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I have performance anxiety.

Ok, having like, a hundred-plus people show up around here for that whole bloggy contest thing has kind of thrown me

I’m off my game.

I’ve been procrastinating about posting because I have this delusional picture in my mind that there are these smiling, upturned faces out there in cyberspace breathlessly waiting to see what that middle-aged blonde woman they’d never heard of before the afore-mentioned bloggy contest is going to write next– you know, now that they’ve discovered me and have Babybloomr bookmarked under their Favorites. What if I let them down? What if my first post after their initial discovery of me makes them say, “Meh. Next.”


And what if they never come back and then I’ve blown my chance to increase my readership and squandered this wonderful opportunity to make new friends and continue my slow climb to my ultimate goal which is achieving total blog world domination? Then what??? So I’ve been paralyzed with fear and unable to string words together in my usual magically entertaining way (shut up, regular readers–they’ll find out soon enough!), which has resulted in a dearth of posts for the last couple of days.

Well, that and the fact that I’ve been really busy and couldn’t think of anything to write about.

So, hmm…

Oh wait, I thought of something–LOOK! Here’s the cake that Momma Lloyd sent Russ for his birthday!

It’s an apple cake and it was not only a lovely thoughtful gift, it was dang good.
And here’s Russ happily chowing down.
(No pressure on you new readers– you’re not expected to send us presents until you’ve been coming around for like, a year a couple of months. And cash and jewelry are always appropriate, so no worries if you’re not as culinarily gifted as Momma Lloyd.)
Come back soon. It only gets better.

Bloggy Scavenger Hunt!! With PRIZES and stuff!!! **Updated**


Dear New People Who Have Never Seen This Blog In Your Life And Are Only Here Now Because You Are Hot On The Trail Of Yummy Yummy Prizes AND WHO CAN BLAME YOU???!!!–

Please come back soon. I’ll actually write something. And possibly provide snacks.

Love from your new best friend,


OK, readers– I’ve been invited to be part of… something!

(You know I am a little tech-challenged, so I’m not exactly sure that I understand what this is all about, or more specifically, what the heck I am supposed to be doing, but hey! The Popular Girls invited me to sit at their lunch table, so YAY!)

Actually, I really love and actually read all of the bloggers that are taking part in this little game thing-y, and I am genuinely excited to be part of this, so please, bear with me as I try to lay this out for you guys– and PLEASE, PLEASE PARTICIPATE!!!!! Make me look good here, people!

Here’s the deal– There’s a new ‘hub’ website for moms that is being launched and as a fun way to introduce it to everyone, they decided to choose 7 bloggers to be part of a “Share the Love” scavenger hunt this week. We’re keeping the name of the new site a secret because, hello, that’s the point of a scavenger hunt, right?!  But since now I’m in the ‘in crowd’, I’ve been able to look it over and seriously, it is a really well-thought-out, well-put-together way for moms to connect with one another– lots of great ideas and cool stuff!

And speaking of cool stuff… Did I mention there will be PRIZES?????

Well, there are! And many of them food-related, so you know I’m all about that. So go to it, readers, and WIN WIN WIN!! (That’s my version of a pre-game pep talk.)

The “rules” are as follows

1) There are 7 bloggers participating in the Hunt and the goal of the game is to find those 7 bloggers through clues on each of those seven blogs

2) Once you find the next blog on the list, leave a comment (let them know you found them!), and read the clue for the next blog on the list.

3) At the last blog there will be a final clue as to what this main host mom site is. Once you find that final mom website you need to join that site and then email Jenn at with a list of all seven blogs, plus the name of that mysterious new main host mom site that you just figured out, you genius, you.

4) The first player to complete all of the above wins a great gift bag, including a beautiful Love/Joy freshwater pearl necklace and earrings. YES! Jewelry! What’s not to love?!

Four runners up also win gift bags and there are also prizes for 10 players through a random drawing. That’s a total of 15 prize packages! Prize packages include amazing donated prizes from: Orville Redenbacher (popcorn and popcorn bowls); Rice Krispies (wonderful treat kits); handcrafted jewelry; handcrafted bags… we’re not giving away crap, here folks!

Remember, the hunt STARTS here– — so go there first, but at some point in the hunt, you’ll end up back here at good ol’ Babybloomr.

When you get back here, use this clue to find the next blogger in the game (use Google, or whatever else you think might help!)

Here’s my BIG HINT:

**This lovely mom has six kids, for crying out loud which would probably cause me to do a lot of screaming, however she seems to handle the masses with great humor and style. (She is also cute as a bunny and her first name just happens to rhyme with “charmin’ “…)

AND… you’re off!

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