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Guess who’s in New Orleans! Me!

Also? Russ.

Every year we give each other the gift of a 3 day getaway, and this year it’s New Orleans.

Here’s just a little taste of our day…

**This was an incredible little street band. The woman on the right sang and played clarinet unbelievably well– we sat on the courthouse steps and listened for a long time.

**Feather boas at the French Market– and no, I didn’t buy any.

**Brad and Angelina’s house. For reals! They weren’t home, though.

**Shiny silver mime at Jackson Square apparently dressed in spare auto parts.

**My dinner tonight at Bayona– tripletail fish with parsnips, roasted potatoes and brussell sprouts. Also some  fried crunchy leeks on top. DELICIOUS!!!

Tomorrow– more food, and more walking and more loafing.

(Did I mention it was 77 degrees today?!)


Merry, Merry Christmas…

… to all of my beloved readers. Seriously, I am CRAZY GO NUTS over you guys.

Here’s a Christmas card, just for you. It was taken when Charlotte was about 4 years old, and for some unknown reason in the middle of July somebody set up a complete manger scene across the street from us, in the front yard of the Rev. Becca Stevens. We later figured out it was one of her practical joking parishoners, but at any rate, little Charlotte was completely entranced with the whole thing, and we ended up with what is now a Taff family classic photo.

So, from our family to yours, with lots of love–


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