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I Left My Heart….

in San Francisco.  

And here it is!

This was in Union Square, right outside of our hotel. I have no idea what it was about, just public art I guess, there were about three different ones around the square. Lots of tourists took pictures of their kids in front of them, it was so cute. Wanted to take a photo of this darling little Asian toddler posing in front of this one, but I didn’t want to scare her parents.


Here’s the famous bronze monument in the middle of Union Square of the goddess Victory. It was placed there in 1903. And how do I know this, you ask? Because I Googled it. What, you think that kind of stuff is just floating around my brain waiting to be plucked out and typed into a blog post? No, I have to WORK at coming up with this crap for you guys. (Sorry– I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far and lack of caffeine has a tendency to make me talk smarty.)



Ahem, OK, back on track. Here’s a great street scene from Downtown SF–


And here’s the Mother Church of Shopping. I’ll give you a minute to soak it all in. The one in NY is my favorite of all time, but I had to at least pay my respects to the West coast version. I would have lighted a candle or something, but they have fire laws.


Wouldn’t be San Francisco without a streetcar shot, right? (Hey Linda– look at the blue awning on the right– that’s Scala’s, the great Italian place, home of the gnocchi.)


This guy looks amused by the fact a that tourist is taking his picture. And I was really trying to be low-key about it.


I’ll leave you with further proof of my inherent classiness. As I walked out of the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMOMA, my senses still reeling from the colors and the depth of meaning and intensity of her paintings, I stopped by the gift shop to find something to commemorate this incredible opportunity to witness such beauty. I bought the definitive biography of Frida by Hayden Herrera, but I wanted to get a little something for Madi, to introduce her to this amazing artist. Let’s see… coffee table book of paintings? Nah, it’s $75. Beautiful Mexican shawl from the Tehuana region, similar to the ones Frida always wore? Nah, that was $150. Hmmm. Wait! Hello, PERFECT!


(She loved ‘em– sent me this from her phone, she’s on the road with her dad.)

I’m like a cultural Johnny Appleseed, when you think about it.


**EDITED TO ADD**: Here’s a link to a NY TImes article covering BlogHer 08.

Yikes. Can you say “condescending”??????



More with Random Charlotte

Char: Why don’t you blog about why they put a ‘2’ in the “Back 2 School” advertisements?

Me:  What?

Char:  A ‘2’. The number.  Like, are they trying to fool little kids into thinking that’s cool?

Me:  Oh. Never thought about it.

Char:  I’ll tell you the thing that REALLY gets me mad— using “Blasta’ ” instead of Blaster! What is that about?

Me:   Uh…?

Char:  It’s a spray marker. 

Me:   Oh.

Char: You don’t think that’s kind of scary?? Like, is there some sort of new language being transformed right before our eyes??

Me: (staring blankly)

Char:  (exiting the room, over her shoulder) Yeah, well, they’d better think that through, because we are WAY smarter than that.

Char:   (muttering)  “Blasta’ “.  Oh, please.  


 I just love that kid.

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