Hot Springs Arkansas– “First Ever 6th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade”

That is the real name of it, I’m not even kidding.

We took a day out of our spring break at Mom and Dad’s to go to HS for this festive event. We checked into a hotel, ate lunch out, walked all over town, then headed to the parade. Russ, as you can well imagine, was totally enthralled with the whole thing– OK, not so much, but he was a good sport. Actually, a good time was had by all!

Here is the event in pictures, because you know, “a thousand words” and all that:

**Downtown Hot Springs–they even put green water in the fountains.

**Charlotte thoughtfully examining her lunch.

**Taking turns rocking the green wig–

**Madi making friends while walking back to the hotel–

**On our way to the parade–

**Oh, yeah. We’re into it.

**Waiting for the parade to start– the ‘world’s shortest’ part is waaay up at the back of the photo. This part was less crowded, though.

**OK, so we were sitting on the curb waiting, and this very self-important policeman kept strutting back and forth right in front of us for no apparent reason. Patrolling us, I guess. Anyway, due to an unfortunate height ratio between the cop and the curb-sitters, his uniform-clad rear end was exactly eye level with us. A LOT. Back and forth. So of course, I got a picture of it for you guys.

**AND… it begins!

**A member of The Strumming Grannies– and trust me, if I had seen a green MULLET wig, I would have bought that one instead.

**I have no idea what the San Diego Chicken was doing there, but he totally needs a new agent.

**This was the International Order of Irish Elvises.

**Yes, bagpipes are Scottish not Irish, but hey, they add a lot to a parade.

**MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF ALL: Russ, halfway through the parade. We call this one “Kill me now.”

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  1. pj

    Ya gotta love him… I’m assuming you keep reminding him that he’s making memories for the girls! … and for you! :) Great pix, thanks for sharing.

  2. LindaB

    I love the picture of the policeman’s backside! ( I know, I need therapy, and I’m gonna get help soon as I get some spare time.) He needs a new badge that says, “Just say no to donuts!”

    Love the one of Russ sitting on the curb too. It’s the first picture of him I’ve seen without a cup of coffee in his hand! No wonder he’s giving you that look! He wants to go to Starbuck’s…….NOW!

  3. LindaB

    I wonder if that policeman knows that a picture of his butt is being circulated (sort of) on the internet for the entertainment of a score of bloggers and bloggees? Did you get his permission, Tori? What if his backside is copyrighted? Oh dear!

  4. BrownEyedGirl

    Aww ! I have to find myself a pair of those cool shamrock glasses!!

    As for Russ looking Oh so bored on the curb— you’re brave , Tori, I could NEVER take my hubby anywhere he didn’t want to be . When he is bored he gets into mischief – worse than a kid!!!!!!!!! Russ appears to be behaving :o)

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Nobody can ever say that the Taff girls don’t put all of themselves into a parade. I guess the best thing to say about Daddy Taff is he was there…and don’t push it.

  6. jonny

    I didn’t see any green on the policeman…

  7. CarolynR

    Love the green mullet, definitely think you should go for that next time !!

    BTW I think the Irish would be a bit surprised to hear you say that the bagpipes are purely Scottish! Irish bagpipes are slightly different but every bit as important to the culture ;)

  8. jonny

    Plus the kilts, tartans, are different as well.

  9. MostlySunny

    I hate parades; glad you went and I didn’t! I’m with Mr. T on this one…but I love Hot Springs!

  10. Phyllis R

    Ok, I must confess…I am a picture fanatic..freak…whatever. Soooo, the more pictures the better for me. LOL I love everyone of them, but I have to say the expression on sweet Charlotte’s face as she examines her lunch is my favorite. The doggie dressed up is a prize winner for me too. Not to mention the one of the policeman’s rump and Russ on the curb and Tori sweetly sipping her drink. Madi making friends with the “dashing fella”, OH and can’t forget the green mullet or the Elvis’s. You know what jonny? I didn’t see any green on the policeman either…wonder what he would have done had someone pinched him? LOL

  11. jonny

    That picture just looked sooo tempting!! = /

  12. Phyllis S

    The family “McTaff’s”

  13. Phyllis R

    Yes, that picture does look so tempting. ROFL I can’t help but get this mental picture going on of someone pinching him from the curb.

  14. jonny

    Then when he turns quickly around, look as unaware and innocent as possible!!

  15. smartin956

    Oh my gosh, Tori. I have never laughed so hard in my whole life. You see, my mother plays in the Ukulele Band at Grand Ave. Methodist Church in Hot Springs and that is her that you took a picture of. The strumming granny wearing the mullet. (Now don’t ask me if I am proud of this fact. It’s like having a teenager. You can’t control everything they do. Ha!) She had some pictures of the other people in the band but didn’t have one of herself so now she does. I just called her and she got on your blog and we laughed until we were crying. This is hilarious!! Do you remember her from when we were in high school? She was the school bookkeeper at HSHS. Anyway, thanks for the gut splitting laugh this morning. Mom said to tell you to tell Russ that if he ever needs a “backup” for a concert to just give the “Strumming Grannies” a call. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  16. Phyllis R

    YESSSSSSSSS jonny, either look unaware or innocent or she could have punched Russ and said, “Russ Taff, I told you not to pinch that officer” ROFL

  17. jonny

    And of course the moment he goes into quick turn around mode, he’d have his hand instantly poised over the pistol grip! And an absolutely wonderful story about your mom and the picture, smartin956!! = ) Maybe we can all find out where to get a wig like her’s now = ) = ) = )

  18. grfdave

    great shots! Glad to see I am in great company when it comes to ‘sitting’ out parades!

  19. MostlySunny

    smartin956 – That is tooooo funny that that is your Mother!

  20. Phyllis R

    How neat smartin956, that is your Mother! Were you surprised when you saw her picture on here? That is kewl as all get out!

  21. carsmith

    How funny to visit this site and see your Mother. A few years ago Momma June and I marched in this very parade—–think it was the “First Ever, 2nd Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
    We looked ever so snazzy marching with our Scarlett Ladies Red Hat Group. Of course we wore green with the red and purple but didn’t have the sharp looking green hair. While playing tourist did you see the Arkansas Hall of Fame on the sidewalk? I’m ready to lobby to see why Russ has not been recognized. Love the pictures too……….kept em coming.

  22. carsmith

    Gotta get ready to go see our favorite singer tonight at Alltel. Can’t wait to hear the new Vocal Band too.

  23. hbmom5

    I love all of the pictures!!

  24. gracelynn

    Thank you Tori! I needed that laugh so much. That picture of the cop’s rear end is just priceless. And I love the one of Russ – kill me now! ROTFL That is the same look I give the kids I teach when I’m ready to say the hay with it all. The one of him with the girls is precious too. That is a very unique way to spend St. Patty’s Day. Unfortunately I spent mine fighting computer problems and annoyed teenagers.

  25. belinda

    Loved all of the pictures. Looks like you were all having a lot of fun. I agree, the more pictures the better.

  26. dukefanclub

    I wish I’d known sooner that you guys were going to be in town for the parade…I could have arranged a better viewing location for you all. By the photos posted you all were at the end of the parade route and missed viewing the “Grand Marshall”, John Ratzenberger….of course after getting called out by him for taking pictures before the parade started, I don’t think of him as very grand…..hope you all enjoyed your visit “back home”…If Russ ever makes it back here with his golf clubs….give me a shout….I have pictures to post if you would like them of the parade too…..PS Enjoyed the Gaither Homecoming very much last night too…

  27. dukefanclub

    You guys should visit this site and nominate Russ to be in the Arkansas walk of fame….He’s earned it!

  28. nashbabe

    digging the green mullet…

  29. kenebishop

    When you’re digging through the old stuff and you find the St. Patrick’s Day you spent in Arkansas with the mullet and the cop and the grannies and the San Diego Chicken(?), you’ll wonder how that all came to be. What fun! But, I actually happened upon the world’s shortest St. Paddy’s Day parade in Lexington, KY. I jotted at So glad I found you!!

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