Shaker Photo Wednesday

Well, you guys were all so articulate and thought-provoking with your Deep Thoughts Answers that I toyed with the idea of introducing another Deep Topic…  But then I realized, A) didn’t have one and B) I don’t want to set up unrealistic expectations. What if you started coming here all the time expecting me to be all esoteric and literate and whatnot? I mean, I can pull off pretentious on an intermittent basis, but not as a regular diet. Sheesh.


So– back to dog pee stories! (Kidding. Pip the Squeak hasn’t lost his manners directly in front of the doggie door for almost a week. I think he joined a support group of some kind. He is sitting beside me as I write this, all five manly pounds of him, basking in my approval. Now if I could only get him to stop compulsively licking his paws, then he’d be the perfect man. Oh yeah, and he’s already neutered too, so he’s got that going for him.)




  I just realized that I never posted any photos of the last day of Madi’s Nothing-Says-Sweet-Sixteen-Like-A-Road-Trip-With-Your-Mom foray into Kentucky, more specifically our day at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village. So, here’s a few:   Madi standing in front of a reproduction Shaker furniture showroom wearing authentic Shaker garb. If you were like, kind of a hoochie Shaker.


This is where the Shakers held their church services. A very talented African American woman in a Shaker costume explained all about their worship, and sang some of their songs a capella in a big booming voice that rang through the room. Which for some reason freaked Madi out. She kept kicking me with her foot and stage-whispering, “How much longer?” I have no idea what prompted that reaction, Lord knows that child is used to big booming voices. Maybe she thought they were going to ask for volunteers from the audience to start shaking, or something. And you know I would have made her raise her hand. FYI– those benches? Not comfortable.  


They raised all of their own food, and here is their barn and garden. Which totally makes my garden look like a little punk.



Here’s a photo series I like to call, “What Won’t A Shaker Goat Eat?” Answer: Only Madi, everything else is fair game.




  These are interior shots from the buildings. OK, here’s what I don’t get: If they required celibacy from their members, and the men and women lived completely separately, where did they think the new crop of Shakers was going to come from? I guess by conversion, but come on, that whole celibacy/work from sun-up to sundown thing would have been a hard sell. Not to mention their clothing options, which were frankly so butt-ugly that it probably made celibacy a lot easier. Anyway. *shakes head to clear it* They did make some lovely furniture. And shoes.  Their clothing storage room was almost enough to make me convert on the spot. Come on, a closet with a SKYLIGHT? I’m all over that. 



We leave Shaker Village behind with these two parting shots– a lovely lane, and my sweet 16 year old swinging in the rain.  

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  1. auburn60

    OK-this has nothing to do with this photo essay…BUT:
    I had the weirdest dream last night about Russ and Madi being on the road together and people not paying at the product table (I guess Lebb wasn’t there to be the enforcer) and my old college roomate(who I never really liked) popped up and we started bickering and…
    Well, my subconcious goes in the oddest directions sometimes.
    See, I couldn’t have handled any DEEP THOUGHTS today.

  2. LindaB

    Alyson, you didn’t, by any chance, make a “run for the border” last night, did you? I’ve had wild dreams like that after eating Mexican food right before bedtime——-usually involving a chihuahua and a bean burrito.

    Loved the pictures of Madi, Tori!

  3. BrownEyedGirl

    Love the pictures!

    I can imagine my 16 y/o daughter, Jennifer, reacting just like Madi during the tour LOL. “How much longer????” :o)

    Love the thoughts on the Shakers celibacy rule! What WERE they thinking??


  4. tori

    Ok– as long as we’re sharing dreams… (You started this Alyson!)

    So last night I dreamed I’m in Arkansas with Miley Cyrus. Yeah. And we’re just hanging out, nobody’s recognized her and she’s really low key and very interesting to talk to, and at one point I remarked to one of her friends that she was really mature for such a young girl and they said, “Well, no wonder, she’s actually in her late 30’s.”

  5. LindaB

    I think something is either wrong with my computer, or this blog. All the comments are “vertical”, if you know what I mean. Somebody call Tech! (I hope it’s not just me!)

  6. rcbeth

    I really enjoy reading your blog, Tori, even though I don’t post much. Anyway your report on the Shaker village got me curious, so I checked on their ‘reproductive’ process! I found out they would adopt children or convert to increase their numbers. Very interesting ‘breed’ of people!

  7. BrownEyedGirl

    I’m seeing all comments vertically too. One word at a time!

    Interesting dreams! I had a real experience that SEEMED like a dream. I was at a Gaither concert a few years ago sitting in about the third row, CD in hand for Russ to sign. At intermission, my sis in law wanted me to walk around with her. Well apparently while we were visiting artists tables, Russ was sitting in MY seat talking with my family. I thought they were kidding me!!! – My sister in saw has NEVER lived that down!!!! Good thing I love her to death!!

  8. tori

    (Brown-eyed girl– that is hilarious!)

    Ok– sent an email re: comment page weird-out to the site administrator, aka The Computer Genius, aka my nephew Daniel. Hopefully we’ll get it back to normal soon.

  9. tori

    P.S. rcbeth– THANK YOU for de-lurking to comment!
    (You guys know how much I love that!

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