Bloggy Scavenger Hunt!! With PRIZES and stuff!!! **Updated**


Dear New People Who Have Never Seen This Blog In Your Life And Are Only Here Now Because You Are Hot On The Trail Of Yummy Yummy Prizes AND WHO CAN BLAME YOU???!!!–

Please come back soon. I’ll actually write something. And possibly provide snacks.

Love from your new best friend,


OK, readers– I’ve been invited to be part of… something!

(You know I am a little tech-challenged, so I’m not exactly sure that I understand what this is all about, or more specifically, what the heck I am supposed to be doing, but hey! The Popular Girls invited me to sit at their lunch table, so YAY!)

Actually, I really love and actually read all of the bloggers that are taking part in this little game thing-y, and I am genuinely excited to be part of this, so please, bear with me as I try to lay this out for you guys– and PLEASE, PLEASE PARTICIPATE!!!!! Make me look good here, people!

Here’s the deal– There’s a new ‘hub’ website for moms that is being launched and as a fun way to introduce it to everyone, they decided to choose 7 bloggers to be part of a “Share the Love” scavenger hunt this week. We’re keeping the name of the new site a secret because, hello, that’s the point of a scavenger hunt, right?!  But since now I’m in the ‘in crowd’, I’ve been able to look it over and seriously, it is a really well-thought-out, well-put-together way for moms to connect with one another– lots of great ideas and cool stuff!

And speaking of cool stuff… Did I mention there will be PRIZES?????

Well, there are! And many of them food-related, so you know I’m all about that. So go to it, readers, and WIN WIN WIN!! (That’s my version of a pre-game pep talk.)

The “rules” are as follows

1) There are 7 bloggers participating in the Hunt and the goal of the game is to find those 7 bloggers through clues on each of those seven blogs

2) Once you find the next blog on the list, leave a comment (let them know you found them!), and read the clue for the next blog on the list.

3) At the last blog there will be a final clue as to what this main host mom site is. Once you find that final mom website you need to join that site and then email Jenn at with a list of all seven blogs, plus the name of that mysterious new main host mom site that you just figured out, you genius, you.

4) The first player to complete all of the above wins a great gift bag, including a beautiful Love/Joy freshwater pearl necklace and earrings. YES! Jewelry! What’s not to love?!

Four runners up also win gift bags and there are also prizes for 10 players through a random drawing. That’s a total of 15 prize packages! Prize packages include amazing donated prizes from: Orville Redenbacher (popcorn and popcorn bowls); Rice Krispies (wonderful treat kits); handcrafted jewelry; handcrafted bags… we’re not giving away crap, here folks!

Remember, the hunt STARTS here– — so go there first, but at some point in the hunt, you’ll end up back here at good ol’ Babybloomr.

When you get back here, use this clue to find the next blogger in the game (use Google, or whatever else you think might help!)

Here’s my BIG HINT:

**This lovely mom has six kids, for crying out loud which would probably cause me to do a lot of screaming, however she seems to handle the masses with great humor and style. (She is also cute as a bunny and her first name just happens to rhyme with “charmin’ “…)

AND… you’re off!

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  1. Lala70

    Found you…and had to register, whoo hoo

  2. Selkie1970

    Found you!
    I am not sure what I ended up registering for. Hmmmm.

  3. roxymommy

    Found you! Yay!

  4. margalit

    Found you!

  5. spacylacy

    Found you!

  6. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home

    Got it! Thanks for the fun.

  7. WhatAboutMom

    found you!

  8. Angela in Ohio

    Found ya!

    (lots of work just to leave a comment!)

  9. Kajudy

    Found you!

  10. Mrs. Bubba

    Found you!

  11. jenidvm

    Found you!

  12. werled

    Found you!

  13. SassyLime9

    here i am, too! i made it!

  14. aliciamcg

    found you!

  15. heatherbug737

    found ya!

  16. debgreen

    Found you!

  17. Bluemopitz

    Found you, had to register!

  18. wiljen109

    I got here!

  19. absster

    found you

  20. Doodlerah

    Found You!

  21. MuffinMom


  22. Tonggu Momma


  23. afamiliarpath

    this is fun.

  24. mombrud

    wow! tough to leave a comment! Having fun here!

  25. hmt90a

    Found you

  26. Tree Climbing Mom

    Found you!!

  27. Cindy

    Found you! I’ve read your blog before & have enjoyed it so it was fun to find you again.

  28. marthabishop

    Found you!!! Getting closer!

  29. alysonb

    found you! A little harder to leave a comment here – I hope I look the same as I do on the other blogs :)

  30. tbirdonawire

    found you.

  31. Julie at Elisharose

    Found you. Moving on.

  32. careysmile

    four down… three to go!

  33. ET

    Found you! :)

  34. gracelynn

    found ya Tori!

  35. pamelotta

    I found you!

  36. lac

    Found you

  37. lac

    Found You!

  38. becca

    found you!

  39. hgrims

    Found you!

  40. mrs.aaron.d

    found you. thanks for the clue!

  41. bing_6

    Found Ya!

  42. ktoone

    Found you!

  43. crazydavis

    Found you :)

  44. tonispurgeon

    Whew 4 down 3 to go! What fun!

  45. Amy

    Found you!

  46. rcalton

    Found you.

  47. erinwith4

    found you!

  48. Gabreial

    Found you!

  49. AmyMCGS

    Found ya!

  50. emilythemom

    weeeeee! I found you!

  51. MSM

    I’m on a roll; don’t understand this wordpress-registering-to-comment part, but I’m playing along!!

  52. gracelynn

    ok Tori – I think I got it all done, including the mom site registration! That was fun!

  53. lemonmeringuedog

    Found you!

  54. momma25girlz

    Found you! Woo hoo!


    found you!!

  56. ruth ann

    found you!

  57. Renee

    Found it!

  58. lmvenning

    Found you!

  59. Coupon Mom Mom

    I found you!

  60. staying6

    Found you!!!

  61. babsmid

    found you

  62. lolagoetz

    Found you!

    I didn’t know about your site, except for Shannon’s mention. I’ve been listening to your husband’s music since I was a teenager. I can’t wait to read more from you.

  63. kristentrue

    made it


    Found you!

  65. laura

    4 down.

  66. pattyjc

    Found you!

  67. jennshehata

    Found you.

  68. bneherzog

    found you!

  69. Phyllis S

    I didn’t have to look for you, I knew where you were all the time! I am NOT going to loose you either.

  70. Elena

    Found you!

  71. TaraKMom24

    Found you, too!

  72. jadeinmywindow

    check and check.

  73. southerngirl77

    Found you! What fun!

  74. bethanyloy

    found you!

  75. mlriemen

    Found you – on to the next one!

  76. dstone8

    Found you #4!

  77. jenajcraig

    Found You!

  78. Steph

    That took a little while. Found ya.

  79. silver_squirrel2

    Found you! Of course it took a while to register, etc… But yay!

  80. asanders268

    found you

  81. bethruzanic

    found ya!

  82. ThingsPondered

    Found you!

  83. 4partharmony

    Found you!

  84. MomontheRun


  85. ameliab

    Found you!

  86. trinairby

    found you

  87. ogarac

    found you too :)

  88. lydiakhunt

    found you!

  89. sweetlexie520

    Found you!! :)

  90. Jana

    Okay, on to #5

  91. sweetlexie520

    Oh – and I forgot to tell you, I really like the design of your blog – the colors are really sharp looking!

  92. JLarsonRN

    I found you!! You’re now bookmarked for further reading as I have time between 4 kids, husband, homeschooling, church, etc. =)

  93. antonia

    wowza! it took me a long time to be able to leave a comment :)

  94. chiknlttle

    Found You!!!

  95. Holli T.

    Found you! And, I’m thrilled. First time to visit, but I will be back!
    Holli T.

  96. crittyjoy

    found YOU :o) Love your blog….

  97. creativecarol

    Found you! WHoopie!

  98. erincraig

    Found you!


    found you…plan to visit soon

  100. Paleo-Pat

    Just letting you know, WordPress 2.6.3 is out. you need to get it. 2.7 is being released soon. I’m beta testing it now. It’s going to be awesome.

    2.6.2 has a big ol’ honkin’ security issue!

    P.S. tell Russ, Loved “Medals”. Bought it back in the 1980’s when it came out originally, I was like, uh, 16? I’m 36 now.. Music is still real today, as it was then.


  101. Paleo-Pat

    oh, and my Blog is here.. it’s not a “Christian” Blog, but a political one. I let it fly at times. So, tread with care. Last thing I wanna do is offend fellow believers. with my stupidity. :blush:


    Found you.

  103. jodi @ bpr

    can’t wait to “get to know” your blog – thanks for participating in the hunt!

  104. kelli1227

    I LOVE your blog!!! Have to move on now…I’ll check back later.

  105. Meshellyn

    YAY! I’ve found you :)

  106. jensings

    Found you!

  107. mandijane

    Found you. Love the site, now have it bookmarked. :)

  108. tammy961

    WOWIE!! Tori, I think this is gonna be some kind of comment record… Y’all really need to bookmark and come back on a regular basis cause our gal, Tori, has lots to say—and on many different subjects–never know what we are gonna get when we log on…Always a surprise—a really good one, at that!

  109. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh what fun! Gracious, Tori, if I had known we were going to have so much company I would have baked a cake…or two. I hope all of you girls come back and see Tori’s blog again when you have time to stay and read her message of the moment….which can be anything from sweet memories to hog wressling….well, it could be! ‘Cause you never know with our Tori.

  110. Kini

    Found you!

    And, I’ll definitely be back! :)

  111. gracelynn

    I love Russ’s new website! Can’t wait to see him again soon!

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