Wherein that whole “my mom has a blog” thing bites Madi in the butt.

Poor child.

OK, don’t worry, I’m not going to violate her privacy or embarrass her unnecessarily– just the necessary amount to get a good blog post out of it. I’M KIDDING!!! Actually, there’s nothing scandalous to report. We had a perfectly lovely weekend, and everybody was surprisingly comfortable and had a great time together. We had some fun, ya’ll!

In the interest of full disclosure, here’s the real reason I instigated this little weekend getaway: though Ricky and Madi have been ‘an item’ for about five months, they have actually only spent time together once, which I know is terribly difficult for them, but as a mom… long-distance dating = TOTAL SCORE! However I happen to remember how much angst and yearning already comes with the territory when you’re a 16 year-old girl, so before this whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing took on a life of its own and started really interfering with her studies and quality of life in general (for all of us!), I decided to just cut to the chase and bring the dang mountain to Mohammed. To mix metaphors. Bottom line: Yes, it may just be a cute little teenage romance to me, but this young man is important to my daughter and that alone is reason enough for me to treat her feelings with respect. And regardless of the fact that I think this is The. Best. Set-up. Ever. I know it isn’t a lot of fun for Madi to have a boyfriend who lives in a whole ‘nother state. Also? Going to all of the time, trouble and expense to get the two of them together in lovely, scenic Gatlinburg makes me look like The. Best. Mom. Ever. and I absolutely take full advantage of those moments whenever I can get ‘em, yo.

I also thought that I ought to take full advantage of the fact that if I stage-managed generously provided them with a chance to see each other, I would have a front-row seat to observing the dating habits of the American teen, specifically, MAH BABY! I’ll admit I was curious to see how Madi would react to this potentially awkward situation. Here’s a boy that she is in constant contact with– and by constant, I mean CONSTANT– but only by text, IM and phone. Now she was going to  finally get to see him, but instead of a normal date like having him pick her up and go to a movie or something, they would be under the same roof with with her mom and little sister right there with them! How would she react? Would it feel all tense and weird? Would she be too reserved? Too eager? Would she act like the Madi we know and love, or would she somehow modify herself to try to impress her beau? And what about Ricky– what if he turned out to be some cocky little jerk who didn’t realize what a rare, precious miracle of a girl he was being generously allowed to share the same air with? Would I like him, or would I have to kill him in his sleep? Yes, in my mind that little rented chalet was more like a Smokey Mountain Petri Dish of Love, and I was the mad scientist in charge! *insert evil cackle here* MWAH HA HA HA HA!

I am very happy to report that the entire weekend was a complete blast and I could not have been more pleased with how Madi and Ricky related to each other. Here’s the good news: Ricky has four sisters and a very cool mom, so he is just fine in a house full of girls and could handle anything we threw at him. He was relaxed with me, delighted with Madi and sweet to Charlotte– big points. He is funny and smart and interesting. And I loved the fact that my wonderful daughter did not dial back her essential Madi-ness one bit. She was completely herself, natural and feisty and fun. We built a fire, had a long lazy Saturday morning, went into town and ate and walked around and went to the Aquarium and made homemade pizza and then it was Sunday and he left and we came home. Russ of course was on the road and couldn’t be with us, but he has the advantage of having already met Ricky and weighed in with a positive vote. Here’s Madi’s assessment of the weekend: “It was perfect!” Mine: “It was easy!” Charlotte’s: “I like him!” Win/win/win!

Madi has already posted these photos to her Facebook page, so I have permission to share them with you. Because, you know, I have all of those boundaries and stuff.

**Obviously their fashion styles totally mesh.

**The Aquarium

**Yes, it was a little weird at first to see her walking around holding hands with a big tall boy! Then I got over it. Because they were so dang cute.

**So, yeah. I’m glad we went.

19 Responses

  1. auburn60

    Hey, I liked him after e-mailing him on his birthday and getting a cute/funny/respectful response. And we talked about music and stuff in these e-mails–not Madi–so I liked that he can converse with an old lady.
    Score, Madi! Hope to meet him someday.

  2. Phyllis R

    Welllll, after entering my password wrong 3 times…here I am to comment. ROFL I know you were just waiting on it. LOL Anyways, I love the pictures. The last picture of Ricky and Madi is adorable to say the least! I am so happy that y’all all had a good time. Most of all I am glad he realized that he has a gem and he was ALLOWED to share the same breathing space with her. hehehe I am sure he is a wonderful young man as well.

    P.S. Note to Madi…girllllllllllll, he is cute! hehe

  3. jonny

    I have to agree about the last pic. They do “look” like they were made for each other = / And how cool for Ricky, he gets to brag to everyone, “Yeah, it’s true, my girlfriend was really bit by a shark!”

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Awwww…they look so cute! And, I am so glad you liked Ricky.

    I absolutely loved it when you wrote, “Yes, it may just be a cute little teenage romance to me, but this young man is important to my daughter and that alone is reason enough for me to treat her feelings with respect.” I felt that with my children’s feelings whether they were a toddler or a teenager. Whatever is going on with them is the biggest thing in their world at that time…regardless of how we are looking at it. Besides, it’s kinda fun to relive it a little through them.

    What a jewel you are as a mother,Tori Taff. (well, as more than that but we are on this subject for now)

  5. megs84

    That is so sweet! I am happy for you all, Tori! What a blessing it is that it went well and you can honestly tell her that! You do win Mom of the Year award for this one. My Mom would have NEVER even considered something like this! :)

  6. tori

    auburn60–hey, if you’re coming to FF you can meet him!

    Phyllis R–Thanks for not letting password issues keep you out!

    jonny– Yeah, that shark thing is a great little icebreaker– if the conversation ever lags,
    there’s always, “Speaking of sharkbites…”

    Momma Lloyd– It is obvious that you treated your kids with respect because of the deep respect and love they have for you.

    megs84– My mom wouldn’t have either! Different times, I guess.

  7. jonny

    I was getting a little deep with myself a moment ago & was reminded of how little we know of the future, that nothing, or no one should be taken for granted at any given point in time.. Grateful you let the kids have this neat weekend when the moment, opportunity allowed itself. OK, i’ll go back to being my cheeky self in the next few posts!

  8. auburn60

    I’ll be there! And I’ll try not to squeal and stuff.

    Oh dear–I may have to behave this FF.

  9. jonny

    “And I’ll try not to squeal and stuff.” LOL!! Now that’s funny! = )

  10. BrownEyedGirl

    What great pictures! Madi and Ricky make such a cute couple. That last picture is just too sweet…

  11. belinda

    I love the pictures and I am so glad that you all had such a great weekend. I kind of had a feeling that you would. As I already told you Tori, you Rock as a Mom! More Mom’s could learn A LOT from you!

    I’m with Momma Lloyd on the part where you said, “Yes, it may just be a cute little teenage romance to me, but this young man is important to my daughter and that alone is reason enough for me to treat her feelings with respect.” More parents need to look at it that way.

    Madi & Ricky do make a great looking couple!

    You and Russ have to be proud of her and you should be. You are great parents and she has the best examples to follow. I know you say you are winging it but you are doing a great job.

  12. gracelynn

    I saw Madi’s pics on Facebook and they are just a precious couple! I’m glad you all had such a great weekend and it’s great that Ricky is used to all that woman stuff, having all those sisters! LOL I had already approved of him after he sent the thank you e-mail from his b-day message I sent. If you can get a child to say thank you today, they have my approval, especially since I work in a classroom and practically have to drill those words into their thickheaded skulls sometimes. I look forward to meeting Ricky at FF! See you there auburn… ;)

  13. jonny

    Why, thank-you gracelynn for Saying all that! = ) = ) = ) Sorry, tried, but couldn’t resist. Besides, practice makes better… ??

  14. carsmith

    Funny how often you blog about subjects that at going on around my house. As a Mom you absolutely rock and as a Granny, I almost fizzled.

    Our 17 year old granddaughter from out of state was here last week on her spring break. We had 25 family members at our house Sunday night for an early Easter Dinner. Noticed a cute 17 year old boy was sitting with our granddaughter and they were very taken with each other. The young man was cute as a button and wore a white cowboy hat. Found out he works on my cousins farm. They had gone 4 wheelin’ and hit it off. We noticed they were holding hands while the kids were hunting Easter Eggs. Everyone (including her Dad) thought things were moving to fast. Later I asked how long she had known him and she said “2 days” and seemed to be annoyed by the question. I told her later that it was hard to realize our oldest granddaughter was growing up.
    With a hug she accepted my apology when I told her that I trusted her and knew she would always make good decisions. The next day I read your blog……….. Next time I’m calling you for pointers.

  15. MostlySunny

    Isn’t there like a “6 inch” rule – or maybe 8 or 10 – that you can’t get closer than that until you’re like….32?!

    Someone lied to me…

    Or maybe that was at some ultra-conservative college I once heard about. Golly, stuff just gets mixed up in my brain sometimes and who knows how it’s all going to come out!

    Cute kids; cute pics; fun weekend.

    My question to you is — Did you get ANY sleep?

  16. jonny

    I thought it was a massively thick King James Bible between a couple, with all the extras included?!? And carsmith, I personally was glad to read you were able to speak your peace to your granddaughter on both ends of the situation. Both show you care, and hopefully she realises that.

  17. ruthiebear

    Tori, You rock as a mother! My mother would NEVER in a million years allowed such a meeting. I, on the other hand, tried to always have an open mind and heart when it came to my daughter’s boyfriends. She knew her husband a mere three months before they were engaged and another 4 before they were married. I trusted her heart. It seems you do the same with your daughters. What a wonderful experience that can inspire trust on such a deep level. Way to go, Tori1

  18. LindaB

    Well, this blogging thing may have bit poor Madi in the butt, but at least this time it didn’t involve sharks and stitches! And news reporters knocking at your front door wanting pictures of it!

    Tori, so…….what ya gonna do when she wants you to take her back to see him more often? Like every weekend? I’m just asking.

    Ricky seems like an exceptional young man with incredibly good taste in girlfriends! But is he good enough for our Madi???? I’ll have to think about that one for a while………like 10 years!!

  19. jd2008

    Aww. They’re so cute…

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