You all have no idea…

…how close I came to actually posting pictures of my possible travel outfits and asking you to vote for your favorite.

Like American Idol.

I REEEEEALLY need to get out more.

8 Responses

  1. themema

    Hey, it is not too late. I/We would love to see you in
    the oufits, and vote.

  2. belinda

    Come on Tori, let us vote :)

  3. belinda

    Have a safe trip – look forward to reading all about it.

  4. gracelynn

    I’m game. Put them up here and let us vote. ;)

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    My grandmother used to say, “Honey, they won’t notice anything on a galloping horse,” so Tori just keep moving. But if you want us to vote, please make the pictures large. My Lucy wants to vote, too, ’cause she thinks you are pretty neat.

  6. auburn60

    OK-my question would be this: Why in the world would you need to ask us when you live with a teen and a ‘tween? I have never found my children to be at a loss for opinions about my clothes,hair,make-up,etc.–especially my girl children. And I usually don’t even have to ask–it’s all freely given.

  7. LindaB

    Who are you tryin’ to kid, Tori! I can just imagine you rushing around there, getting the girls lined up for the next few days, getting all the laundry done, grocery shopping so Russ and the girls will have food they can easily prepare, plenty of dog food bought, your clothes cleaned and packed, make-up and toiletries in order, gardening done, last minute instructions to dad, etc, etc, etc! You don’t HAVE TIME to take pictures and post them so we can vote! You’re funny!

    Well? Am I wrong?

  8. LindaB

    “Honey, they won’t notice anything on a galloping horse,”

    Well, MommaLloyd, that’s what Lady Godiva said too………..and she was wrong! LOL But you got something there—–Tori NEVER is still! And “galloping” is a good description of our friend. Whatever she decides to wear will be a blur to everyone there.

    Alyson, I hear ya!!!! My girls call me “Mimi” (from the Drew Carey Show). They say my fashion philosophy can be summed up in two words——“close enough”. One time my youngest was going on a weekend vacation and she cried to me that she didn’t have a thing to wear! I told her she was welcome to come get anything she wanted out of MY closet. She fell on the floor laughing! Convulsive, stomach clutching laughter! Well, I never!

    Tori, I just want to say this——–when you’re a size 4, slender, blonde, and young——it don’t much matter what you’re wearing! You look good in whatever! Don’t sweat it!

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