The Fancy Schmancy Food Aisle

I was just musing about this over at MomsLikeMe, but it bears repeating.

The thing is,  I seem to have temporarily lost my mind– and somebody needs to keep me out of the food aisle at T.J. Maxx.  For some inexplicable reason, I suddenly decided I needed the following items:

Mandarin Orange Teriyaki Sauce

Chocolate Covered Key Lime Coconut Patties

Pomegranate Salsa

Pistachio Nut Turkish Delight

Ocean-Themed Cookie/Cupcake Decorations (sharks, dolphins,tropical fish)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spritzer 

 and for some reason…

 Grandma Hoerner’s Big Slice Apple Sauce w/ Tropical Fruit.

(Although that one does look kinda good, don’t you think?)

Before you judge me too harshly, let me say that all of these things were on the closeout aisle, so they were waaaaay cheap. But still. And the thing is, I’m really not a shopaholic or impulse shopper by nature– I mean, I didn’t leave there with 35 pairs of shoes or anything! (Just pomegranate salsa!)

So, make me feel better– has anyone else ever done this?

And… who has a good recipe for Teriyaki Coconut Patties with Dolphin Sprinkles?

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  1. rockin robyn

    Hi Tori, Hey if your not fighting in line for gas any more – have at it…. Maybe it’s a stress reliever from everything that’s going on it the country right now!! Me, I don’t even like buying generic products or anything out of the norm when it comes to groceries. Give me the main “name brand” whether it’s on sale or not.

    But, I just had a yard sale the other week and sold a rattan chair from my living room because I wanted a missions chair (leather & wood)that I saw on sale and now I can’t find it any where. Yiks!!

  2. meb

    No good recipe for Teriyaki Coconut patties, but the pomegranate salsa I bet would be good on chicken over a bed of mixed greens.

    Every time I go to Whole Foods I do the same thing. Usually in the cheese aisle. I can’t begin to count how many different kinds of cheese are in my frig right now. There was one day I asked my husband to get “cheese” out of the frig and he said which kind, there are 12 different cheeses in here. Fortunately (and unfortunately) for me the closest Whole Foods is an hour away. And since we still have no gas in our part of Georgia, I won’t be getting there any time soon.

  3. auburn60

    Wow! Two ‘food posts’.
    I’m mulling over the deep,inner meaning of that.
    What would Freud say?

  4. tori

    auburn60–Um… I’m hungry?

  5. gracelynn

    ROTFL Boy Tori – you sound like me. The only difference is I hit the 60-70% off racks at the clothing stores LOL. I agree – it’s stress relief. Prevents me from strangling the life out of a child I teach. Plus I can find some great blouses for $2.00 at the end of the season that I can wear to work.

    The only difference in your frig, meb, and ours is that we have 15 different kinds of salad dressings – and most bottles only have about 3 tablespoons left in them! ROTFL

  6. LindaB

    I think I know why you scarfed up those bargain exotic foods——you’ve been doing what many of us have been doing—-watching the cable news channels too much as people, who must know more than us, are saying this past week is the Pearl Harbor of the stock market. That our economy is headed for the poop chute. That banks are failing left and right (no pun intended), credit is drying up, and another Great Depression is on the horizon. Who knows—-maybe you’re subconsciously thinking sometime in the near future, pomegranate salsa could be your dinner—–for a whole week.

    I just came in from mowing the lawn and as I mowed around my garden plot, I saw most of my plants are dead, dying, or rotted. I started to just mow over the whole thing and level it so it won’t look so bad, but I hesitated and decided not to because I thought what if things get so bad that we’re all out there trying to find one little surviving carrot to stave off starvation——like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind? Remember that scene? It always stuck in my head for some reason. Maybe that’s where my eating problems come from and not simply a lack of will power! I did see that movie when I was a young impressionable girl. I could have been scarred.

    I’m gonna go eat something before anorexia overtakes me. Or I don’t have enough credit to buy a carrot. I wonder if I have any Chocolate Covered Key Lime Coconut Patties——THAT sounds good!

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    The last three times I fell prey to that kind of shopping I was pregnant. Have you checked the health of your neighborhood Easter Bunny lately? Well, if this is the case, I hope this one makes a grand entrance singing, “Trumpet of Jesus!”

  8. gracelynn

    Linda, are the fire ants taking over your yard and garden? They are ours. My dad was spraying the horse lot Saturday and, no lie, found over 200 fire ant mounds out there. He spent the entire afternoon and most of Sunday spraying those critters trying to kill them. They are taking over the earth here in NC. Be careful if you do have them not to get into them and get eaten up!

    I have a turtle Chex Mix bar that was given to me for working concessions at the soccer game this afternoon I’ll share with ya!

  9. LindaB

    Gracelynn, here in Michigan we have snow and ice, rapidly changing weather, tornadoes, the highest unemployment rate in the nation, a depressed economy,……….BUT, we do NOT have fire ants whatsoever!!! Not a one! Natta! Ain’t that nice! We don’t have poisonous snakes either, ………as far as I know, except for some politicians that shall remain nameless. They’re SHAMELESS, might as well be nameless too.

    Pass the Chex Mix bar, please.

  10. tori

    Ok, Momma Lloyd?
    NOT FUNNY!!!

  11. auburn60

    You gotta admit the visual image of the emerging Taff singing his/her heart out IS pretty funny.

  12. LindaB

    Gee, that would be a good blog entry for that day!

    What I think would be funny if the little one had a long furry tail and it’s little cheeks filled with nuts. Kind of a birdfeeder lover meets Rosemary’s baby.

  13. BrownEyedGirl

    I love the TJMaxx food aisle! (I bought the key lime patties for my husband – they’re great :o)

    Since Jeff ( hubby ) and I are gourmet cooks for fun, I’m sure we could come up with a recipe LOL If you read a recipe and say, “who would have that in their pantry or frig??” We probably do. Anyone need to borrow Guanabana nectar or asian fish sauce??

    Our greatest indulgences would be many hot sauces and many kinds of mustard.

    Enjoy that food Tori!!

  14. tori

    Ok, it’s kind of hurting my feelings that the ad right below these comments is “How to Lose Stomach Fat”– who’s been talking????

  15. gracelynn

    Never fear Tori – That ad is probably for me. Especially when I only have time to eat chocolate Chex mix bars.

    Have some Linda……[xxxxxx] There you go! LOL And be thankful you do not have fire ants. They are taking over NC and fast.

  16. LindaB

    Whatch you talkin’ ’bout, Tori?? If you had any belly fat, you carry it in your purse!

  17. CarolynR

    I splashed out once and bought Syzmo prickly pear – the world’s first certified glycemic index tested energy drink, but have been paying for it ever since! On really special occasions, we push the boat out with home made hamster and guava cobbler with a reduced barracuda drizzle.

    PS does anyone know what a cold pressed virgin is and why you can only get them in aisle nine next to the chutneys?

  18. morgitta

    This was a fun read. Are we living on the same planet ? What’s key lime ? What’s a patty ? What’s turtle chex (protected wildlife ?),
    prickley pear ? drizzle ? Sounds like Harry Potter food.
    To my defense, I know about cold pressed virgins and why they are expensive.

  19. tori

    (Carolyn R and morgita– do you have any idea how hard it is for LindaB to restrain herself from making a ‘cold pressed virgin’ joke?

  20. LindaB

    LOL Carolyn,……..cold pressed virgin??? Sounds to me like a drive-in movie date in Michigan in January.

  21. auburn60

    A good Southern girl at the same drive-in movie would be the ‘prickley pear’.

  22. CarolynR

    rotflol @ you lot. Am giving myself a strict talking about yielding not to temptation :D

  23. CarolynR

    But if they really hit it off at the drive-in movie, they could go on to a night club and dance the night away to the Pomegranate Salsa!

  24. auburn60

    There ya’ go,Carolyn!

  25. LindaB

    Carolyn and Auburn6———you’re my kind of girls! LOL

  26. kwr221

    that fancy schmancy food is making me hungry!

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