And so it begins

Getting up at 6:30 a.m. never gets easier. Like, I never kick into ‘school time’ and my body is all, “Yay! It’s 6:30! I feel like popping out of bed and facing the day and making my kids a nutritious breakfast but first I’m going to take my cup of coffee out on the deck and contemplate deep thoughts and greet the Creator of the Universe with a heartfelt prayer and center myself and then go take my hair out of this ratty ponytail so I won’t look like one of those scary doesn’t-she-own-a-mirror?- type moms when I drop Char off at school. I LOVE THIS!”

Yeah, that never happens. Not one day during the entire school year. I’m not saying that I am grouchy and go around muttering under my breath and kicking the little yappers or anything. It’s more like I’m resigned to the inevitable, and can function well enough, it just never turns into one of those things that feels natural.

I just took two paragraphs to say, “I am not a morning person.”

In other news:  I have gotten such an incredibly unexpected wave of responses to my last post about Mom and Dad! It is so surprising and heartwarming to me; I guess I hit a nerve. Made me feel really good.

I’ll leave you with a photo montage of Charlotte’s first day of 6th grade. (Madi’s school starts tomorrow. She just got up and now we are getting ready to go bra-shopping. Girls are fun.)

**It looks like she’s getting attacked by a rogue crape myrtle.

**Sorry about the shadow. It was early, remember?

**And finally, here’s photo-documentation that I got Charlotte to school with 5 whole minutes to spare.

See, I can do this.

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  1. auburn60

    What a great color for Charlotte–even if it is a uniform.
    We are into our second week of school. Last week was easier. I think it’s safe to say that the ‘new’ has worn off. I’m making my THIRD trip to purchase school supplies today. grrrr.
    I personally HATE shopping for bras which is why I normally do it online. When you have to ’round them up to bind them up’ it does not make for a great shopping experience behind those little cutains in those little cubicles. I can remember being fitted for my first bra–some wack saleswoman with cold fingers and long nails trying to pull my boobs into that harness. I’ll be glad when it’s cold enough to wear a sweatshirt and keep’em guessing.
    This turned into a rant.

  2. Phyllis

    I always look forward to your post. I am new to this sort of thing and found you by way of Russ’s website. Glad I did. You are real and hit several nails on the head in your post.

  3. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Always took pictures of the children on their first day going back to school. I suppose you could call it a ritual. I wonder if this isn’t going on all over the neighborhoods at almost the same time. We used to sing “We’re off to see the wizzard….: as we got in the car. Well, maybe it’s more like I used to sing it. Whether or not anyone joined in depended on how late we were running and/or which side of the bed they got out on. Now, I sleep as late as I want…..and dream about those days back there when…..

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    P.S. Scanning down, when I first saw Char, I thoughtshe was Madi. Your pretty little baby girl is growing up, mom! And she is looking more like you every day.

  5. tammy961

    Tori- I have NO idea how I got to your blog–can’t remember what I was “searching” for–but so glad I DID find it–It has to be a “God-thang”–Your post reminds me of my OWN mother. She was IN no way a morning person. Like you–she wasn’t grumpy–just not thrilled with the morning…needless to say I don’t think she ever felt the urge to watch a beautiful sunrise–I inherited a son who also has a sweet dislike for mornings so it was the total opposite in our homes during his school years. I think I did the Happy Hallelujah dance when he finally graduated and I no longer had to wrestle him into consciousness–thanks for a sweet walk down memory lane–and I think I am gonna bookmark your site and hang around awhile—
    Tammy in Pensacola

  6. tori

    Auburn, I laughed out loud– conjured up quite a mental picture there, girl!

    Phyllis, so glad you found me, too! Please keep coming back.

    Momma Lloyd– If I start singing on the way to school Madi threatens to jump out, the little weasel. Char IS growing up… though for the life of me, I don’t think we look alike at all!

  7. tori

    Well hello there, tammy961!
    You snuck in while I was commenting!
    Welcome, welcome– please DO bookmark me and come back often.
    Sometimes I have snacks!

  8. belinda

    Your Baby is in 6th grade? Oh my! She is beautiful and looks like she is ready to start another year, I like the blue too. It is a great color on her. Actually I can see a little of both you and Russ in her.

    So how did the bra shopping go? Did you get Madi all ready for school? If I remember correctly she gets up at 5:30 in the morning, well on school mornings? At least that is the story I heard? Will be expecting pictures of her tomorrow right?

    I am one of those annoying morning persons. As soon as my feet hit the ground I am ready to start my day. Troy on the other hand is not. I can talk and talk to him when he first wakes up and all I get are stares back, okay maybe glares? I keep thinking he will start liking mornings but after 29 years, nothing much has changed there. I can remember waking up a long time ago when I was a wee little girl and hearing my Mom whistling as she was starting her daily chores and we would walk in the kitchen and my Dad would be there reading and ready to chat. Guess that is what I have always thought you were to do. Yes I do love mornings.

  9. themema

    Beautiful in Blue!

    I hate the ability of morning people to get up and function in the morning. My brain comes awake about 10 PM. I never could study, even in college until after 10 pm. I tried many things to change my internal clock. Nothing worked. I should have just gotten an all night job. I have had many desires, late at night, to see a morning sunrise. But at sunrise, I could care less!

    There are many things I miss about the years you are now living, Tori. But getting up early is not one of them.

  10. gracelynn

    Tori, Tori, Tori….sigh. I know the feeling honey. I had to get up at 6:15am this morning so I could report to work for MY first day back in the classroom. Of course, this means unpacking a minimum of 5 boxes full of classroom supplies, bulletin board cutouts, etc. from my car AFTER I try to get my room key from the VP – only to discover she doesn’t have them yet because the principal hasn’t reported to work by 8am. (Doesn’t have to – after all he IS the principal!) So she had to go unlock my door for me LOL but was kind enough to hold the side door open while I hauled in those boxes so I wouldn’t have to walk a half a mile around the school every time to get in. (Literally!) After working for 6 hours straight on the bulletin boards in my room (yes it takes this long – I have 4 boards IN the room to cover and ONE in the hallway – plus I have to laminate all my cutouts and that takes at least an hour), I finally realized my sugar was dropping and I had better go eat lunch before they came down there and found me laying in the floor in a coma. Wouldn’t look too good, esp. on the first day back. I think I managed to finish two boards of the 5. LOL I did get the borders up at least – well, in the room, not the hallway. I’ll do that one Thursday before open house. I gave up when my principal sent me home and told me to please go rest. He could tell I was exhausted and knew I had a 40 minute drive home. However, you can tell Russ I had his Best of Russ Taff CD in the CD player all day and it kept me going! ;) In fact, the principal heard Praise The Lord while he was trying the keys to my closet.

    Have a ball when you all go bra shopping. That is not my idea of fun – bad memories I guess. ;) My breasts would rather be liberated I guess LOL.

  11. gracelynn

    PS – I wish Char was in my 6th grade class. Can I trade one of the kids on my class roster for her?! LOL

  12. rockin robyn

    Tori, thank you for sharing the pictures of Charlotte’s first day. I think she is looking so much like Russ. Madi looks like you.

    Not having any children of my own, your blog today can only bring back sweet memories of my own school days. Coming from a big family – there are 6 of us – the school bus stop was always assigned to be around my parents house. That’s where all the kids “hung-out”. My mom was the neighborhood “mom”. She was a fulltime Mom and wife. If we were brought home early for some unexpected reason it was my mom who made arrangements for the kids parents to find there child at our house (if both their parents worked and were not home at that time to receive their child…) I’m remembering the metal lunch box of your favorite tv show or some favorite theme on it. Instead of standing in line waiting for the bus to come – man, you put your lunch box down in the line to mark your spot and then you took off running – around the neighbors yards chasing each other, playing tag or sitting on the curb up from the stop – playing in the stones on the street – talking to the other kids… (maybe throwing stones back at the bully until mom catches ya…) until you saw that big yellow bus round the corner and than running to your spot in line marked by your special lunch pale… and if you didn’t come running you’d hear mom’s loud voice (didn’t matter if it was her own child or someone elses…) she’d holler Scotty, John, Sue, Robyn the bus is coming – get in line!!!!

    The first couple weeks of school, when I finally get my butt out of the house in the morning and jump into my vehicle and head out to work… as I’m driving to work and I see the school buses and the children in the neighborhoods waiting for them to arrive those special memories flood my mind and it makes for a pleasant drive to work. After awhile when the normal routine of seeing the buses fades away, those memories some how fade too… but in the “new-ness” of the school year – the first week or so brings back some special memories of going to school and some how wanting to be that young and innocent again! I always loved school!

  13. Lynneydwi

    Winter, summer makes no difference to me – every morning at 6am I have a 5yr old crawling all over me telling me what a wonderful day it is outside’. He starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks and I suppose, looking on the bright side, at least it’s not going to be a battle getting him up in the morning.

  14. BrownEyedGirl

    Great pictures. I thought mine started school early! My son starts college Monday, and the girls start next Tuesday! What happened to going back after Labor Day???

    Most I know are not morning people, so I try really hard to restrain myself and not talk everyones ears off LOL.

    Hope the bra shopping was successful – I have two teen girls, I can certainly relate!! ( It kills my 16 y/o that her 13 y/o sis is more developed ( and taller) !! No justice LOL

  15. Phyllis S

    Am I the ONLY morning person here? I am up at 4 am, on the road at 5, drive 59 miles to work and at my desk working by 6 am. Now evening is a different piece of cake, in bed asleep by 10 pm, except every 2 years when the Olympics are on, my brain is not working at 4 am.

    Charlotte has truly become a beautiful young lady, but then what did I expect, her parents are the incomperable Mr. and Mrs. RT.

    Oh I see we now have two Phyllis’s welcome…..

  16. LindaB

    I’m not a morning person either. I used to be like themema, but now at age 60, I’m not an “night” person either. I’m more a noon to 5 person. The “active and productive” time slot is narrowing. Yikes! I guess if I’m ever gonna change the world, I better get crackin’! Better get in the express lane!

    My kids were not morning people either and I certainly can identify with “wrestling” my kids awake during those school years. It’s so hard to do while in a stupor. I hated it!

    My husband is one of those lucky persons who wakes up rarin’ to go! At least, I THINK he is——he’s not here when my mind clears. On the weekends, he wants to go out for “breakfast” all the time! I say okay—-IF they serve breakfast at noon. Otherwise, have a good time, honey! See ya when you get back.

    Char looks adorable in her uniform. Our little Animal Planet expert! I hope they don’t give her too much homework so she has to miss the Animal channel. Ya never know when her knowledge of animal behavior might come in handy!

    Now, I think I’ll go back to bed……….’cause I CAN! (Old age has some perks.)

  17. LindaB

    Alyson, I laughed at your bra fitting experience!!! How funny! I myself have NEVER been properly fitted for a bra. I know I should. Oprah says I should. She says most American women are wearing the wrong size bra. I probably am too. But………I just can’t let someone measure me for one. It would be too humiliating. I can just see it all now——some young perky thing would take me into a fitting room, shut the curtain, and say you can take off your bra now. And I would let those sisters out. And the girl would say, “Hey, where’d they go???” THEN, she would look down……..down…….down. And say, “Oh, there they are! Can you bring ‘em back up here? We have just the right bra for you, Mrs. B. It’s made by Black and Decker. It even has attachments. It’s called The Elevator Bra. And it’s only $270! Well, I know it’s steep, but there’s a lot of materials in it. Strong materials.” No, thank you! I don’t need the embarrassment. I’ll just go on guessing what fits me. It’s too late anyway. When I’m lying in my casket, they’ll be alright. Ya know how they cross your hands in those caskets? Well, they can cross those too!

    Who egged me on? Alyson??? Shame on ya.

  18. auburn60

    I’m afraid when I’m in my casket they’ll be under my armpits!!!
    Or worse yet, the casket lid won’t close–ouch!

  19. LindaB

    A “peek-a-boob” casket?

  20. auburn60

    A ‘tit’-illating experience not usually seen at a funeral.

  21. LindaB

    I hope they don’t “bust” out laughing!

    (Alyson, we are SICK. Meet me at the hospital.)

  22. LindaB

    I guess a “support” group wouldn’t help us!

  23. tori

    If I am ever at a public event again with the two of you– funeral, Family Fest, royal wedding– I am SO sitting between the two of you! Not to shush you, to get you in stereo!
    Killin’ me here.

  24. auburn60

    Better yet, meet me at Hooters.

    Tori, you better post pictures of Madi’s first day at school QUICK if you want to ‘lift and separate’ Linda and me.

  25. LindaB

    We’ll save you a seat! No one wants to sit by us anyway! LOL

  26. auburn60

    You know we will give you that opportunity.
    And you know you’ll be right in there with us.

  27. LindaB

    I don’t like to go to Hooters, Alyson. I feel like Donald Trump going to a coupon clippers meeting. Cross my heart.

  28. auburn60

    From the way those humorless old people at FF kept pulling away from me–I think you’re right Linda.

  29. LindaB

    Can you tell it’s between noon and five o’clock??? LOL

  30. auburn60

    Don’t you get SOME satisfaction out of showing those perky waitresses what their future holds? Gravity is for everyone.

  31. LindaB

    I wonder what kind of ads this line of blog comments will generate?

  32. auburn60

    Fredericks of Hollywood.

  33. LindaB

    The Suzanne Sommers Boob-master?

  34. auburn60

    This is ‘udderly’ ridiculous.

  35. LindaB

    The Stretch Casket Company. Our motto is: if you can haul it around all your life, we can carry it to the grave.

  36. LindaB

    We ARE “nursing” it, aren’t we? We need a hobby. Wait, this IS our hobby. We gave up jogging and going to the gym for this. Rewarding, isn’t it?

  37. auburn60

    You know, you could hide all your valuables in there from your greedy kids. I can easily hide the tv remote in my bra. Surely none of my kids would think to be lifting up my poor dead mammary glands in the coffin,looking for my jewelry.

  38. auburn60

    If we had the ‘milk of human kindness’ we would give these poor people a break.

  39. LindaB

    Well, I feel better having made a clean breast of it.

  40. tori

    Don’t. Ever. Leave. My. Blog.

  41. auburn60

    We’ll give you time to re-think that.
    Besides–who would have us?

  42. LindaB

    Alyson, we’re…….busted.

    I’m gonna go jog now…….to the fridge. I’m hungry.

  43. themema

    I have a wonderful solution to your problems. Should I post pictures, Linda?

  44. auburn60

    Got any ‘rack’of lamb?
    I’m going to pick up my son,go to open house at school and pretend to be a responsible adult.

  45. LindaB

    Betty, I don’t know what you mean, but……….DON’T. lol

  46. LindaB

    Okay Betty, NOW I do. DON’T YOU DARE! You’ll be arrested.

  47. BrownEyedGirl

    I wish I had that kind of wit LOLOL

    You are all hilarious :o)


  48. auburn60

    Go Betty,go Betty,go Betty…
    You’ve got photo evidence?

  49. LindaB

    Alyson, BELIEVE ME, you DON’T wanna go there!!!! Trust me on this one.

  50. Phyllis S

    I have laughed til I hurt, you two need to be on comedy central. Linda, I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Tori reads this to RT, or even better than that, when you see him in MB….

  51. auburn60

    Oh, all right. I thought we were on to something really good here.
    Let’s all go back and look at pretty little Charlotte on her first day of school and try to re-focus.

  52. auburn60

    Oops-I forgot about Russ.
    Well,maybe he will stop calling me ‘maam’ now–seeing as how we have had all this familiarity on this blog,now.

  53. LindaB


    Alyson, I’d like to “re-focus”, but it’s too late. The cow is out of the barn now! Both of them.

  54. Amazed

    Tori – I so love your “thoughts” and have read them for many years on many different places. However, I am a little Amazed – no a lot – that this particular blog has evoked some negativity. Auburn refers to those “humorless old people at FF” and by that I am really offended. It was funny prior to that statement. I don’t consider myself humorless nor as old as some. My phone has rang off the hook today following that statement. Humor takes on many phases and not all of us find humor in the same way. But should we refer to others who don’t ascribe to our brand of humor as “humorless and old?” I think not! This is the first time I have posted even though I have followed you from Tennessee Moms. However, I cannot and will not sit still and let those who think they are in the “inner circle” vilify me and my friends.

    Tori I did love your blog post and most especially loved the previous “looking back” You are a prolific writer!

  55. auburn60

    I am sorry you were offended. I was referring to a specific situation at FF this year that Tori and Linda knew about because I told them when it happened. I was seated around some people at FF that I didn’t know and, being the way I am, I just walk in sit down and start talking. I could not get a response from the people I was sitting around. They would all just look at me. I tried several times to be friendly(after all we were going to be spending a lot of time together). Some of them even buried their head in their hands for most of the program,complaining it was too loud,too long,etc. Two of them did not appear to want to be there at all.Those same two complained about the comic who was there this year–a lot.Very loudly.
    I certainly did not mean to imply that all of the attendees at FF are ‘humorless or old’. I love going to FF and always make friends when I go. I don’t know what you mean about your phone ringing. I apologize to you and all your friends. I really am not hard to get along with and would not try to hurt anyone on purpose.

  56. auburn60

    And,BTW, I’m not exactly young.

  57. Amazed

    The comment re. “my phone ringing off the hook” means that so many people read Tori’s blog as she is truly loved but they, like me, don’t post. However, as many met you at FF they felt you were referring to them and were extremely offended and were busy calling everyone after this comment. This blog is very popular even though only a “select few” post to any extent. However, many, many read it as the link has been posted on other sites. I accept your apology but really would encourage you to remember that you are not sitting alone with Tori when you make comments but rather your comments can be read by everyone.

    Tori – your prose is greatly appreciated! You have no idea how many people can’t wait to read your next chapter! Keep it going on!

  58. oldie

    I am one of the Oldies that attend FF each year and I have to say I am not humorless. Have sat around people that were not all that into conversation. However I never thought of them as old and humorless.
    Don’t know what might have been going on in their live that had them in a pensive mood.
    I sing I stand & clap and PTL if they don’t care to that is their right.I don’t attach labels to them.

    Now onto important things Tori I always enjoy your writings and read but haven’t been posting. Think that might change.
    You just keep posting the interesting stuff girl.
    Believe it or not humor is a part of my life.

  59. tori

    Oh my gosh! I DO have a Real Live Blog– it’s controversial!!!!

    Amazed– first of all, thank you THANK YOU for de-lurking and leaving a comment! I can’t tell you what a kick I get out of finding out who my readers are! And that I actually have some!

    Secondly, please know that auburn of all people is not remotely being disrespectful or flippant or rude about FF or any Homecoming fans– she is a HUGE supporter of both. You’re right, this was a specific incident that not a lot of people knew about because to be honest, she was kind of embarrassed about it–but she made Linda B and I laugh our heads off when she told us the story, and I promise, the only person she was making fun of was HERSELF! She has a heart as big as all outdoors, and if you haven’t ever met her at a concert or gathering, I would encourage you to because you will love her.

    And thirdly– are you just kidding me about the fact that there are people actually calling you about this blog??? Or that there are really people that you know of who read it but never post comments? Who are these people?! GIVE ME NAMES AND ADDRESSES!I will track them down to their homes and force my way in and make them cookies and beg them to de-lurk just like you did.

    Please become one of the ‘select few’ that regularly stop by and speak up! I am embarrassed to admit how good it makes me feel when that happens. Thank you so much for your encouragement. And please– if you ever sit by auburn, do yourself a favor and laugh at her jokes. She might bust out crying if you don’t. Or possibly slit your tires.

  60. gracelynn

    Auburn, don’t feel bad. I have been out twice in the past two days to the local Andy’s to get my lunch. There I sat at the counter, eating my lunch and minding my own business with at least three of my colleagues in the diner as well. The ones yesterday never even acknowledged me. At least the ones I saw today did say hello when they saw me. And it’s not like this is a huge Andy’s by any means. Two of the ones I saw today apologized and thought that I was just getting my lunch to-go or they’d have asked me over to eat with them. But yesterday, the three that were there chose to sit and talk about me loud enough I could hear it. So believe me, I understand how it is. (They were upset because I was paired up with one of “their” teachers to do bulletin boards or something!) And these teachers are in between 30 and 50 years old. So we’re talking my age group here. One of them teaches the same subjects as I do. So if you get near Wanda and I at GF or FF, we’ll be glad to sit and talk to you.

  61. auburn60

    Thanks, Lynn.
    I think we’ve been in the same vicinity but never met.
    I guess I came away from this past year’s FF puzzled about some of the people around me who did not seem to want to be there when I (usually) look forward to it all year.

  62. tori

    Oldie– honey, you don’t have to convince me that “humor is a part of your life”– hello, you registered as ‘oldie’!!! I LOVE THAT!

    Thank you for joining in this discussion– again, I promise you, auburn wasn’t being mean. She just happened to be sitting by a group of people that were really not enjoying FF at all, and were borderline rude to her, which made her feel really embarrassed for trying to be friendly. That is a VERY RARE occurrence at any Gaither-related event! How can you not have fun at a Homecoming concert?!

  63. tori

    Amazed and oldie– try to track down Gracelynn at FF next year! She is such a sweet, sweet person, you’ll just love her.

    Now Linda B, on the other hand– she’ll fool ya. She looks like a harmless, gentle, soft-spoken little lamb. But behind that cute-as-a-bunny face is the wild unfettered mind of a born smart-aleck!

  64. Amazed

    Tori – I am not kidding you! Yes, I have a group of friends who have regularly read everything you have written since – well not quiet – but almost – your first written word! You cannot believe the number of persons who read this blog. That’s why I de-lurked when I saw that statement. I just know Auborn didn’t mean anything derogatory but yet it appeared to be so because I have never met anyone at a concert that I didn’t like even if they were quiet and didn’t stand to PTL. Being older (not old) I just found it humorless. To each his own! I have met Gracelynn and find her amazing and sweet and will again see her soon.

    Your blog is awesome and my purpose for delurking was simply to remind folks that it is not just read by a “select few” but is very widespread so everything that we write should be written in such a way that we won’t be embarrassed for the “whole world” to read….cause girl the whole world reads you!

    I do agree about Linda B!

  65. auburn60

    OK- I know I shouldn’t, but -again- not talking about people who were ‘quiet’and ‘not standing to PTL’– talking about people who were complaining the whole 3 days about how loud the music was,how long the concerts were and that they did not like the humor. I was wondering why they were there at all,as I said,I always look forward to the whole weekend. (Not so much anymore.) The original comment was actually more directed to Linda,not Tori,as she and I had adjoining seats for part of the weekend.I am not embarrassed by anything,but would suggest if there is more to discuss that I be contacted at and take it off the blog.

  66. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Would somebody help me get my sign-in name changed. For goodness sake, you might think I was a bank teller or somebody passing out name tags at an opera. Now, if you can help me change it, I want the sign-in name of “Sexy” or “Warm Momma.” I would say “Hot Momma” but I don’t want to go that far.

    Dear Amazed, I can assure you that Alyson and Linda (see I even know them by their first names) would never be unkind to old folks ’cause they hang out with me. Well, Linda does and Alyson will just as soon as we get a chance. I will be 78 this year and, because I know those girls it didn’t even cross my mind to be upset with them.

    You know, I am having second thoughts about my new name. Sexy and Warm Momma might be just a little bit too much of a stretch. After all, if Tori’s blog is going to be read by so many people and then they start telling their friends… goodness, my kids might find out what is going on with me when they aren’t around and…..well, let’s just leave it there. I’ve said enough.

  67. auburn60

    Now Momma Lloyd,you know I offered to find a man for you at FF last year.
    Oh dear,I’ll probably get in trouble for that,too. You did turn me down,however.
    Your kids don’t need to know everything.

  68. tori

    I’d like to put my vote in for “Warm Momma”.
    (Although it kind of makes me think of “Warm Muffins.” Which would really hit the spot right about now, come to think of it. Mmmmmm, muffins….)

  69. gracelynn

    I’m with Tori – go with “Warm Momma”.

    And Tori, I want some B&J’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream so don’t feel bad. LOL Guess I shouldn’t have thought about doing that bulletin board with the ice cream scoop cutouts on it today LOL.

  70. belinda

    Wow, a person works all day and comes in after 8pm and look at all of this. Okay, I have to say I was excited because I think Tori is the best and to see that many replies to her post is exciting. Come on you guys and girls out there, she deserves the replies so keep them coming and those of you who have not, well now is the time to join in! She deserves it! Reply away! This is great!!!! It’s okay to have fun here!

    Okay Momma Lloyd – what will it be? Guess I’ll vote “Warm Momma” too. So, will we see you signing in differently soon :)

    Linda & Alyson I needed this! You girls are great, laughter is good and I got a good laugh!! Thanks! (Also a few mental pictures that brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard)

    To all the newbies – welcome!

    Tori and Gracelynn, you girls are making me hungry. I may have to go see what I can come up with, I think I might have a piece of Coconut Cake left…be back later.

    Um Tori…..what about Madi’s pictures?

  71. Amazed

    You will always be “Momma Lloyd”

  72. LindaB

    “But behind that cute-as-a-bunny face is the wild unfettered mind of a born smart-aleck!”

    THAT’S JUST WHAT MY MOMMA ALWAYS SAID! But she had a way of “fettering” it.

    Alyson, you don’t have a thing to be “embarrassed” about! We all know you meant no offense to anyone.

    Now, let’s see—–a new username for Barbara M. Lloyd? I guess we shouldn’t use her initials—-B.M. What about “Refridgerator Momma” ’cause I’ve heard her fridge door is quite unique and spectacular. When I was traveling last year and entered the state of S.C., in one of those visitor welcoming centers there was a pamplet advertizing her fridge as a tourist attraction.

    Belinda, coconut cake is one of my favorites! Got any left for a hungry smart-aleck?

  73. Amazed

    Hmmmmmm? B.M. whose initials are those?

  74. themema

    They are MY initials! And I am so old that on some days…… I can’t claim those initials.

  75. themema

    Now, about those pictures. Do we have a vote?

  76. belinda

    Refridgerator Momma – now that is good Linda, how did you come up with that :) Yes I have some more coconut cake – come on over. Alyson, I agree with Linda!

    Good night everyone – will check back and see what is going on tomorrow.

    themema which pictures are we voting on? The ones mentioned something about a solution or Madi’s first day?

  77. Amazed

    Tori – on to your next blog!

  78. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Hey, y’all got me up out of bed….and now you want to go to bed.

    If you don’t mind, I will not want the Refrigerator Momma because it reminds me too much of Refrigerator Perry. I just don’t want to feel like a full back or half back, or whatever he was when he played football. I mean, it would not inspire me at all to have that name face me everytime I got ready to blog with Tori. That is what I do, isn’t it? Or do I just post on her blog? Well, you never know until you ask.

    But, alas, I will have to stick with my full name because “they” say it can’t be changed. I could change my password but not my name. I don’t know, guess I thought I was getting another driver’s license for a second when I signed on for the first time. Old people do that sort of thing at moments in time. If I haven’t told y’all lately, I don’t like old age.

  79. belinda

    Momma Lloyd – we love you!!!! You are the sweetest thing out there and so sorry we all went to bed no you. Hey, I’m up now!!! Remember I’m a MORNING PERSON :) I’m ready to talk :) Where are you?

    Everyone have a great day! Keep on blogging!!!!

  80. LindaB

    Oh, Barb! I remember “Refrigerator Perry”!!!! He was my diet coach.

  81. themema

    I saw his house the last time I was down at Barb’s. He has room for lots of refrigerators. Jenn, Barb’s granddaughter played center opposite his sister in basketball in high school.

  82. belinda

    I remember Refrigerator Perry also. LOL he was your diet coke? Good one Linda.

    Betty, I bet he has a nice house. I love looking at housese and seeing where people live. It is always very interesting especially when they are known like he is.

  83. LindaB

    When Refrigerator Perry opens his front door, does the light come on automatically? And go off when he shuts it? LOL

  84. tori

    Oh dear Lord, Linda’s tuning up again!
    I am NEVER going to close this thread–at least as long as I think you guys still have a few comments in you!

  85. LindaB

    It’s nearing five o’clock! All brain activity is coming to a halt. Trouble is, my mouth doesn’t quit at the same time.

  86. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I ran into Refrigerator Perry in the grocery store one day. He had two shopping carts piled high. I figured he had to eat a lot of carbs to survive out on that football field. Bless his heart.
    His sister must have gotten some of those carbs out of one of those grocery carts, too, because just about everytime she hit my Jennifer on the basketball court Jenn went down. I was about ready to suggest to Jenn that she give up basketball and take up baseball, volunteering to be the home plate. It was painfu… watch.

  87. kwr221

    :::gasping::: for air here.

    Oh, geez, Auburn60 and LindaB should take their show on the road. I should have stopped reading after their exchange because I don’t even KNOW the what-the-heck FF or GF is, but whoa, lighten up – it was a positively HYSTERICAL exchange.

    Thanks foe the laughs.

  88. tori

    Oh Kristin– you have no idea.
    They’re not even really warmed up here.

  89. auburn60

    FF-Family Fest

    GF-Gaither Fest

    And we are too warmed up–menopause is it’s own personal,portable heater.

  90. LindaB

    Oh, thank you, Kristin!!! You made my day! I love being hysterical.

    Hey, I just thought of something! If a woman has a “hysterectomy”, does that mean she will never be “hysterical” again? Oh my. Another thing to worry about.

  91. auburn60

    Nope. Been there,done that. And I can still work up a full head of hysteria.
    And I will resist my annoying habit of talking about the origin of words.

  92. » My Blogoversary!!!! | babybloomr

    […] emotions and indulged my weird rants and tangents. You have celebrated my children with me, the joys of ordinary life and the miracle of a near-miss. You have all been a part of my life this last year, and I kinda […]

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