A few more photos…

…of the Little Rock concert, courtesy of Carolyn (carsmith) and Momma June!

I’ll be checking in with you guys later– packing to go on a last-minute, very short trip with the girls to Gatlinburg. Where I may or may not be meeting a certain Special Friend of Madi’s face to face for the first time. Who may or may not be named Ricky.

Any advice? Any questions you want me to ask on your behalf, my beloved readers? (Oh yeah, I’LL BE TAKING PICTURES!!!)

**Smiling for the camera–except for Mom, who is probably looking for Mark.

**I love this one so much.

**Working that table!

10 Responses

  1. auburn60

    Hey,you should have planned to drop in on me! At least wave as you pass my exit.
    I had an e-mail exchange with Ricky a few weeks ago about music and stuff and I liked him–no grilling of the boy from me!
    But Madi can go ahead and scope out my carved bear or totem pole for me and I can pick it up in May. :)

  2. themema

    Love the pictures. Enjoy your short trip. As for Ricky…… just smile and resist the urge to tease or embarass Madi. l o l

  3. grfdave

    Advice? from a father of 2 teenage daughters??? BRING A GUN! Seriously tho, it is cool that you are invited to meet him! Lots of kids are afraid to introduce their parents. Kudo’s to both you and Russ for keeping communication open with your girls.

  4. gracelynn

    Enjoy your trip. I need a weekend getaway myself but I’ll take my trip coming up in another week. Hope you and the girls have fun and take plenty of pictures. Tell Ricky we said hi!

  5. Phyllis R

    I can’t help it…I just got this mental picture of us all glued to our computer screens waiting for the pictures of you meeting Ricky. LOL How kewl…tell him we says hiya!

  6. themema

    I got an email from my 17 year old granddaughter Sarah this evening asking when WE were going to see her boyfriend again. He lives in the DC suburbs, she is not yet ready to drive the 5 hours in interstate and DC traffic . So she is very happy when WE go to visit him. I love it. Not only that, I get to spend a lot of the time with them, because when i am with them……. I pay.

    Maybe that is the good advice, Tori….. PAY

  7. LindaB

    Here’s my advice……..be quiet and brooding the whole time you’re with him. Then, when it’s time to go, say “Well, kids, we have to get home so I don’t miss my anger management class. You know how hard nosed that judge was!”

  8. BrownEyedGirl

    Have a great trip!

    Re Ricky: Be suspicious and make him earn that respect….or my husbands tactic – be sharpening an axe as he approaches.

    Hope all goes well !

  9. belinda

    Love the pictures.

    Can’t wait for the update on the weekend. I know it will be great and you all will have a lot of fun. Ricky seems to be a very nice young man and very outgoing. He will fit right in with your family very well. Have fun!

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Be prepared to meet an adorable, sweet-talking Ricky. At least, that is the way his e-mail to me sounded. And, I liked it.

    But, I don’t want our Madi to get married until she is 30. She has a lot going for her and I want her to experience the whole nine yards. (Oh dear, am I getting ahead of this first-meeting?)

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