OK, I have just spent almost an hour on the dang phone with a dang supervisor from Orbitz trying to figure out a way to PROVE that I had a live chat with one of their customer service people last Sunday night between the hours of 8:45 and 9:50 p.m. in which we cancelled $800 worth of airline tickets for flights to Virginia this weekend for Russ and Madi. I am ready to gouge my eyes out with a spork. And then go postal on Orbitz.

Apparently, somewhere floating around in cyberspace or the Third Dimension or heaven is the chat conversation that I had with someone who may or may not have called herself Brittany–or Heather– or some other teenage-sounding name. She cancelled the flights and said that we would only be charged a $13.95 service charge. I was thrilled, double-checked to make sure, “So Brittany/Heather/whatever the h*ll her name was, let me make sure I have this right– it will only cost me $13.95 blah blah blah”  then I typed a lot of, “Oh thank you B/H/whatever!!” Only here’s the problem. B/H/whatever apparently didn’t LOG THAT INTO THE COMPUTER. So there’s no record of it. Just me (panicked at the thought of spending $800 for tickets we won’t be using, plus the $400 in tickets we WILL be using) insisting to Phil the Supervisor over and over that I swear I didn’t hallucinate an entire chat with B/H/whatever. I think I wore him down out, Lord knows I’m certainly exhausted! As of right this minute, Phil is ‘launching an investigation’ into finding some kind of transcript, I temporarily have an $800 Orbitz credit I don’t need– hello? I NEED THE CHARGE REMOVED FROM MY MASTERCARD. He is supposed to call me back in 2 to 5 days and I have his ‘supervisor code’, whatever the heck that means.

This has not been a fun evening.

(Gee, Tori– PMS much???)

And in other news: 

Boys love power tools.


The End.

I am SO going to bed.

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  1. themema

    Oh, Tori. I wish I had not even read that this morning.

    Want to, or not, if all you get is a credit, you can at least use it somehow on future trips.

    Have you considered working with a good travel agent?

  2. tori

    Yikes! Themema! Sorry!
    I am rested now, and have no desire to kill anyone at all.
    Don’t worry, it will be worked out.
    Phil the Supervisor is on it… and he told me to call him ‘Dr. Phil’, so hey, that’s gotta be a good sign!

  3. themema

    Yeah, well keep us posted on what happens. Man, I guess I just gotta find a BIG booking, just in case.

    Come on lurkers, lets get Russ some BIG bookings. Just contact him right here thru Tori. He can’t just sing, he can PREACH!

  4. always home and uncool

    Isn’t that trimmer a little overboard for manscaping?

  5. Middle-Aged-Woman

    Come see me for another tale of customer service woe.

    AHaUncool – depends on the back hair, dude.

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    That same thing happened to me one time….only for not as much and not with an airline. The one thing I learned is that you cannot rely on anyone’s word on the other end of the line….you must ask for and receive written confirmation. But the word of encouragement is: it was worked out and I did receive the credit which I richly….make that poorly deserved.
    Now isn’t he cute in that picture! Hard to believe somebody like that isn’t perfect. I can just hear him singing, “This Little Light of Mine.”

  7. belinda

    A few of you know what kind of week I have had and problems with help so I won’t even go there. Except to say I know exactly how you feel Tori. You think somebody is doing something and SURPRISE!!!! Hope and pray it all gets taken care of. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr to those who pretend to work and really are not!!!

    What man does not love power tools? He looks really happy! Is he saying “More Power”?

  8. gracelynn

    Poor Tori! I understand. I don’t have trouble with airlines since I don’t fly BUT I am, at present, fighting a hotel that is trying to charge me an extra $66.44 for absolutely nothing. I can promise them one thing – they better have enjoyed watching me walk out their door because they won’t be seeing my face again! I get so frustrated myself dealing with these kinds of issues. SO I understand 100%. I do hope that you get your money back or at least a credit so you can use it later on.

    And I love that picture of Russ with his hedge trimmer! LOL My dad lives for using his tools – chainsaw, power drills, you name it. ROTFL He blames my brother constantly for taking his tools and hiding them LOL. See he can’t blame me – I can barely tell a pair of pliers from a handsaw. (OK I’m not that bad but still… ROTFL)

  9. auburn60

    My daughter works in the hotel business. She says she hates to see anyone come through the door with an Orbitz,Expedia or reservation. They usually have the wrong info. and don’t follow up on changes or refunds. And they are hard to pin down. I hear all this cause my kid is the one the customer ends up yelling at.
    I need a man with power tools around here. Due to storms and beetle infestations all the trees around here are falling to the ground. Some days I can’t travel my normal route because a tree has fallen across a roadway. And since I am usually running late I don’t appreciate having to detour.

  10. teegees


    I feel your pain! I went through a similar experience when I cancelled our former cellular service with {name deleted so they won’t get a mention in your side bar!}. They said yes indeedy, we confirm that your contract with us is expired and therefore you will have no cancellation fees. We went with the new service, and wouldn’t you know it, 2 weeks later I got the lovely notice that we needed to pay 600 in cancellation fees with {!} for leaving them before our contracts were up. Forty gazillion phone calls to various phone representatives scattered around the globe and 3 short months later, it was resolved. All I can say is God bless Dr. Phil and if he comes through for you. Name your next hamster after him.

  11. rockin robyn

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with those stupid travel services… thanks for sharing with us the picture of Russ! Kind of looks like your sickin Russ on them…. “Fix this or else!!” {my husband “the gospel singer” will cut you off at the knees}

    themema – If Russ’s music and singing ministers to me all these years I can’t imagine what his preaching would do – Lord just open up the pearly gates!!

    Tori – you should plan some revival get-together of “Baby Bloomr” Lurkers to go see Mr. Taff minister to us all…. start here on the east coast!

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Okay, let’s all calm down here and take a deep breath. This is MY Russ we are talking about. Themema, you just keep on doin what you do best and stop meddling; and sweet Tori, refrain from putting any more pictures on here of MY Russ flexing his muscles. These people don’t even remember the subject of this blog today. Heavens ta Betsy!

  13. belinda

    (((((((Momma Lloyd)))))

  14. Phyllis S


    I know at the time that we have conservations with idiots, oops I mean people with a communications disorders that we have a hard time seeing past their shortcomings, BUT on this same subject title you put a pictures of Russ with a chainsaw, like you know “I am going to send him after Brittany-or Heather or who every might be handy.”

    BTW, be sure to pop over to gaithernet message board, news and read the “Close credit cards before you die!” You are not alone in your quest.


  15. BrownEyedGirl

    I’m glad that Dr. Phil is working on the problem. How frustrating!

    As for the great picture- thank you for sharing that, Tori.
    Is it me, or does Russ look even happier with a power tool than he does singing?? Go Russ!!!

    to Themema – the more Russ bookings the better. I’m trying to get info for our church ( okay – not a huge booking, but it would bring him to my part of Ohio :o) Hmm – the booking people don’t want to reply with a price quote – ( maybe I’m impatient – it’s been 1 1/2 weeks…..) however, I never give up!!!

  16. Ben Jones

    Hello Tori,
    Your Brittany or Heather or whatever her name is is probably just some employee of orbitz half way around the world and too busy watching the olympics and hoping for a free super size from McDonalds if her country wins the gold. I am sorry to hear of your grief. Good luck to you. Pray that “B” or”H” won’t steal your identity or try to use your card and buy some not so decent toys, like what happened with me. Fortunately that bright individual used his home computer and was caught by the FBI. I love the picture of Russ. He is so down to earth. Did he pose for the picture so he can take the blame? My 17 year old daughter wants to know if Madi is coming out to California with her daddy, specifically to the Selen Arena in Fresno in November? Gotta go.

    Ben Jones

  17. Ben Jones

    Hello again Tori,
    Am I the only male that has the guts to admit he reads your blogs and writes back.I share my stories with my wife and kids and we all enjoy. Oh well that won’t stop me. Keep up the good work.
    Ben Jones

  18. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Welcome, Ben Jones! Actually, you are one of many male on-lookers to Tori’s blog. You just happen to have the courage to comment. Our Tori has something for everyone. She is a lady who has an opinion on everything….and you don’t even have to ask. While her subjects range from teenage problems to deep inner thoughts……some of us read her blog, trying to find some way we can steal her husband. But, of course, we only want the fella to sing to us. You keep on comin ’round, Ben Jones, you’re gonna like it here.

  19. Phyllis S

    Momma Lloyd is stalking again Tori. She is even explaining to Ben why she reads your blog. You know Myrtle Beach is just around the corner and she is getting ready. PLEASE warn Russ.

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