem my new jeans (I’m short, they’re not)
    Sit in the swing and enjoy the view, good book, diet IBC rootbeer…AHHH life is good!

    I should probably get all of this done my August 31st!

  6. tori

    Gracelynn–Nothing like the end of the school year to look forward to, right?!

    LindaB– I wold pay large dollars to take a Zumba class with you. They would probably have us arrested.

    Rockin’ robin– Oh honey, that flu thing is horrible, isn’t it? Glad you’re on the mend, and glad you were at least able to say hello to Russ!

    jonny– OK, learning Finnish would take me MUCH LONGER than a year…

    MostlySunny– Your list just wore me out. Except for the porch swing-sitting part, I rock at that!


    TA-DAH!!!!!! I MEAN, REALLY TA—-DAHHHH!!!! SHAZAM! My God does anwser prayers! How long did this take? And, here you are spouting off about closets and garages? And, Tori, what is “torpor”, ya lost me there, (not hard to do!) WHO HAS TIME FOR ALL OF THAT CLEANING WHEN THEY ARE ANXIOUSLY AWAITING A BLOG SO THAT THEY CAN TRY OUT THEIR NEW-FOUND COMPUTER SKILLS!
    Actually, I am playing hooky from school this day, so thoughts of cleaning are taboo temporarily. I’ll be fuming next week, trying to do it all in one day! And, the fairy dust sounds cute, but I am allergic to sweating at the present time! I’m w/ MostlySunny, I’m tired just listening to you! Where do you get those Superwoman outfits from! I need a couple.

  8. tori

    Yay DELIVEREDJEPARKER63!!! You made it to the comments! So proud of your mad computer skillz– now you have no excuse not to be a regular!

  9. Barbara M. Lloyd

    What is this? We are dragged kicking and screaming from a carefree cruise….to sticking our heads in closets alternating with fighting the crab grass to plant flowers and veggies. There has to be a middle-of-the-road there some place. Personally, I opt for the lady who is gonna sit in a swing on the porch, drink diet drinks and read. But then, Betty told me I am ENFJ….and she stressed that J, as if it were something I needed to work on. But this was after I complained about saving our work until two in the morning, while eating chicken wings from the night before.

  10. teegees

    Springtime makes me want MICHAEL to clean out the garage. I’m kind of a perpetual “thrower outer” as far as my closet is concerned. Meanwhile, our garage is now being used to tape several episodes of LOST…


    Hey, teegees – I don’t know who Michael is, but I think you’re on to something! Wonder if I can once again bait my college kid home w/ $ and food , then put her to work? I feel a plan coming on! Sounds like a winner!

  12. CarolynR

    Well speaking as someone who spent the morning scrabbing around the garage floor underneath the mammoth Hornby trainset (not mine!), trying to find a box amongst about 500 boxes, and whose bum-in-air antics caused a solar eclipse all across North Wales, I would say that cleaning out closets comes pretty low down the list. In fact lying down for a nap is the preferred option, and top of the list :)

    Does Madame Kimono still do Zumba? BTW The acronym you’re looking for is CRAZED – Cannot Reorganise (Rehang, Reshape, Restore, Revamp, but in my case I could Retail!) Addicted to Zumba Every Day!

  13. themema

    Ok, yeah, I said I thought you were an ESFP!

    Extroverted–gets energy from being with people, as opposed to introverted, needing to be alone to gather energy.

    Sensing—primarily gathers information with the senses, rather than by intuition. Lives very much in the here and now

    Feeling— prefers to make judgements with your feelings in an attached way, rather than by thinking which is more detached

    Perceiving… acts towards the outside world in the here and now, flexible, takes life as it comes…. rather than judging which is facing life with a plan for everything. Everything has a place, and everything must be in its place. (Poor Barb when I come to visit.)

    Just google Myers Briggs or personality tests for more info

    So Tori, as much as we may want to do so, we will never, ever get all of our closets cleaned out at the same time. There will always be someone or something more interesting to do…. before we can finish…even if we actually get started. I am an ENFP. We are close!

  14. sfpnelson

    Hey Tori!
    Longtime reader, first time poster here! If it would ONLY get warm and sunny and STAY warm and sunny here in East Tennessee!!! Then I might start thinking about cleaning out my closets, sprucing up my flowerbeds, choosing a new paint color for the front porch, digging in the dirt and planting tomato plants…

    I get all excited when I see concrete statuary displays at the Wal-Mart, when my hubby takes the insulation-thingee off the outside water faucet…when I can open my windows for the first time…

    But, this year all I’ve done so far is….blog.

    Tori, as one East Tennessee woman to another…how would you handle this?

    In January I brought home the cutest little pug puppy you’ve ever seen. His name is Mister Bean. In February I thought I’d begin a blog about him, just as fun. I sent the first one to a handful of people, the next time I sent it to even more… and now there are around 20 people who read misterbeanalittlepuginabigworld.blogspot.com and most of them enjoy it very much. However….

    There are a few who condescendingly say “You must have a lot of time on your hands!”

    NO!! I DON’T!!!

    I work full-time, I have a house to run, I have family to take care of, but I love writing this blog!! I don’t think it’s very nice to sneer at someone’s passion.

    So far, I have been really nice, because I AM really nice. Have you, as a blogger, ever had someone say this to you? And how have you handled it?

    Thanks. I think I just cleaned out my mind. :-)

    Shelia from East Tennessee!!

  15. tori

    teegees–Hold up, you’re married to a musician AND he cleans out garages, too? How did that happen?!

    CAROLYN!!!– We’ve missed you, how are you doing?! (I’m coming to London, I need to ask you some questions!) I wish Madame Kimono were in MY Zumba class, I bet she could show me a move or two…

    themema– See, I told you guys it was a bunch of letters! And you are so right about the finding “something or someone more interesting” to divert my attention– happens every time.

    sfpnelson– YAY!!! You delurked!!! Thank you, and welcome.
    I don’t know why anyone would be condescending about your blog (or anybody else’s for that matter)– it is so obviously something fun and satisfying that you do because it makes you feel good and that other people enjoy as well, so what the heck is wrong with that?! I’ve never had anyone say that to me, but I have had people ask me how much money I make off of my blog (uh, yeah, let’s just say that the Google ads pay for maybe a cup of coffee!) as if that would be the only possible reason I would do this. Writers write, that’s what they do, whether they get paid for it or not. I can honestly say out of all the writing I have ever done–song lyrics, books, poetry, magazine articles, scripts, etc.– blogging is my absolute favorite medium. Next time, try smiling and saying, “No, not too much time on my hands, I was just lucky enough to find something creative that I really enjoy doing.” (And if you’re feeling tacky, you can then smile even sweeter and say, “Have YOU ever found anything like that…?”)

  16. CarolynR

    Tori I bet Madame Kimono could show you a move that would register on the Richter scale and shift a tectonic plate or two!

    Re: London, you can email me through my blog if you like! However, I feel I should say that any question you have regarding our capital city I shall probably have to google, as I’ve not been near the place in years!

    PS I’ve been lolling for hours at the thought of swimming with LindaB’s endorphins!! :D

  17. LindaB

    Or……Sheila, next time someone asks you if you have too much time on your hands, tell them no you don’t, but you have to blog because it’s your homework from your court ordered anger management class! And you really don’t want to fail that class AGAIN!

  18. tori

    I like Linda’s answer better. Hands down.

  19. jonny

    But why did she have to bring up homework!! Which I still haven’t done and it’s after 01.00 already!! = ) By the way, I think it’s wonderful that so many are breaking the posting ice, which many I’m sure can attest to is not always easy. One should probably get a few extra Brownie points for making it past the not-so-easy password hurttle!!

  20. swerchon

    I am a single working woman who owns her own home, therefore my “honey-do-list” is only for myself.

    On top of maintaining the house and getting myself up in the mornings to drive 35 miles across a toll highway (so I have to pay to go to work – Mmmmmmm I need to re-think this one)…..Anyway I am a Project Manager is a small company and dealing with the daily stress that goes with this job.

    Here is what is on my list:
    1. rack the lawn (front and back)
    2. take off the snow tires (I’m from Canada)
    3. Have my oil changed
    4. clean out closet and put away the “sweaters etc.”
    5. Discovered a leak in my bathroom sink – here’s my excuse to get a new vanity and sink
    6. My “married” sister isn’t the best cook around – so this weekend I’m going to teach
    how to feed that poor hubby of her (here is the blind leading the blind)
    7. going to the gym – sorry no Zuma (sounds like fun – i must try it) – I’m trying to get
    my engergy back up and get into shape – off to Disneyworld mid-May
    8. I have to finally organize my video collection (need to turf the cassette tapes)
    9. I also want to (hopefully will do this) tackle and finally clean out my basement
    (dumping ground for a lot of stuff which I can’t seem to part with (I’m a bit of a pack
    10. Need to get the backyard “summer-ready” – someone stole my grill/barbecue
    have to replace

    etc. etc.

    Tori I sure could use some of your energy….

  21. tori

    jonny– What the hang is so difficult about my password process?! You are not the first one who has mentioned that, but because my computer signs me in automatically, I’ve never gone through the process, so I don’t know exactly what the problem is. Thanks for hanging in there and breaking through!

    swerchon– Ok, your list is making ME tired! Not to mention the commute part! (What part of Canada are you in?)

  22. LindaB

    Hey Tori!!!! I think I made some “Zumba” moves tonight!!! Really! I was cooking dinner and I reached above my gas stove to get the garlic salt and MY SHIRT CAUGHT ON FIRE!!!! I started beating on the flames, jumping wildly around the kitchen, and tearing that baby off my fat body before a serious grease fire happened!!! My granddaughter was hysterical! She’s never seen me move so fast! I told her it was my new exercise program…….ya can’t quit until the smoke alarm goes off!!!

  23. chillybean

    Even though the spring weather keeps “springing” back and forth between seasons up here in Wisconsin, it has also put a little spring into my step and motivated me to finish my Master’s paper! (okay, so, it was a combo of the gorgeous weather and the looming deadline!) However, I submitted my final draft to my professor this morning. Do wish me luck in getting rave reviews with minimal revisions (there really should be NONE as we have already revised together in chunks. This will be the first full view she has of the monstrosity though…)

    I defend my paper next Thursday. Then I can really relax and get to the spring cleaning I want to do…you know…getting rid of all the frumpy clothes in my closet, taking inventory of what I need, and shopping until I am down to my last penny.

    I mean really, with a Master’s degree now, my public school teaching salary should increase dramatically to cover a new wardrobe, right???

  24. tori

    Linda, I am laughing my head off! Glad you’re all in one piece– REALLY wish your granddaughter had snapped a picture…

    chillybean– Way to go! I DO wish you luck, you should be very proud of yourself! And yes, I think the Master’s degree will definitely push your salary into the Donald Trump-like

  25. swerchon

    Hi Tori, I am in a city north of Toronto, Ontario called “Brampton”

  26. jonny

    I personally haven’t had trouble logging in. Although I was a little shocked when I saw the pass word sent to me. As someone described it early, it was definately the “mother of all pass words”. My comment was based no others making it through and writing how challenging it was for them. I guess what I wrote was a weak attempt at supporting and encouraging those making the effort to come aboard and start posting in an understanding way, of sorts. I also try and save my password to my phone, but from time to time, for some reason, I still have to log in again. Getting easier each time, though! = )

  27. Pearl

    I was headed to bed and thought “I’ll just check out Tori’s blog real quick before I turn in” – BIG mistake!
    It’s gonna take me another hour to stop laughing enough so that I don’t wake up Beloved with the bed-shaking giggles. Assuming of course that I don’t dream of fairy dust covered bunnies swimming with endorphins and Fiery Zumba dancers.

  28. rachelbaker

    We’ve had a whole week of glorious spring weather here in England – and I am making the most of it because if it turns out like last year this will be as good as it gets for the entire summer.

    So the girls and me have been having picnics in the garden and walks in the park – we’ve even done some planting. At 4 and 2 they are very excited about making things grow, but slightly less excited about having to wait to see the results. We have carrots, strawberries, sunflowers, cornflowers and all sorts of other flowers that looked pretty on the packet now at different stages of growth in our garden.

    As for cleaning out closets (wardrobes over this side of the atlantic), that is something I really need to do. I need to find someone to give all my maternity clothes to (extra incentive to not have any more children – 3 is great, 3 is busy, 3 is fun, 3 is ENOUGH)! But I also need to make a bit more of an effort to return to my pre-pregnancy shape, and then get rid of all the things I have not warn for years!

    By the way, the only thing on the internet that comes close to entertaining me as much as this blog, is the comments that the rest of you make!

    So Tori … when are you coming to London?

  29. sfpnelson

    Good morning all,
    Thanks for the advice Tori, and LindaB for the “zinger”..HA!

    And since I’m a newcomer, and rather late on commenting on past blogs,I’d like to say that I enjoyed the blog on the Stone Fort Inn in Chattanooga, Tori. I drive by the Inn every day on the way home and wonder what it’s like.

    This is a nice place. I think I’ll hang around.


  30. themema

    Tori, you challenged me. I was going to really go after it yesterday. I emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, moved the turtleneck shirts out of my closet, sent the box for Salvation Army off with a friend to deliver, and cleaned out my spice cabinet.

    Then….. I decided that preparing a dish and going to Wednesday nite fellowship at church was more interesting…. and off I went.

    Maybe next week, I’ll finish one closet.


    Ok, Tori, please ask me what is so dang hard about your password stuff! No, wait, I’m gonna just go ahead w/ it – my hardest thing was remembering my username, then waiting ’till some time later, after 3 whole worlds have interrupted mine, to get this off-the-wall zillion digit password from hell that I’ll never in this life, or the next, remember! It contains caps, lower case, symbols, icons! Ok, maybe it is just me, you and I already know that I am not the best friend to this computer, but it really did take me 4 frustrating months, and there is no way to remember all that stuff, so I have it written down, and have to peck it in. Remember me asking if there was a way to assign myself a new one, so that I could get something “simple”? But hey, here I am, now that I am in, I can type 100 wpm, literally! I am going to use ti till i burn it out! Vrrrooom..



  33. LindaB

    Well, it may have been funny, but there was a serious message in my little accident, and it is——-when you’re reaching for the stars, keep an eye on where your shirttail is! Those are words to live by, my friends!

  34. Phyllis R

    Ok, here is the deal with the password thingy-ma-doo…you have to hold your mouth a little to the left and raise your right eyebrow…noooo, I am kidding. Just couldn’t resist adding something. I have a short list for spring…get craft room organized…that should take until next spring and then I won’t have to come up with a new one next spring…does that work? :) Didn’t think so…thought I would try anyways. :)

  35. tori

    Momma Lloyd– I’m gonna have to look up that ENFJ and see why Betty stressed the J so much!

    Pearl– Stick around, we will probably be giving you nightmares on a regular basis!

    rachelbaker– It looks like we will be coming July 14-21, then on to the Faroe Islands…

    themema– Truth be told, I’ve kind of lost focus the last couple of days, too… But Russ and I have been doing some songwriting so I have a really good excuse!

    sfpnelson– It’s really a lovely inn, run by very nice people.

    DELIVERED– OK, I’m not sure but I think once you sign in with that big honkin’ password they initially give you, then you have the option to reset your password to one that you choose (and hopefully remember– I have to write mind down all over the place!)

    PhyllisR– You must have a very impressive craft room! What crafts do you do in it?

  36. auburn60

    Well,here I am as usual…late to the party. I could lie and tell you it’s because of all the closet cleaning and sprucing up that I have been doing, but that’s not exactly the truth. I do have boxes set up all over my room to put (1)winter clothes to put away, (2) clothes my son has outgrown (3)clothes to give away (4)weird items that don’t fit any category…but that only creates a maze in my bedroom and another thing for my husband to mumble about under his breath.So that’s not too productive. I planted a few flowers in containers, then the temps. went back down into the 30’s and the rabbits dug up everything else. So gardening is a bust, so far.
    Spring,schming. Wake me up in May. Late May.

  37. Phyllis R

    My sister(who is also my besterest friend) and I make greeting cards with a product that she sells…didn’t know if I could say the name of the product or not. LOL Paper, rubberstamps and embellisments are EVERYWHERE, need to get it all straight again.

  38. grfdave

    My spring to-do list is too long to even begin to write down here, and that is only MY list. I probably won’t even get to begin to work on it since I am having to do HER list, to make up for all the smart remarks I have made on this blog of yours!!

  39. themema

    Now Tori, if you and Russ are writing together, that is the most important thing in your life to do right now. Forget closets, garages, feeding the kids, …. just write! That little bit of info really excites me, ’cause I know how good you two are writing together.

    About Barb, let me just say this. When I go and wrap her Christmas gifts, she puts the tape away while I am still wrapping. She take the pen back to the drawer than I am using to label. She puts the scissors away. And if I go to the bathroom, when I return, the wrapping paper and all the boxes have been put away in the closet, and the centerpiece is back in the middle of the table. That is a capital J!!!!

    When I hide my drinking glass behind the toaster, she finds it and puts it in the dishwasher. And she claims that she has a sight problem. Don’t believe it. She can spot anything that is out of place by an inche.

  40. LindaB

    Hey Betty! I’ve seen Barb put things away too! I saw her put away about 2 dozen cookies in a flash! It was impressive! (And I was puttin’ ‘em away too!)

    Tori, you and Russ are writing some new songs??? Well, why didn’t you say so!!!! We’ll leave you alone to create! Forget the closets and crap! I can’t wait to hear a song you’ve written while under the influence of Zumba!!!! That’s gotta be somethin’ else!!!! I sure hope you blog a little about that process you go through while writing Grammy caliper songs! Now THAT would be very interesting!

  41. Phyllis R

    Oh, can’t wait to see what comes of the songwriting. This is bound to be gooooooooood!

  42. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Two dozen cookies? Shine, Linda, you made sure I had no more than three cookies, because you said you needed to take the rest home for your little children…as if I didn’t know their ages. All this from one who was continuously grazing.

    Oh my goodness, Betty, you taught me long ago that in order to enjoy your visits I had to just relax and step high if I wanted to get from one room to the next.

    Tori, that “J” simply means that I am organized and like to plan ahead. Betty and Linda don’t even know how to spell those two words. But I’m not as bad as they paint me to be…and, in fact, last time Betty was here she said she was impressed at how I was learning to be more like her…whatever that is. Gracious, all of a sudden I feel as if I should ask for prayer.

  43. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Now that I have attempted to rescue my reputation, there is a more important matter to address. YEAH, TORI, HOW EXCITING TO HEAR THAT YOU AND MY RUSS ARE WRITING SONGS! I can’t wait to hear the music, dear one. Keeping y’all in my prayers.

  44. LindaB

    I’ve got an idea for a new gospel song, Tori!

    Zum ba ya, my Lord,
    Zum ba ya.
    Zum ba ya, my Lord,
    Zum ba ya.

    Okay. Enough is enough. I’m off to bed. Sorry.

  45. justThelma

    I have a number of things I want to do this spring. The most important one, though, is to clean the accumulation of clutter out of our unfinished basement. Every time we get heavy rains for more than one day, we have to deal with flooding issues.

    However, when you consider there are things down there from both my and my husband’s single days, as well as things we’ve cast off (but not away) during our 17 years of marriage, to say it’s going to be a big job is quite the understatement. I’m tempted to hire a dumpster and just haul everything out and get rid of it all.

    BTW Tori, I’ve been following your blog for some time, and am thoroughly enjoying your writing. I’ve actually gone back and read some history, but only back as far as June or July/08 …. because to go back any further than that would just seem … well, creepy! LOL

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