I stink at packing.

Well sweeties, I am desperately trying to get everything together for the Taff family to go suffer for Jesus on the Homecoming Caribbean cruise… and it is bedlam, I tell ya! We leave Saturday, and my bedroom absolutely overfloweth with varying sized stacks of clean folded clothes as well as an alarmingly large pile of footwear– hey, you try packing for three females and see what YOUR shoe count is! There is internet access on the ship. so don’t think you aren’t going to hear from me for a week– you still have to come by here, ya know! I will try very hard to keep posts and photos coming. No bathing suit shots though. You can thank me later.

More SOON!

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  1. jonny

    Well, I guess I can thank you in advance for sparing the bathing suit shots = / And are you sure some of Russ’ shoes aren’t responsible for the shoe count?? Some of the photos & video clips I’ve seen of him lately seem to suggest he may be somewhat of a fashion plate… I did come across a video with you in it on you tube, by the way. You’re both riding a train with the band and both looking like your having the time of your lives being in it! and both looking quite sporty in your get-up for the shoot = )

  2. LindaB

    I HATE PACKING with a PASSION uncommon for a woman of my age! I HATE IT, I HATE IT! I’d have traveled around the whole entire world by now if it wasn’t for the packing part! And I remember the worst time of my life ever involving a suitcase—–packing for me, hubby, AND TWO GIRLS!!! I feel for ya, Mrs. Taff! Hang in there! I’m always afraid I’ll forget something—–and I always do! I have to keep telling myself that there are stores where we’re going and I can buy whatever it is that I am going to forget!

    Tell me, when you all get down to the car with your luggage and bags, does your husband complain that you’re taking too much stuff? Mine does EVERY TIME! If we got one of those vacuum packed bag things—–you know those bags you see on TV where they suck the air out of the bag so it shrinks to near nothing? If we got one, and shrank our clothes and beauty equipment down to the approximate size of a stick of chewing gum, he’d still shake his head and ask, “Are you taking ALL OF THAT?” I just wondered if it’s like a “man” thing and all husbands do that.

    Do send us pictures——maybe a couple of Russ’s hair? LOL And you all have a fantastic time!

  3. auburn60

    I’m trying to pack Matthew and me for a weekend in Gatlinburg at Winterfest and I can’t even get to the ‘clean,folded clothes’ stage!
    I can’t find half of the stuff we need.
    As soon as I wash an item of clothing and fold it neatly in preparation for packing,he comes along,turns the pile upside down, retrieves something from the bottom of the stack and LEAVES IT LIKE THAT. AAARRRRGGGHH!

    Question: Why are events in G’burg always ‘fests’? Winterfest.Family Fest. Bike Fest. Are we to feel particularly festive?

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I once attended a conference where they also had an “expert” show us how to pack. She said after you have packed, take out one half of what you have packed and leave it behind. And, you know what? When I don’t do that I have noticed that I usually wear only half of what I have taken.

    So now, I actually do take out some of the things I have packed….and then put some of them back in…because I am so insecure about packing. Yet, I can’t remember a time I have worn all that I have taken.

    Now, going on that cruise, everybody will probably be in shorts most of the time…and thongs (on the feet, my dear) But then, there are those formal times. Uh, you’re right…packing is tough. But you’re gonna have fun once you get there…all that sunshine and water, no cooking, no dishes, no homework….great family time.

  5. jonny

    I, with a few others, used to live out of suit cases most of the year touring with one theater group. You could always tell the newbies by how much they brought. And even with the seasoned ones, sometimes the women would bring quite a bit more than the fellows… Maybe it could be a guy thing at that, LindaB. Maybe we just have less travel needs… = / Except for Russ and his shoes, of course LOL!! I hope all those taking a trip now have a truly blessed time, regardless of packing skills = ) Peace! jonny

  6. tammy961

    Have a superfantabulous time!! Lots of sun and visitin’. What could be better?


  7. chillybean

    Tori, I feel your pain. I am in the midst of packing the kids for a four day weekend at Grandpa’s. All throughout today, I have seriously contemplated sending them with a bag of dirty clothes. I knew the pile of dirty clothes would be waiting for me while I slaved away at school and I didn’t really want to face it.

    I just couldn’t do it though. I am lazy, but that did seem extreme. I mean, Grandpa is doing me a favor, right? The clothes are in the washer right now. I might even fold them, too!

    Have a great vacation!

  8. gracelynn

    I detest packing as well. If I can get beyond the clothes, I am fine. It’s just trying to fold and pack those daggone clothes! My training case stays packed so I only have to add my vitamins and medicines to it thankfully. I just never seem to have enough time to pack the way I should. LOL

    Have a wonderful time Tori and take plenty of good pictures for us!

  9. themema

    When I was working, one of the office jokes was that I was the only woman who could go to a weekend event with nothing more than a change of underwear and a toothbrush in my brief case. I still pack light, most of the time.

    I have a friend who travels for long periods of time. She packs each outfit in a a large ziplock bag, and squeezes out the air. Each nite she hangs up the clothes she wore that day in the shower and sprays with febreeze. She says that way she can get at least two days out of each outfit. I used to pack for the granddaughters to go to camp with each day’s outfit in the ziplock, right down to the socks. When you squeeze out the air, it is amazing how little they wrinkle.

    Now, Tori. You and your girls will be beautiful if you wear the same thing every day. I Look forward to pictures and reports…. lots of them. And when you are having an especially good time, just remember how much I wanted to go on this one.

  10. BrownEyedGirl

    Have a great time on that cruise!!

  11. carsmith

    Packing is not my idea of fun either and I always take too much. Now the cruise is my idea of fun. Jim and I wish we were going on the cruise with you. It would be even more fun if we could get other family members on the ship. We’ve talked about it. Jim’s finished his first week of the yucky chemical cream stuff all over his face and he looks like he’s been on a cruise and stayed on the deck way too long. Too many years of fighting fires and enjoying the sun without sun screen. Give the girls and Russ hugs from the Smiths. Have fun.

  12. Phyllis R

    Well, I kinda believe there are very few people that enjoy packing, but the trips are worth it. Well, some of them anyway. LOL I would love to spend some time with some of the people that are going to be on the cruise, but I have this sneaking feeling I would be leaning over the side of the boat loosing everything I had eaten and probably a little more. Just never could do the motion thing. The water and the boat moving together would just put me under. LOL I am sure you will have a good time…try to relax and blow some “cobwebs” out of ya mind and have a blast. Kick butt and take names!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. LindaB

    I hear ya ’bout the motion sickness, Phyllis! I can’t wear those Dr. Scholl’s gel pads in my shoes without getting a little nauseous. But I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise just to say I went and see that big ship from the inside!

  14. LindaB

    Hey! I wonder if I could call my congressman and apply for some of that stimulous money for a little exploration project on the high seas……….via cruise ship maybe? I’ll tell them I am doing a study on “quartet fish”, their habitat, their feeding habits, and get my picture taken with them! That would work, wouldn’t it?

  15. Phyllis R

    ROFL LindaB, you could always try.

  16. jd2008

    WHOO! Except I’m probably not going to laugh for the next week because Charlotte isn’t going to be present! UGH! Oh well, I’ll try to manage surviving….

  17. sammifredenburg

    tori, now this is a fun, this blog of yours. i stumbled on it by looking for a facebook page for Mylon Lefever, which bumped me into a handful about Russ, which led to his official site, which led a link to your blog here. and if it’s okay, i’d love to stay & follow your blog.

    i became a fan of your husband at the Imperial’s Honolulu concert in i believe ’76 or so. i’ve been married a year more than you. i loved your man’s voice, promoted his songs as much as i could in Christian radio, and had a terrible crush on him. forgive me, please (wish he would too.) but now that homecoming is more my style, i’m glad he’s there. he’s much more human to me now it seems. and glad you’re here.

    my son still has the Walls of Glass t-shirt in his drawer and wears it in rotation. i just never could part with it, it doesn’t fit me anymore, and rather than let it go or stuff with a pillowform, he wears it. can you believe that? he’s only seen the Russ of Homecoming. now that’s funny!

    my first ever cruise is in may, the alaska cruise with the husband and 18 year old son . . . . . i’m remembering years ago the homecoming cruises were to alaska and wish our cruises collided. but Father surely knows i’d surely die of embarrassment when you all boarded, so you all head to the tropics, we’ll go see glaciers.

    your 50 item bio is amazing. i too married just before 20, had children at the 13 and 15 year-point (first was a stillborn), i survived western evangelicalism with my faith intact, but seriously, left the ministry and found the Lord, almost taken out by friendly fire. another story in itself, i’ll spare you, you have packing to do. right now i just hope you’ll let me stay and enjoy the liberal, freeing joy your blog community brings me.

    safe travels, so glad mady is okay from the bite, charlotte surely will be bringing much joy and laughter to those who stay behind with her, and may the warm caribbean waters be an awesome time for you all.

    stay close,

    sammi in seattle =)

  18. jonny

    OK, a few of us had a great laugh last nite & I thought I’d share in case someone here finds it funny as well. After posting and reading comments about shoes and cruises, I went to an evening some friends from church run two Fridays a month. Three girls took a ferry, which is more like a cruise ship, to Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a popular thing to do over here. Anyway, they made a wonderful little video of the trip which they debuted last nite. When they got to Stockholm for the day, a couple of them went a little crazy buying shoes. Then back to the ferry for the return trip home. During the segment on the ferry heading back there was a title which stated, “An Ocean of Shoes.” Quick cut to one of the cabin beds literally covered with all the new shoes bought during their few hours in Sweden. Suddenly, unexpectedly, one of the girls comes flying into the shot, mid air, lands in the ocean of shoes and starts doing the breast stroke on top of them! Everyone just lost it!! There may have even been a few tears shed as well cuz some were laughing so hard = ) Peace!

  19. jonny

    Sorry, I think the swimming move she was doing on the shoes is called the crawl.

  20. belinda

    I trust you got all packed and are having a wonderful time headed to the cruise. Hey, you have to have all the right shoes to go with each and every outfit! VERY IMPORTANT! Have a wonderful time and we look forward to reports!

    I am one of those that always takes way too much and has all of these clothes that I never wear while I am gone BUT I always have plenty to choose from. You never know what mood you are going to wake up in that day and want to wear.

  21. jonny

    OK, I believe it’s been around twenty-four hours since someone’s “Said it!” Be warned, I’m no longer going to resist temptation!! This was, for better or worse, the first thing that came to mind after reading; “You never know what mood you are going to wake up in that day and want to wear.” I can not help but wonder if this is the same excuse Tori’s husband uses for bringing his trunkload of shoes along every venture they undertake!?! OK, so have I successfully started a new vicious rumor yet??? Here’s hopin’!! = ) OK, now I’ll leave you ladies, and possibly a few gentlemen, to your own judgements regarding the state of said mind. Peace! And truly hope Tori & co. are having a massively wonderful time = )

  22. jonny

    OK, noticed after Saying it! that Belinda had already written, “Have a wonderful time.” I should’ve wrote, “I also hope you have a wonderful time.” Didn’t mean to sound like I was trying to one up her! = / Peace!

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