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Char: Why don’t you blog about why they put a ‘2’ in the “Back 2 School” advertisements?

Me:  What?

Char:  A ‘2’. The number.  Like, are they trying to fool little kids into thinking that’s cool?

Me:  Oh. Never thought about it.

Char:  I’ll tell you the thing that REALLY gets me mad— using “Blasta’ ” instead of Blaster! What is that about?

Me:   Uh…?

Char:  It’s a spray marker. 

Me:   Oh.

Char: You don’t think that’s kind of scary?? Like, is there some sort of new language being transformed right before our eyes??

Me: (staring blankly)

Char:  (exiting the room, over her shoulder) Yeah, well, they’d better think that through, because we are WAY smarter than that.

Char:   (muttering)  “Blasta’ “.  Oh, please.  


 I just love that kid.

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  1. LindaB

    ROFLMBO!!!! She might have something there! I love that kid too!

    Tell her that now I’M addicted to Wii bowling, just like her! And yesterday, in the bowling training thing, where you start out at 10 pins, and they add a row of pins until you’re trying to knock down 91 pins, I got 610! Ask her if she can beat that? My family is all trying to break my record!!!! It’s pretty neat when you’re 60 years old and your kids are trying to catch up with ya!!! Cool!

  2. tori

    Ok, so they had a whole Wii Fit thing set up at BlogHer– every time I walked by people were up on some little thingy doing all kinds of weird, twist-around-looked-like-they-were-about-to-fall-off motions!
    I think I want one.

  3. auburn60

    So…I totally followed her train of thought there.
    ‘Yeah–what she said!’
    We ARE way smarter than that.
    Maybe I have been around middle-schoolers too much lately.

  4. LindaB

    Tori! We got a Wii Fit! (It was harder to find that the Wii!) It’s really cool! It weighs you, tells you your BMI, and your Wii Fit age. It then gives you exercises to do that are actually fun and it keeps track of your progress—-gives you little pep talks too! One day I stepped on it and it said, “WHOA! Haven’t seen you in a few days, have we?” And it told me I was overweight and unbalanced. Like I didn’t know that! Unfortunately, I have a torn ligament in my ankle and can’t do the exercises very well right now, so I’ve concentrated on bowling! Bowling is good. Isn’t it? (I’ve found I can bowl sitting in the recliner with my ankle wrapped and iced!) It’s sort of aerobic too…….’cause I do a lot of vigorous trash talk while bowling with my family and friends!

    I’d love to see you doing the hula hoop exercise!!!! It’s hilarious to watch! I’m afraid if I get my caboose going that fast, I might not be able to stop it before I’m into the next county!

  5. belinda

    Love it! Charlotte is a sweetie, just like the rest of you Taffs!

    I want a Wii Fit now! I would get hooked so fast on that little machine if I had one, maybe I better pass.

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, I have a talking bathroom scale….I have to lightly step on it, then it says “Hello”….then I wait until it says “I’m ready.” And I get on the scale. That’s the end of my story because you don’t think I’m going to tell you what it says next, do you? If I were 60 (Amen) I might try one of those thangs where I’d have to do exercises. But to get to a more important subject: Both Maddi and Char are terrific kids…..and completely different in an amazing way.And I say that most sincerely.

  7. LindaB

    A talking bathroom scale??? How cool is that! When I step on mine, it’s SPEECHLESS. :(

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  9. jonny

    OK, I believe this is one of the funniest blogs I read for far. Trumps the waist one, Saying its and all! Love that kid, three!

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