The Conference Notes

Dumbest Things I Have Done (So Far):

1. Wasted way too much time worrying about/fine-tuning BlogHer wardrobe. Guess what– nobody cares! Apparently I thought that other mommybloggers were from a Mythical Place that had totally different shopping than where I live. Like a Magical Store with perfect clothes spun by elves, made out of baby kisses and dreams. Nope. Already saw one of my Kohl’s shirts on another blogger. Looked good, too!

2. Giddily thought the highlight of the day would be the fun! fun! fun! nightly cocktail parties. I’m not alone on this one, elevator talk reveals many other cocktail party defectors. (Tonight’s will be fun though– hello, it’s at Macy’s! Shopping with wine!)

3. Mistakenly identified someone as a blogger I admire, complimented her on her fabulous blog, was a little puzzled at her obviously surprised and deeply touched response… until she gently said, “Um, my blog is really small and brand new, I think you might have me mixed up with someone else.” Yeah. Note to self: Wear your damn reading glasses.

Smartest Things I Have Done (So Far):

1. Regularly retreated to the peace, quiet and solitude of my lovely room during breaks, instead of trying to ‘network’ and pass out my blog cards in the hallways. Taking just a few minutes to be alone has kept me from falling prey to conference burn-out and the dreaded Over-eager Newbie Syndrome.

2. Brought comfortable shoes. While I admire a lovely piece of footwear as much as the next blogger, I have seen so many women walking around with the grim expression of someone who deeply regrets their shoe choices. I know that expression only too well. Two words: ballet flats.

3. For one of the few times in my life, I am listening more than I am talking. I can only imagine your surprise matches mine.

10 Responses

  1. auburn60

    Just out of curiosity–how many attendees are there? Can you break them down by a percentage–say,more mommy bloggers than political bloggers? Have you met the bloggers you read regularly?
    I think I shall take up reporting for a TV station–I ask a lot of questions.

  2. tori

    There are around 1000 women, about 10% (I think) are men. I don’t really know the breakdown, but it is definitely not a mommyblogger conference, maybe not even in the majority. I’m betting will have that info in a couple of days– I’m interested in knowing that as well!

  3. LindaB

    Yeah, we’re all wanting to know more about the conference, blah, blah, blah. But what I really want to know is—–where did you eat last night, what did you eat, was it good, and where are you going to eat tomorrow? I have my priorities.

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Hey, my momma didn’t raise no dummy, I’m with Linda: Where did ya eat, Sweet Pea? Please don’t tell me you grabbed something from a nearby deli, took a shower and crashed…to be ready for the next day. If they aren’t mommie bloggers, there has to be political bloggers (as Alyson mentioned), but don’t tell me you have those from Fox News who are giving opinions on sex? Hmmmm, I’ve decided you best come home now! Linda will come and finish out your time.

  5. tori

    P.S. I think it shows a tremendous amount of character and personal growth that I am able to post such a butt-ugly photo of myself pointing to reading glasses just to make a point. Seriously. I should go on Oprah and talk about it.

  6. themema

    That was YOU!??????????!!!!!!!!


  7. LindaB

    Well, I thought, besides having a tremendous amount of character and personal growth, you are pretty talented to be able to take a picture of yourself with your own camera!!!! I’ve found that hard to do. So far, I’ve only got a shot of my bangs—–up really close! But then, I don’t try to get better ’cause WHY would I WANT a close up picture of my face? Can you say “masochist”?

    You must have long arms. Lucky.

    (I still want to know where you ate, and what. Come on, Tori, give us a restaurant review. Please?)

  8. tori

    Full report coming soon– food included (OF COURSE!!)
    Just walked in the door after flying all day.
    Insert ‘arms tired’ joke here.

  9. LindaB

    Okay! We’ll let you get some sleep! Welcome home! (Even though we’re not there. Can you still wish someone “welcome home” if you’re not there? So many questions, so little time.)

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Bless your heart, Tori, I thought I saw you flying over my house…..were you wearing a red dress with black straps? Rest your arms, dear heart, and we will be waiting with baited breath…..well, some kind of breath.

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